my passion! Let me show you what we have done in the last year. ”

Gloriana enthusiastically activated a central projector and began to highlight all of their successful design projects, starting with the Desolate Soldier!

”Don ’t underestimate this work just because it ’s a third-class design.
Underneath its plain exterior, this mech hides a lot of strengths! Let me explain it all to you… ”

To his credit, Brutus sat calmly and listened to his sister in earnest.
He showed faint surprise when Gloriana mentioned the Desolate Soldier ’s glow, but he quickly grew disinterested.

As an expert pilot of a powerful second-rate state, he had encountered plenty of mechs with strange and powerful features.
The only notable part about the glows was that they seemed entirely unique!

Perhaps mundane mech pilots might be more appreciative towards glows, especially if they experienced their effects in person, but expert pilots were not so easily shaken.

Their strong conviction and their iron wills made them even less appreciative towards external means of influencing other people ’s emotions!

Gloriana did not take notice of Brutus ’ dismissal towards glows.
She continued to ramble on about her many collaborations with Ves.
From the Adonis Colossus to the Deliverer, she poured out her passion for her recent works with no reserve!

Against her boundless enthusiasm, Brutus slowly shifted his expression.
As someone who loved his sister dearly, he could never dismiss all of her words.

By the time her rambling finally subsided, Brutus took a deep breath and looked at her sister in the eyes.

”Are you happy with this boy? ”

”You already know the answer to this, brother! ”

She emphasized her words by pressing on to Ves even deeper! The happiness that overflowed from her could not be faked!

”Why him? Why not a proper Hexer? ”

”You know the answer to this as well.
You know what I think about those other boys.
Even if they ’re pretty, even if their breeding is impeccable, they ’re all useless to me! In fact, some of them are even hindrances if I pair up with them! I have searched half the Hegemony and failed to find a single boy who pleases me! Why did you think I visited Centerpoint in the first place?! ”

”And Ves here is your answer? ”

Please understand that I ’m not only a Hexer, but also a mech designer.
I will do anything to pursue my goals in mech design! Of all of the mech designers I ’ve met, none of them can possibly help me fulfill my ambitions more than Ves! Without him, my chances of attaining my goals are poor.
Now that I found a compatible partner, my chances have doubled or even tripled! I am absolutely certain that the two of us can achieve the wonders I ’ve already dreamt about! I won ’t let alone, including you, spoil my opportunities! ”

Brutus looked discomfited, and so did Ranya.

aren ’t you moving too fast? ” The exobiologist questioned.
”How long has it been since you met with him? A year ’s time is not enough to make up your mind! ”

The lovesick Hexer stubbornly shook her head.
”It doesn ’t matter! My love for Ves is real, and so is my desire to collaborate with him! The two of us are made for each other! What does it matter if his breeding is poor? As a mech designer with as much potential as me, Ves can easily match or surpass all of the mech designers from the Hegemony! This is why I ’ve already made a promise to my mother for him to prove himself.
Just wait, in about two years time, he ’ll blow your minds with what he can accomplish with me at his side! ”

Both Ranya and Brutus were already aware that Gloriana ’s desire to be with Ves was more than a casual attachment, but now that Ves was back, she expressed her obsession in full!

Her ferocity astounded her brother and her cousin!

In the face of such a strong attachment, Brutus could no longer dismiss his sister ’s fascination towards Ves as a momentary crush.
He knew his sister well enough that she was always serious when she became this committed.

He decided to change his tack.

”Sister, cousin, could you please leave me alone with Ves? I want to have a private talk with him.
Please give us a moment to ourselves. ”

Gloriana glanced suspiciously at her brother.
”You aren ’t going to scare him away from me, are you? ”

”I only intend to talk. ”

”Okay. ” She said simply.
”Come on, Ranya.
Let ’s give the boys some space. ”

She quickly left with Ranya but not before pecking Ves on the cheek.

”Brutus can be kind of scary on the outside, but he ’s a big softie inside! ” She whispered in his ear! ”Do your best to make nice with him! It would break my heart if the two of you can ’t get along! ”

With that, the two women left the lounge, leaving Ves to face the expert pilot alone.

Of course, just because they were the only ones left did not mean their talks were private.
The monitoring system doubtlessly kept a very close on them while recording all of their words.

Both of them knew that.
THe reason why Brutus insisted on talking to Ves alone was because he wanted to speak frankly without encountering an instant pushback from her sister.

”So.. ” Ves trailed.
”What is it you want to talk to me about? ”

Brutus crossed his arms.
”I don ’t know how you managed to do it, but you completely put my sister under your spell. ”

”I think you are mischaracterization her affection towards me.
I didn ’t seduce her! She seduced me! ” Ves retorted.
”I never actively pursued a relationship with her from the start.
Gloriana insisted on staying together with me, and eventually we learned we got along very well.
We are made for each other! ”

This only caused the expert pilot to narrow his eyes.
”Just because my sister fancies you does not mean the two of you are soulmates! ”

It was clear that Brutus still disapproved of Ves!

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