t running out of energy anytime soon!

Perhaps her spiritual powers had reached a more advanced level, allowing her to sustain this continuous renewal process by drawing her energy from some other source!

For a brief moment of time, Ves entertained a very dreadful possibility.

”What if… the body belongs to my mother? ”

His mind almost blanked out.
What would his mother think if she found out he treated a part of her as a renewable exotics mine?

”Let ’s stop here! ”

Though he didn ’t consider this possibility to be likely, he nonetheless decided to cease all attempts at investigating the woman any further.

The risks were too great while the rewards were too uncertain! Rather than risk losing control and put himself at the mercy of a wrathful spiritual sorceress, Ves would rather maintain the status quo and secure his current arrangement!

Besides, someone who tried to deceive him by camouflaging her ugly, mummified corpse with the visage of an attractive, living body was bound to be untrustworthy!

Whether she was a helper or not, whether she came to assist him in some way, Ves did not wish to follow along someone else ’s arrangements!

Compared to the potentially wondrous opportunities he missed out on, he would rather follow his current trajectory and climb to power through his own efforts.

Only by relying on himself rather than others would he be able to maintain control over his own life! Neither the Bright Republic, the Ylvaine Protectorate, the Friday Coalition or the Hexadric Hegemony had the right to dictate his life!

For this reason, Ves resolutely threw out any desire to investigate the woman or wake her up.
Even if he was making a colossal mistake, he trusted in his judgement and his belief that it was better to rely on himself!

”Sorry woman, but if you came with good intentions, then it was a mistake to come to me! I don ’t need your help! ”

He disassembled the escape pod after annihilating the corpse in order to see if he could spot any serial numbers, manufacturer markings and the like.
He also retrieved the advanced processors that were tasked with regulating the escape pod ’s many functions.

Since the escape pod was still somewhat functional, Ves finally managed to retrieve some useful information.
After supplementing his investigation by referencing some information from the galactic net, he finally figured out its origin.

A company called the VZI Corporation used to produce the escape pod model over 170 years ago.
What interested Ves the most was that the VZI Corporation exclusively operated in the galactic heartland.

There was a huge distance between the Komodo Star Sector and the area of operations of the VZI Corporation!

The escape pod model only sold for a couple decades, and according to the production date embedded in the operating system, the pod that fell into his hands had been manufactured roughly 150 years ago.

Curiously enough, Ves did not find any data about the ship that carried the pod or the people or organizations who bought it.
He also didn ’t find any information regarding its occupant or any human for that matter.

”Someone scrubbed this data! ”

Barring some marginal tidbits, the only data the escape pod ’s operating system retained were those related to its functioning.

Without this essential data, the escape pod would cease to function!

Still, Ves was happy with what he learned so far.
The escape pod was a standard product from the galactic heartland instead of some mysterious creation that originated from some alternate universe.

Pinning down the concrete origin of the escape pod helped demystify it in his mind.
Ves feared the escape pod and the unknown female corpse a lot less now that he could definitely conclude that their origins were less than magical!

After learning all he could know about the escape pod model, Ves directed his attention to the valuable materials he stood to gain.

The escape pod produced by the VZI Corporation had to meet all kinds of industry requirements.

The escape pod had to be tough enough to survive all kinds of anomalous hazards in space, including radiation, microimpacts, asteroid collisions, proximity to stars and other possible threats.

While an escape pod could never sufficiently protect against any hazard, they should at least be able to give their occupant a decent chance to survive.

The specifications of the VZI escape pod were much more superior than the special escape pods used by Aisling!

The bountiful resources available in the galactic heartland allowed the VZI Corporation to apply a high-quality alloy formula that incorporated various medium to high-grade exotics to form a very strong core structure.

Ves tested the samples in some of the analysis equipment in the mech workshop and correlated the results with the information he retrieved from the galactic net.

The name of the formula was officially registered as 235-C Breyer Alloy.

Breyer alloy actually stood for an entire family of alloy formulas, of which 235-C was one of the cheaper and more affordable ones in the galactic heartland.

Of course, its cheapness was only relative.
Whereas the alloy was only useful for lesser products such as escape pods, in a barren place like the Komodo Star Sector, such a material could absolutely stand equal to many of the common armor systems in the Friday Coalition and the Hexadric Hegemony!

”Breyer alloy is absolutely valuable! ”

And Ves just secured an endless, renewable source of this material!

As long as he retained the Scarlet Rose and perpetuated the loop, he could steadily produce enough Breyer alloy to produce a lot of powerful and expensive mechs at a much lower cost!

He could even save up a lot of Breyer alloy to build an extraordinarily resilient ship!

Since the mysterious woman functioned as a source of Breyer alloy, Ves decided to call her Cassandra Breyer.

Regardless of her true name, as Cassandra Breyer, producing Breyer alloy was her only use to him! Nothing else mattered!

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