Ves had never heard of the development of a huge gate that could transport something hundreds of thousands of light-years away!

What impressed Ves and everyone else even more was that it all happened in an instant, as if the two gates folded space itself!

It didn ’t take a genius to guess that phasewater was pivotal to the functioning of the beyonder gates.

Unlike the tiny minidrives, the beyonder gates likely used a lot more phasewater!

Perhaps a metric ton of this substance was not enough to make a beyonder gate work!

Yet the Big Two managed to construct at least a pair of these enormous gates!

If phasewater truly enabled the creation of something as amazing as the beyonder gate, then what else could humans do with this exotic?

Many people began to let their imaginations run wild.
Their eyes reddened and their breaths grew hotter as they imagined building starships that could cross the galaxies, mechs that could jump from the galactic center to the galactic rim or teleporters that could transport a human from one planet straight to another planet!

Phasewater instantly turned from a niche curiosity into a must-have material to many scientists and business magnates! Whether they wanted to make a name for themselves by inventing a pivotal new tech or become the richest person in human space by selling lots of innovative new products, many people already started to clamor to enter this exciting new dwarf galaxy!

”The Milky Way is already settled.
Unless we wage war against the neighboring alien empires, there is hardly any room for development.
Red Ocean is an opportunity for us to pioneer new territory! ”

���We must set foot in Red Ocean at all costs! The future of human development will definitely center around phasewater! We must harvest as much phasewater as possible! ”

”Since the Age of Stars, humanity has expanded into space.
Now that we have become the hegemons of the galaxy, there is hardly anything that excites us anymore.
This announcement changes everything! The invention of the beyonder gate and the invasion of Red Ocean has opened an entirely new road for our race! ”

For millennia, humanity never thought they would be able to escape the Milky Way Galaxy.
Everyone thought that humanity would first resume its conquest of the rest of the galaxy before turning their attention elsewhere.

Yet now that the Big Two decided to invade a satellite galaxy, many people began to develop a hunger for adventure!

Including Ves!

is a great opportunity for us! ” He whispered to his girlfriend.

”Are you thinking about starting your grand expedition in Red Ocean? ” Gloriana frowned.
”It sounds dangerous! Didn ’t you hear Councilor Veyron mention that the Big Two fought hard to gain a foothold in this dwarf galaxy? Our mechs and unarmed starships won ’t stand a chance against aliens who aren ’t bound by our rules! ”

Ves briefly frowned but soon relaxed.
”I think there ’s a reason why the Big Two decided to drop this bomb.
I can ’t imagine any leader from the CFA or MTA failing to predict that many humans would want to be part of this exciting new development! ”

His prediction turned out to be true.
After Councilor Veyron showed off the beyonder gate that could convey entire fleets from one galaxy to another, she began to reveal the Big Two ’s intentions towards anyone interested in exploiting Red Ocean ’s bounty!

”With the construction of the beyonder gates, we have secured our initial gains in Red Ocean. ” She spoke.
”The beyond gates allow us to transfer vastly more forces into this dwarf galaxy, allowing us to wage war against the local alien empires at a much greater scale than before! Soon, our warfleets will double the territorial acquisitions we ’ve made in the last fifty years in a matter of months! And this is just the start of our explosive expansion! ”

The star map of Red Ocean came back into view.
The map only highlighted a small number of star sectors at first.

Then, the number of glowing star sectors doubled.

The time lapse continued as several years went by.
The territories conquered by the Big Two continued to expand at a frightening rate!

Though the expansion was not very detailed or reliable, it nonetheless gave every human an idea of how much confidence the Big Two possessed into expanding their presence in this alien galaxy!

Councilor Veyron sighed.
”Our territorial conquests are about to accelerate at a rapid pace.
Our primary concern is to defend humanity and expand our strength.
While we have settled several important star systems and plan to settle many more, we are not interested in colonizing so much space.
We are concerned with greater responsibilities! ”

”Here it comes. ” Ves rubbed his hands in anticipation.

”For this reason, the Mech Trade Association and the Common Fleet Alliance has decided to allow the rest of humanity to join us in our conquest of the Red Ocean Dwarf Galaxy! ”

”Yes! ”

”We allow passage to every organized group or fleet that wishes to develop our civilization ’s presence in this new and virgin galaxy. ” The councilor announced with a welcoming smile.
”No matter if you are a Terran or a citizen from the galactic rim, we will offer many different opportunities for you to colonize a planet, found a new state or prospect for phasewater! ”

Gloriana looked skeptical ”Is it that easy? ”

”However, we do not offer this opportunity for free.
For the time being, we will only allow passage through the beyonder gates to groups that can pay the price.
You may obtain passage by paying the full monetary cost of activating the beyond gates or by redeeming merits from our respective organizations. ”

”Doesn ’t that mean the Terrans and Rubarthans will have first dibs? ”

”I will tell you the truth.
It is not easy to pay for passage.
However, we do not wish to limit passage to those who reside in first-rate states.
We offer more generous terms to reputable groups based in less developed regions as long as they abide to an additional agreement.
So long as you meet our approval, a new future awaits! ”

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