her without reprieve.

In order to liberate the woman from her pain, the doctors employed by the Avatars of Myth chose to put her to sleep.
This bought Ves some time to strengthen his excuses for keeping Stark under his care.

Unfortunately, he had so much to do that he could hardly spend enough time to fulfill all of his responsibilities.

Between leading the LMC, working on the remaining two variants of the Desolate Soldier, preparing for his next design project, making arrangements for Dr.
Lupo, setting up the Foundation in absence of a director, Ves was desperately short on time!

He even stopped sleeping entirely in order to keep up with his work!

After another sleepless night, Ves wearily dragged his body to the dining room at his mansion at the Cloud Estate.

”You ’re running yourself ragged, Ves. ” Gloriana remarked with concern.
”You have subordinates for a reason, you know.
Why don ’t you delegate your responsibilities to others? ”

Ves waved aside her concerns.
”It ’s okay.
It ’ll be better soon.
Raymond Billingsley-Larkinson will soon arrive and be able to take the reins of the LMC.
I ’ve already interviewed enough retired Larkinsons at the Cloud Estate to make my final selection on the choice of director for my charity.
The Militant Soldier is soon ready to enter the prototype phase. ”

”You should still take a break, though! I haven ’t seen anyone who works as hard as you! Even I never skip my beauty sleep! ”

As the two lovers argued about his sleeping habits, their first breakfast dishes arrived.

While Ves stoically began to shovel what appeared to be a bowl of oatmeal into his mouth, Gloriana froze in shock.

”Wait a minute..
this is not supposed to be on the menu. ”

Confusion radiated from Gloriana as she inspected the strange bowl of oatmeal.
It looked so abnormal that she instantly suspected that something had gone amiss.

She placed a hand on Ves, stopping him from eating his meal.

”Did you replace the chefs I brought here? ”

Ves looked puzzled.
”Uh, no. ”

She slammed her palm next to her bowl of oatmeal.

”This isn ’t made by your chefs? ”

”No! ” Gloriana shrieked and pointed at their bowls.
”Just look at these bowls! Where are my six-sided bowls?! And oatmeal?! I ’ve never added this plebeian course to our breakfast menu! ”

Ves frowned and looked at his half-empty bowl.
”I can ’t say much about the taste, but it ’s very filling.
It kind of reminds me of a nutrient pack. ”

”URGHH! ” Gloriana practically tore her hair in frustration.
”Guards! Inspect the kitchen and bring the chef before me! I want to see who has the temerity to ruin my perfect breakfast! ”

Moments later, the guards of the Glory Batallion dragged a familiar-looking man in the dining room.

Dressed in a lab coat but wearing a chef ’s hat, Dr.
Lupo looked completely fearless as he was being held by the arms by a couple of well-armed guards.

”You! Who are you?! Why are you in my kitchen?! ”

The exobiologist smiled.
”Why, I ’m Mr.
Larkinson ’s new chef! It was my turn to cook breakfast for the two of you today! ”

Ves scratched his head.
”I don ’t recall assigning you as my personal chef. ”

”Oh? But that ’s not what my contract says! You even confirmed my assignment as your chef just yesterday! Don ’t you recall the document you signed? ”

”If I recall, I signed a paper related to your new lab. ” Ves frowned.

”I slipped in something extra. ”

”Oh. ”

Due to his immensely-packed schedule, Ves didn ’t have the time to read every document.
He merely skimmed them before putting his virtual signature on them in order to move on quickly.

His negligence caused Gloriana to become upset.
She glared at both him and Dr.

”Kick him out! I don ’t want to see this clown again! ”

”Wait, wait! ” Lupo shouted.
”You ’re making a big mistake here! I ’m not just a chef! I ’m an expert in nutrition! Mr.
Larkinson, how did you enjoy your first course? I made sure to import the most nutritious ingredients, especially for my new boss here! Are you feeling better now, Mr.
Larkinson? That is a sign that the enriched ingredients are already working to reduce your fatigue! ”

”Hold on for a moment! ” Ves raised his palm.
”Don ’t bring him away just yet.
He ’s my employee, not yours, Gloriana! ”

Even if the Glory Battalion guards dragged him away, Ves could just bring him back.
There was no point taking Dr.
Lupo away for that reason.

Though Gloriana was not amused, she reluctantly relented.

Let ’s hear what he has to say. ”

When the guards released the man, Dr.
Lupo bowed in gratitude.
”Thank you.
It was difficult to persuade your chefs to stand aside.
I had to wave the agreement that Mr.
Larkinson signed in their faces in order to gain access to the kitchen.
I mean no offense, Miss Wodin. ”

”Give me one reason to refrain from convincing my boyfriend from kicking you out. ” Gloriana crossed her arms.

”Just look at Mr.
Larkinson right now! ”

When Gloriana turned to Ves, he had already slurped the final spoonful of oatmeal.

”Uhh… I couldn ’t resist. ” Ves lamely explained himself.

”Do you see how much he enjoys my craft? ” Lupo grinned.
”My dishes are products of science! I didn ’t just feed him with high-quality ingredients! As a specialist in nutrition, I treated each and every ingredient according to his unique physical and genetic conditions! Your meals are completely suited to pepper you up and bolster your health! Just sample my oatmeal if you want proof.
Don ’t worry, they ’re completely safe! ”

”You should really have a taste. ” Ves urged his girlfriend.
”It ’s really delicious. ”

She didn ’t immediately sample her oatmeal.
Instead, she whipped out her multiscanner and made sure that it didn ’t contain any toxins or other dangerous substances.
Only then did she lift a spoon to her lips.

The moment she tasted Lupo ’s oatmeal, her eyes widened in delight!

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