h about implant surgery to assist in the surgery. ”

Lupo ought to be smart enough to realize that Ves did not entirely trust Gloriana ’s cousin.

”Rest assured, Mr.
I will make sure to devote my time to studying this field and deciphering the Archimedes Rubal.
It ’s just that I won ’t be able to devote as much time on other priorities. ”

Ves lazily waved his hand.
”That ’s fine.
The Larkinson Exobiology Institute is not meant to be a one-man organization.
Hire more people and delegate some of the less sensitive tasks to them.
I trust you to know what you can share and what you need to keep to yourself. ”

He employed a bit of his Spirituality and applied some pressure to Dr.
In an instant, he turned from a mild-mannered mech designer into a ferocious beast in human form!

”I-I-I understand! ”

It didn ’t hurt to remind Dr.
Lupo of what he stood to gain if he continued to remain loyal to Ves.
It also didn ’t hurt to remind the former refugee that Ves was not an ordinary man.

Once he parted ways with Lupo, he returned to his office to keep on top of the latest developments.

The LMC sold more and more mechs.
The Sand War became increasingly more bloody.
The introduction of the Dawnbreaker and its variants slowly started to strengthen the forces that procured their copies.
The Sandbreaker weapon system spread out throughout the entire region in rapid tempo!

In fact, the Avatars and Sentinels had already begun to switch out their old ballistic rifles for the newfangled Sandbreaker rifles!

Ves even visited a training ground to witness the effectiveness of the Sanbreaker rifle with his own eyes.

A Sandbreaker round impacted a target dummy made out of grainy substance that resembled the composition of a sandman vessel.

The round exploded instantly upon contact! A powerful concussive shockwave emanated outwards in a semi-focused cone! The target dummy lost at least half of its mass, impressing everyone witnessing the test!

”This Sandbreaker round is thirty percent more damaging against the sandmen than a standard ballistic round! ”

This was an enormous difference! Transitioning to this weapon system would certainly save a lot of lives! This was why Ves did not feel any qualms about adopting the Sandbreaker system despite its origin!

”What a killer product! ” Gavin commented with a hint of regret.
”Those Ansel mech designers will certainly be swimming in money from all of the licensing fees they earn! ”

Ves shrugged.
”This is what they deserve.
There ’s no point feeling jealous about it.
Don ’t forget that a lot of experts have worked on the Sandbreaker weapon system.
One of Ansel ’s main advantages is that the school has forged a lot of partnerships with research institutions.
Professor Xu didn ’t develop the Sandbreaker by herself! ”

These kinds of partnerships became increasingly more prevalent in the upper end of mech design.
As much as mech designers accumulated detailed knowledge, they weren ’t omniscient.

Partnering up with a specialized research institution allowed mech designers to incorporate more advanced solutions in their mechs!

This was a way for mech designers to overcome a gap in capabilities without involving additional mech designers.
This was vitally important to the Dawnbreaker project, which already involved five fully-fledged Seniors.

”It ’s too bad we don ’t have any ties to research institutions. ”

”It ’s not easy to gain the cooperation of those research institutions. ” Ves shook his head.

For now, it wasn ’t necessary for him to partner up with them.
The advanced Skills and Sub-Skills he redeemed from the System served as a partial substitute to the services provided by research institutions.

Though his mech designs no longer received any hindrance if he involved too many people in the project, he still preferred to keep the headcount low.

Working with too many people not only complicated the management of his projects, but also caused the development time to double or triple.

Under the current circumstances, Ves couldn ’t afford to delay his design work so much.

Of course, declining to work with research institutions also made it difficult to add a powerful gimmick or a fantastic component like the Sandbreaker weapon system to his designs.

Once Ves saw enough, he left the training ground and returned to the Mech Nursery.

There, he began to discuss his next design project with Gavin.

”According to the schedule, Vincent Ricklin is about to arrive soon, right? ”

His assistant nodded.
”Your next client is scheduled to arrive in two or three days.
He ’ll be bringing some company along. ”

”Make sure his party knows that they shouldn���t mess around in Cloudy Curtain.
This is my home planet and I don ’t want these former rebels to provoke a fight. ”

He knew that Vincent would definitely be accompanied by his goons of the former Bentheim Liberation Movement.
Ever since the separatists received amnesty, they no longer hid themselves in quiet asteroid belts or underground bases.

According to the latest news from Bentheim, the former members of the BLM still hadn ’t shed their savagery yet.
Though they did their best to abide by the terms of their agreement with the Bright Republic, thugs still remained thugs.

”Inform Commander Magdalena of our new arrivals and tell her to make sure to assign some Sentinels to keep watch over them. ” Ves ordered.
”I ’m not reassured with letting them run around in Cloudy Curtain without supervision. ”

”They might not take a liking to that, boss. ”

”I don ’t care.
I ’m in charge here. ”

Vincent ’s impending arrival weighed heavily on Ves.
Though the incident with Vincent happened a long time ago, it was hard for him to forgive this murderous bastard for entangling him in a lot of trouble.

Just because he outgrew the threat of the surviving Ricklin Family did not mean that Ves forgave Vincent for landing him in trouble in the first place!

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