n, especially when they were led by determined military veterans.

This left their ships!

As long as a company of mechs lost their motherships, the Echo Spears would suffer a devastating blow!

A light carrier was worth more than the cost to commission the vessel.
While already worth a hefty investment of funds on their own, the mech technicians, ship ratings, officers and captains were all precious assets of the mercenary corps.

As long as they lost their lives, the Echo Spears would lose decades worth of trained and loyal subordinates, whose costs could be measured with money!

In addition to losing all of the men, the mercenary corps would also lose all of the expensive materials and supplies stored on the mechs.
This would certainly worsen the outfit ’s financial position.

Aside from this, destroying the ships also affected the mechs they carried in a very significant fashion!

The 170 mechs in space wouldn ’t be able to last long in space on their own.
In this lifeless star system, it would definitely take at least a couple of days to rescue the stranded mechs.

All the while, the mechs would have to conserve their energy while their mech pilots had to subside off the emergency stashes and life support systems built into the cockpits.

This was a very frightening prospect!

Who wanted to drift for days or weeks through space while locked inside a metal coffin?

Anyone could drop by and mess with mechs, whether they were friendly, neutral or hostile.

Heavens forbid if a pirate gang, which were quite common in the periphery of the Great Zona Rebpulic, happened to encounter over a hundred homeless mechs!

Ves did not give the Echo Spears too much time to consider their options calmly.

”Fire! Keep firing! ” He shouted excitedly as he manually tweaked the targeting priorities of the Kravon and the Selzer.

While the battle bots would definitely fare poorly in a battle against actual second-class mechs, against a huge and lumbering ship, they never missed!

Light carriers might include the word light, but that was only relative to the carrier classes.
Any ship that possessed enough capacity to carry dozens of mechs inevitably flew like a sluggish tub in space!

Distressed by the crippling of the flagship, the Echo Spears responded according to their training.
Their melee mechs sped up faster while their ranged mechs started to fire at the distant battle bots and mobile supply frigate.

Unfortunately, they didn ’t have enough to close into the effective range of their weapons!

There was no single standard for the effective ranges of weapons.
It depended heavily on their quality, tech, design, materials and other factors such as the effectiveness of the sensor and targeting systems.

One thing was for sure though.
The effective range of second-class weapons often exceeded that of their third-class equivalents!

That meant that while the Kravon and Selzer continued to pound a second light carrier with unerring accuracy, the enemy laser beams and ballistic projectiles often flew wide without coming close to hitting their targets!

Ves briefly directed his attention away from controlling the battle bots to adjusting the navigation instructions of the Scarlet Rose.

The relatively nimble mobile supply frigate started to adopt a vigorous evasion pattern.
Side thrusters frequently engaged at abrupt intervals as the ship appeared to roll or sidestep a significant amount of enemy fire!

Though plenty of ballistic and kinetic rounds missed the mark, a lot of lasers still managed to hit her exterior.

So what?

The weak laser rifles employed by the mechs of his opposition only inflicted shallow scorch marks on the hull plating of his ship!

While the Scarlet Rose was fairly light by the standards of the ships of the Friday Coalition, her exterior hull plating was actually tougher than the armor plating of a typical second-class mech!

”If you think that will hurt me at all, then think again! Hahahaha! ”

Even the weak points of the ship was far more resilient than the Echo Spears could handle.

Seeing that it would take many hours to whittle down the exceptional armor of the Scarlet Rose, the mechs instead poured their firepower towards the battle bots!

In this, the mercenary mechs barely achieved better results.

The Selzer possessed decently high mobility.
As long as its flight system flitted randomly in many different directions, it was able to evade a lot of firepower!

What little attacks impacted the Selzer might leave some marks, but without repeated attacks, the chance of penetration was too low!

The Kravon was a bit too big and did not possess the mobility to evade many attacks.
Ves addressed this shortcoming by assigning the Paravin to shield it from most damage.

The Paravin ’s large kite shield withstood or absorbed countless attacks, many of them leaving just tiny marks on its surface!

Even if an errant laser beam or ballistic shell impacted the frame of the mech, the damage was likewise superficial!

However, Ves quickly noticed that the quantity of hits was a little distressing.
A thousand pinpricks could still destroy the space knight!

He therefore decided to frustrate his attackers by repositioning the mechs to take cover behind the Scarlet Rose.

Most of the attacks started to impact the almost-impervious exterior of his ship, preventing his battle bots from enduring the attacks directly!

With the safety of his battle bots guaranteed, the Kravon and Selzer completely let go and pounded the second light carrier until all of her bow sections turned into scrap!

Though the Echo Spears hesitated to change the ship ’s orientation, they soon had no choice!

When the targeted ship rotated a little bit on her axis, Ves pounced on the tiny opening.

”Launch missiles! ”

The Kravon finally employed its secondary weapon system.
A salvo of twenty small and compact missiles flew from its shoulder launchers and rapidly accelerated towards the distant fleet!

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