”Miaow. ”

”Meow. ”

”Miaow miaow. ”

”Meow! ”

Lucky began to bat his paws at Ves until he finally got his head scratches!

”Meow~ ”

While their cats were up to their usual antics, Ves grumbled underneath his breath.
This was not the first time Gloriana acted presumptuously on his behalf.

Though he didn ’t actually mind her decisions most of the time, it was her attitude that annoyed him.
She was treating him in the same way a Hexer treated a boy.

Of course, he didn ’t blame her too much for her behavior.
She grew up in an environment where women always took charge.
It was hard for her to shake this ingrained habit!

That didn ’t mean that Ves was pleased with her though.
If this pattern of behavior continued, who knew how far she would go next time!

He raised his hand and bonked her on the head with his fist.

”Ouch! ” Gloriana dramatically held the top of her head in pain.
”What was that for, Ves?! ”

”New rule, Gloriana.
I ’ll tap you again whenever you do something that concerns us both without my say.
Each time you transgress, I ’ll punish you again! ”

To be honest, Ves wanted to do something worse, but her guards would definitely intervene! Tapping her on the head like she was a naughty kid was the most he could get away with! Any further and he would probably get dogpiled by Melody and some very angry Hexer guards!

Fortunately, Gloriana really didn ’t like to be rebuked.
The humiliation of getting punished was a bigger blow to her than the sting of his tap!

”I ’ll keep your wishes in mind, I promise! ”

Don ’t pull off this kind of stunt again, or else! ”

As Ves turned away to analyse the data gathered so far, Gloriana raised her fist to her mouth and tried her best to stifle her giggle.

Ves was too cute!

Once the mech pilots from the Glory Battalion arrived at the testing ground in space, the difference immediately became clear.

The prototypes performed much smoother once they came under control of genuine second-class mech pilots!

To the Glory Battalion, the Larkinson mech was like a simplified second-class mechs.
They were barely better than the trash that third-class mech pilots piloted on a daily basis.
It was too easy for the well-trained Hexer mech pilots to become accustomed to lesser mechs!

The disparity between the different classes of mech pilots was very discouraging to both the previous test pilots and Ves.
The gulf was too wide!

Perhaps the only quality the Glory Battalion lost out on was the fit between the mech and mech pilot.

Ves paid a lot of attention to the telemetry related to the mech pilot and the man-machine connection.

Though the control exerted by the Glory pilots surpassed that of their predecessors, their immersion was actually lower!

None of the arrogant mech pilots respected the Larkinson mech! They didn ’t consider it alive.
They also had no direct relation to Ves or the Larkinson Clan, so the mech didn ’t resonate with their hearts.

Ves already expected this response.
It was similar to the rejection his Deliverer model exhibited against any mech pilot who didn ’t believe in the Ylvainan Faith!

Naturally, this feeling of rejection was very weak as it was only based on the spiritual foundation inherent in the unfinished design.
Once Ves invested the Golden Cat as the Larkinson mech ’s design spirit, the feeling of rejection would probably become an actual hindrance to outsiders!

This will become my very own brand of security restriction! Hardly any mech pilot can circumvent this feeling of rejection! ”

Only expert pilots and strong-willed mech pilots could overcome the pervasive sensation of rejection from their own mechs!

There wasn ’t anything Ves could do about them except to lean even harder on the Golden Cat.

”Well, it ’s not like an expert pilot is bored enough to pilot a standard mech. ” He muttered before he dismissed this concern.

If an expert pilot designed to pilot the Larkinson mech, then Ves should feel flattered! It was an honor for any mech designer to receive the endorsement of a role model in the piloting community!

When the actual tests started to record some useful data, every mech designer soon started their analyses.

After a few days of observation and analyses, some results soon became evident.

On the whole, all four configurations were sound in design.
Their actual performance largely matched their theoretical performance.
There weren ’t many deviances, and most of them resulted from flaws that emerged during the fabrication of the prototypes.

Of all of the configurations, the space knight and the lancer mech stood out as the overall best performers.

Ves already expected the space knight configuration to do well.
It was by far the simplest configuration, and it was also the most robust one as well due to all of the armor and structural reinforcements incorporated in this version of the Larkinson mech!

As for the lancer mech, even the Glory pilot became impressed by its surprisingly powerful charge!

In truth, it wasn ’t difficult for third-class lancer mechs to reach the kinds of speed and momentum the lancer configuration had reached.

It was what happened afterwards that often went awry.

If the lancer mech wasn ’t sturdy enough, the mech would get crushed upon impact like an egg hitting a wall!

If the lancer mech was resilient enough but wasn ’t able to absorb the forces released by the immense collision, then the mech pilot ’s body would probably get squished!

These limitations restrained the power of every regular third-class lancer mech!

Now that Ves overcame these inherent problems by relying on various versions of Breyer alloy, the lancer configuration performed no worse than genuine second-class mechs in terms of punch!

This was a really impressive achievement!

”It ’s too bad that this lancer configuration is several times more expensive than the other configurations! ” Ves lamented.

There was always a price! Even Ves couldn ’t bear to produce more than a handful of this configuration at this time!

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