e carefully and noted that it was a vastly superior model from other second-class shuttles.
Though its acceleration and maneuverability was not much better, its armor and protective measures were on a different level!

Once the craft landed on the deck, the hatch opened up, revealing a single man in the blue-and-gold uniform of Glory Battalion.

Compared to the other mech pilots of the Glory Battalion, the newcomer ’s uniform was decked with various decorations.
Some of them immediately made it clear that he was an expert pilot!

In truth, Ves did not need to read these markings to realize that the man was an expert pilot.

A strong, protective will radiated from the male Hexer ’s mind like a bonfire in the night.
The entire shuttle hangar became charged in a faint, invisible embrace.

This was Venerable Brutus Wodin, the famous fifth offspring of Constance Wodin!

He was several years older than Gloriana, but already exuded the spiritual strength of a seasoned expert pilot!

His tall body and balanced physique immediately made it clear that he was a professional soldier.
His strong, measured strides conveyed both strength and control.

Ves was very familiar with this kind of cadence.
He had heard it from enough Larkinsons to get a better sense of Glorian ’s brother.

As soon as Brutus came near, Gloriana instantly left her boyfriend ’s side and threw himself onto her brother!

”Brutus! Welcome back! ”

The expert pilot ’s serious face cracked into a smile.
”I was only gone for a few days, sister. ”

”Hehe, I know.
It ’s not about us this time.
Let me introduce you to Ves! ”

Gloriana cheerfully grasped her brother ’s arm and dragged him over to Ves.
Even though her strength paled in comparison to her much bigger brother, Brutus never showed a hint of resistance!

Meet Venerable Brutus Wodin.
Brutus, meet Ves Larkinson. ”

For Gloriana ’s sake, Ves pushed down his skepticism and offered to shake Brutus ’ hand.

”I ’m pleased to meet you, Venerable Brutus.
Thank you for coming to the rescue a few days ago.
I appreciate your aid. ”

Brutus stopped smiling as he turned away from his sister.
His lips curled into a faint sneer.
He stared at the offered hand as if it was covered in mud.

Before this moment grew more tense, Gloriana forcefully intervened.
She used her continued hold on her brother ’s sleeve to force his hand to accept the handshake.

She clasped both hands and vigorously shook them up and down.

”Brutus! Be serious! ”

Her brother was less than enthused about this meeting, that was clear to Ves.
Just like Ranya, Brutus looked down on him.
Changing his opinion would be an uphill battle.

”Eh, let ’s head up for a drink! ” Gloriana suggested.

Under her lead, the two males followed her up to the lounge.
Ranya followed them as well and casually chatted with Gloriana.

In the meantime, Ves walked alongside Brutus.
He became unnerved when the expert pilot scrutinized him like a potential threat.

This became clear when Brutus unconsciously applied pressure on Ves with his force of will!

Ves was no vegetable.
While he did not actively push back, he nonetheless showed no discomfort.

He had seen his fair share of expert pilots, and Brutus was still too young to match the stronger ones!

As excellent as he appeared, he wasn ’t necessarily better than his uncle Ark or Venerable Relia Foster.

This silent game served as an excellent opportunity for Ves to get a sense of Brutus ’ personality and core conviction.

Every expert pilot developed a single dominant emotion or ideal to dedicate their lives towards.
Ves experienced enough varieties to identify the direction of an expert pilot ’s focus.

He immediately noticed some differences from the likes of Venerable Foster.
The Vesian expert pilot possessed an aggressive and domineering force of will.
This turned her into an awful opponent against her enemies!

Ves expected Brutus to adopt a similar force of will, but it turned out that the Hexer expert pilot followed the opposite direction!

The force of will emanating from Brutus possessed a very protective component.
Ves found it similar to Qilanxo and Jannzi Larkinson ’s flavors.

While their overall directions were similar, each of these protective individuals interpreted protectiveness in a slightly difficult fashion.
These small differences often resulted in drastic differences in their personalities and approach towards conflicts!

Qilanxo ’s protectiveness was tinged with motherly love.
As an ancient Sacred God who lived for multiple centuries, she spawned many offspring, some of which grew up into formidable giant exobeasts! Her protectiveness towards her children had honed her spiritual character down to her very soul!

Jannzi on the other hand was not as old.
She didn ’t possess the life experiences of her patron, nor did she have the experience of a mother.

However, she had the blood of a Larkinson flowing in her veins.
As a Larkinson mech pilot, the call of duty was carved in her bones!

When the broke through to expert candidate, Jannzi inherited Qilanxo ’s protectiveness, but also put her own spin on it.
She began to see herself as a guardian and a protector to those who were vulnerable!

From what he heard, Jannzi improved by leaps and bounds when she participated in the Sand War.
There was hardly a higher calling than protecting entire planets worth of civilians from heartless alien threats!

What Ves sensed from Brutus was very similar to Jannzi.
It was almost identical in that Brutus saw himself as a guardian.

There was a crucial difference, however.
Whereas Jannzi dedicated herself to protecting people regardless if they were strangers, Brutus dedicated himself solely to protecting his family or loved ones!

Ves could tell because he noticed something remarkable! Brutus ’ force of will seemed to flow towards Gloriana and wrap her up into a protective blanket or shield!

Even Ranya received a spiritual blanket, though it was a bit weaker than the one around Gloriana!

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