Big organizations such as trade consortiums usually keep a very close eye on them.
It ’s practically impossible for you to hire a chief engineer on the open job market! ”

Just like every other profession, there were too many people and organizations looking to snap up the truly valuable talents.
Even before a chief engineer resigned from the military, he would have probably received hundreds of job offers!

There was little chance for Ves to beat those offers at this time!

”I see.
I ’ll take your words under consideration. ”

Now was not a good time for him to procure a combat carrier.
He didn ’t have to worry about hiring a crew in that case.

After a brief moment of silence, Captain Silvestra took the initiative to ask a question.

”Sir, do you intend to participate in the invasion of the Red Ocean? ”

Ves nodded.
This wasn ’t any secret.
It was just that many people quickly dismissed him due to his youth and relative lack of ability.

”I am.
Hopefully, Gloriana and I will be able to scrounge up enough merits to redeem a fleet beyonder tickets within a decade. ”

She looked astonished at his boast.
Forget about Ves, even Seniors and some Masters wouldn ’t be able to earn so many merits that fast!

However, she did not look as surprised as Ves anticipated.

”I believe you can do it, sir.
If not ten years, then twenty years.
If not twenty years, then thirty! ”

”Thank you for your vote of confidence.
I didn ’t expect to hear that from you, captain. ”

”I have witnessed your rise when you were just an Apprentice, remember? ” She smiled.
”I know how remarkable you are, Mr.
I don ’t believe your growth has stalled at all.
Mech designs such as the Desolate Soldier show that you have only become more capable after you ’ve advanced to Journeyman. ”

He admired her judgement and her faith in him.
Part of it was due to her lengthy years of service in his employ, but a part of it was also about her expectation of his future growth!

Of course, the captain would not bring up this topic for nothing.
Ves recognized that Silvestra subtly signalled an intention to climb up in his organization and be a part of his grand expedition to the Red Ocean.

He did not leave her hanging.
”Considering your crew ’s dedication, I might have a place for you and your women in my grand expedition.
However, there is a large possibility that some if not all of the starships that make up my expeditionary fleet will be second-class vessels.
You will need to become very proficient in crewing them if you want to occupy some of the senior positions of my fleet. ”

This demand caused her to fall silent in consternation.
It wasn ’t easy to master a second-class ship.
The Barracuda alone already consumed a lot of time and energy for her and crew!

”We will do our best. ” She eventually promised.
”We have already invested much of what we learned into developing our skills.
We have all neglected our social life in order to serve you better.
The life of a spacer is often restrictive and monotonous, but we don ’t have any other ambitions. ”

Ves frowned at that.
”When was the last time you girls stepped off your ship? ”

”Months? ” Silvestra shrugged.
”I ’m not sure.
As long as the Barracuda doesn ’t undergo an extensive maintenance or overhaul like last time, we aren ’t inclined to step on solid ground.
There is nothing planetside that interests us.
We have already adapted to spacer life. ”

”You sound as if you fit right in with the CFA or the spaceborn clans! ”

The captain ’s eyes shone at their mention.

”They are the most eminent spacer groups of humanity! Ever spacer dreams of becoming a part of them.
To be born in a spaceborn clan is one of the greatest privileges you can enjoy! While there are many spaceborn clans, the true ones which are affiliated with the CFA are no weaker than first-rate states! ”

This statement was very true.
While the population base of true spaceborn clans was a lot smaller than states that offered an abundant amount of living space, none of the people born in a spaceborn clan was useless.

The limited space and vast resources required to run a powerful ship meant that anyone born into a spaceborn clan was subject to an intense training regime from youth.

It was not without reason that the CFA almost exclusively recruited new blood from the spaceborn clans! Those born elsewhere often lacked the necessary discipline as well as the respect for tradition and hierarchy.

Having spent a fair amount of time on the Starlight Megalodon, Ves had already concluded that a rigid and tradition-bound organization like the CFA did not fit him at all.
He would always have to answer to higher authority!

While the same applied for the MTA as well, at the very least the Association was a lot more loose and decentralized in its internal structure.

However, Ves shouldn ’t discount the merits of spaceborn clans.

”Unless you are planning on colonizing a planet or founding a state, you should start looking into how you can keep your organization together for several years or decades in space.
It is absolutely not simple to sustain an entire society in space.
If you don ’t make the necessary preparations, your expeditionary fleet will surely fall apart after a few years of isolation! ”

She had a good point.
Ves neglected to consider these difficulties.
Of course, with all of the people working for him, someone would have pointed out these problems eventually.

That didn ’t lessen the importance of her warning.
The topics they discussed earlier prompted him to think much more seriously about what ships should make up his expeditionary fleet and how to fill their positions.

It would be easy for him to form a complete third-class expeditionary fleet.
However, it was practically impossible to form a second-class fleet.
Just procuring the factory ship alone was way beyond Gloriana ’s means!

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