ss they made in hunting down the hiding sandmen. ”

The continued presence of two-thousand military mechs in the Cloudy Curtain System continued to worry Ves.
Why were they taking so long to root out the hiding sandman admirals?

Though the rest of the locals celebrated such a strong military presence, Ves wanted the mech regiment to return to Bentheim as soon as possible.

”If that ’s all, I ’ll be heading down to my workshop.
The time has come to finish my commission. ”

”To be honest, Ves, the war has progressed faster than any of us expected.
The former members of the BLM are already fighting hard for their homes.
The role of an individual celebrity is extremely limited. ”

”Regardless of that, I still have a job to complete. ”

Not only the Adonis Colossus, but also the Deliverer might arrive too late to fulfill its function.

Ves couldn ’t help it.
Designing a mech required time.
While he wasn ’t insensitive to the need for haste, he deeply objected to breaking his principles in order to rush his mech design.

At its current state, the Deliverer would only perform seventy to eight percent as well as Ves desired.

While that was already enough to make a critical difference in the war, Ves did not wish to publish a flawed and incomplete mech design in his name!

Of course, when the fate of the entire Bright Republic might be at stake, his decision weighed increasingly heavier on his heart.

He shook his head.
”Maybe I ’m being too conceited here.
How can a single mech design change the entire course of the war? I was already lucky enough with the Desolate Soldier. ”

While the news from the front sounded bad, the Bright Republic was still hanging on for now.

When he reached the lab and workshop floor, everything had been prepared for the upcoming fabrication session.

The LMC had already disassembled the prototype of the Adonis Colossus and recycled all of the materials.

While it was more convenient to keep the parts of the prototype intact, Ves and Gloriana never considered such a lazy option.

To them, the custom mech had to be built from the ground up in one single session.
This was what a custom mech deserved, especially one with a high price tag.

Gloriana already awaited him at the workshop.
During this time, she meditated at least twice a day, accelerating her recovery to the point where she was already halfway towards returning to her peak.

”Ves. ” She greeted him while holding Clixie.
”I ’m just waiting for the right time to pay my respects.
You go do your things in the meantime. ”

Let ’s make sure to get everything done within the next few days. ”

The Adonis Colossus was a hefty and expensive mech.
Its sheer complexity meant that Ves had to put all of his Assembly Skills to use in order to get it right the first time.

It was very inconvenient for them to attempt a second fabrication attempt if they somehow botched the first one.
Due to the scarcity of some high-value exotics, it wasn ’t possible to buy more batches from the open market.

As Gloriana locked herself in an empty office in order to pray to her altar in private, Vincent and his media personnel entered the workshop as well.

”Ves! Why did your security block my buddies?! I promised to let them watch! ”

”The workshop is a sensitive area to the LMC.
I have already made a huge concession by allowing you and some of your media crew to witness our work. ”

This was something that Vincent had insisted upon from the start.
While some mech designers were very reluctant to broadcast their work on the galactic net, Ves had no such scruples.

With his ability, Ves wasn ’t too worried about botching something up and embarrassing himself in the process.
In fact, he saw this as an opportunity to showcase his new strength.

Gloriana would be participating as well.
Her performance would definitely impress knowledgeable observers, thereby enhancing her prestige in the industry.

The second reason why he did not object to broadcasting the fabrication process was to show that he wasn ’t secretly messing with his mechs.

Due to the continued questions surrounding the glows of his mechs, Ves wanted to make it very clear that his mechs were still mechanical machines at heart.

Every observer would be able to watch him turn raw materials into mech parts.
After that, Ves would assemble them together into a single machine in a single, continuous session.

Once everyone saw that Ves wasn ’t inserting any bones in his mechs or blessing it with holy water or something, their suspicions would definitely be allayed somewhat.

While this problem wasn ’t particularly pressing at the moment, it was best to nip it in the bud before it had time to bloom.

about my mech.
Is it manly enough? ”

”Why don ’t you see for yourself? ”

Ves activated a nearby terminal and showed off the final iteration of the Adonis Colossus.
The large hybrid mech instantly caused Vincent to fall into silence.

Different from last time, Ves had finally instilled his design with its design spirit!

With Bravo empowering the design, it instantly radiated a charm that completely conformed to its spiritual foundation!

This high degree of fit resulted in a strong external glow that completely managed to charm Vincent despite the limitations of projections!

I can ’t wait to touch this mech! ”

”I ’m glad our work is to your satisfaction. ” Ves smiled.

Even as he casually chatted with Vincent, his fingers already moved over the terminal in order to shut off the projection.

He did not wish to give Vincent an opportunity to quibble over the codpiece or demand last-minute changes.

In truth, Ves had already taken advantage of the flashiness of the Adonis Colossus in order to divert Vincent away from any possible complaints.

Once Ves completed the commission, he didn ’t have to worry about these demands anymore!

After an hour of waiting, Gloriana finally emerged from her meditation.
”Let ’s begin! ”

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