ovars all fell into silence at his insightful words.

”Which side are you leaning on, Mr.
Larkinson? ” Miles Tovar curiously asked.

”From my limited experiences and understanding of mechs and battleships, I think they both have their merits.
However, comparing the battle power of a single god mech to the battle power of a single battleship isn ’t necessarily useful.
Think of how many god pilots are known to exist and think of how many battleships the Big Two managed to build over the years. ”

Every member of his design team looked uncomfortable.

Regardless of the might of these two weapon platforms, everyone knew that one was much less prevalent than the other!

It took an unimaginable amount of resources to construct a battleship.
Practically the entire structure consisted of high-grade exotics with amazing properties!

Building a single battleship consumed as much resources as several first-class mech corps!

Nonetheless, these battleships lasted for centuries without a problem.
As long as they received continuous upgrades, it was no problem for the CFA to field older battleship classes.

By drawing upon a portion of the gigantic amount of resources in human space, the CFA managed to build a considerable amount of battleships!

No one knew how many battleships and even larger warships the CFA managed to accumulate.
Some guessed that the number surpassed a million, while some lowered their estimates to a hundred-thousand or less.

Regardless of the truth, there was no doubt that the CFA could easily protect the extremely lengthy borders of human space!

”The CFA can easily construct a thousand battleships in a matter of years. ” Ves spoke with certainty.
”Can the MTA elevate enough mech pilots into god pilots in the same period of time? ”

Everyone helplessly shook their heads.

The advancement of high-ranking mech pilots was always difficult.
Only a small amount of lucky and talented mech pilots managed to take the next step.

Only around a hundred known god pilots existed throughout human space.
It took four centuries to facilitate the rise of so few god pilots!

Even though mechs were rather new and immature compared to warships, no one believed the mech community would be able to boost their emergence rate!

Since everyone at the design lab were mech designers, they didn ’t want mechs to lose out against warships.

This time though, everyone felt relieved that Karaton Dwight managed to survive this disaster.

At the battleship, Lieutenant Zonrad Reze was barking out orders to keep his men busy.

”Inspect the integrity of every single component! ” He shouted and gesticulated his arms in fury.
”I ’ll have your hides if you have missed any damage! ”

As an officer of the CFA, he was indignant that the sandmen managed to humiliate the Archangel Battle Group!

He knew that this action was being broadcasted to the public.
To allow the space peasants to witness this disgrace was intolerable!

”We ’re lucky that we managed to salvage some of our pride. ” He muttered under his breath.

Conrad had no doubt that the Karaton Dwight would be able to endure an attack of this degree.
This was one of the reasons why he wanted to serve on a battleship in the first place.

However, it was a very real question whether the smaller ships would be able to survive unscathed.
The connected shield technology could only lend out so much protection at a time.

The eventual outcome was worse than he hoped.
Some of the destroyers patrolling in the periphery of the formation received less protection than ideal, causing the sandmen to penetrate their shields to a modest degree.

”Monodwell, how many casualties have we suffered? ”

[You are not privy to this information.]

”Tch. ”

It was worth a try.

”Monodwell, how have you judged my performance during this combat action? ”

[You have demonstrated the pride and valor expected of an officer of the Common Fleet Alliance.
Your calm and exercise of authority has made your section in one of the best-performing units of the Auxiliary Gunnery department.
Since the current combat action has not yet concluded, the calculation of merits awarded for your exemplary performance is still forthcoming.]

”Huh?! ” Zonrad scratched his head.
”Please confirm, Monodwell! ”

[Rest assured that you are 100 percent certain to receive merits and additional rewards, lieutenant.]

”This.. ” Hope began to well up in his eyes.

Zonrad was not entirely sure whether his conduct deserved distinction.
He did not behave much differently than usual today.
It was just that this time he faced a serious alien threat.

”This is it! ” He hissed and grinned! ”I ’m no peacetime officer! As long as I ’m in the thick of battle, I ’ll surely be able to vindicate myself! ”

Only battle allowed him to rise up the ranks! This was the conclusion he reached after Monodwell informed him that he received a positive evaluation!

While nothing was set in stone yet at this point, Conrad did not doubt the super AI at all! Monodwell was completely honest and impartial! Its programming made sure that it was literally incapable of lying to humans! At most, it could only withhold information if the Fleeter lacked the necessary permissions.

”Monodwell! Keep an eye on me! I ’ll surely be able to prove myself again! ”

[Please endeavor to commit your heart and soul to the glory of the Common Fleet Alliance!]

While Zonrad started to fantasize about his future success, back at Cloudy Curtain Ves switched off the projection of the broadcast.

”There ’s nothing more to see here. ” He spoke.
”Although something unexpected happened, the CFA has succeeded in destroying the capital of the sandman empire.
It won ’t take long for them to sweep the outlying star systems of the aliens, thereby causing the invading forces to lose long-term support! ”

With the completion of the CFA ’s mission, every human pulled in the Sand War finally spotted a light at the end of the tunnel! The endless flood of sandman fleets must surely reach a limit at some point!

The question was how long the Bright Republic and other beleaguered states had to hold the line.

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