y already collaborated on the Desolate Soldier and Resentful Soldier project, their cooperation already reached an acceptable state.

Ves first decided to focus on the Militant Soldier project.

”To satisfy the Mech Corps, we ’ll have to incorporate military standards and military components in our design. ” He began.
”Fortunately, I have a decent amount of experience in working with them both.
Not much time has passed since I came back from the war so many of the components I ’m familiar with should still be current. ”

He took the initiative to select the component designs needed to make the Militant Soldier.
The important part about the mech design was that it had to be good enough to satisfy the mech pilots serving in the Mech Corps while also making it compatible with all of the prevailing standards and hardware.

Though the Mech Corps employed thousands of different mech designs, the mech regiments easily supported this diversity by adopting one single set of standards and protocols.
From slots to energy cells, as long as the mechs shared enough in common, the logistical burden would still remain in an acceptable range.

For various reasons, the standards of the Mech Corps differed from the standards prevalent in the open mech market.
In fact, many different mech designers propagated their own individual standards in order to encourage customers to make use of their entire mech catalogs at once.

Picking components was easier than Ves expected.
It turned out that the Mech Corps had already filtered out a narrow list for him.
This was mainly to prevent him from leaking the complete list of component designs adopted by the Mech Corps.

With only a limited selection available, it didn ’t take too long for Ves to make his choice.
Whoever composed the list must have been a knowledgeable Senior who already had a good idea what the Militant Soldier ought to look like.

”I like working with professionals. ” Ves smiled.

Once he selected the parts, he began to sketch out a draft design together with Gloriana.

Both of them thought hard to develop a suitable vision for the Militant Soldier.

”Maybe we don ’t need to alter that much besides its components and internal architecture. ” Gloriana suggested.
”The Desolate Soldier ’s divine nature is already very suitable to the military.
I don ’t think your Mech Corps will object if they get the same thing.
They must have already studied our Desolate Soldier design extensively and found it acceptable. ”

”You ’re right. ” Ves nodded in agreement.
”Let ’s just envision our Militant Soldier as a straight military conversion of the Desolate Soldier. ”

Neither of them felt eager to expand the scope of this project.
Changing out so many parts already posed a significant burden to them.
Ves himself couldn ’t think of any way to make his Militant Soldier ’s aura become more suitable to the Mech Corps without borrowing a new spiritual fragment somewhere.

Should he borrow a spiritual fragment from a Larkinson expert pilot or something?

Though it sounded abominable, Ves seriously considered the idea before shaking his head.

”It ’s not necessary, and I ’m not sure this is the good time to injure one of our own expert pilots. ”

Though a part of Ves felt as if he made a lazy decision, he forced himself to accept this decision.

To be honest, both Ves and Gloriana would rather work on something else.
Designing variants of an existing mech design was not as great as designing an entirely new mech.

Still, Ves couldn ’t ignore the request from the government.
It didn ’t cost him much except time to design the variants, so he might as well spend some months to complete them before moving on to his next project.

During this time, Ketis also finished testing the Prideful Soldier.
Once Ves inspected the design for the final time, he decided to leave the matter of publishing and marketing it to his subordinates.

”Take care of it, Benny. ”

Gavin studied the schematics.
Of course, as a layman, he could only judge the Prideful Soldier on its surface.

”I will, boss.
The LMC has already formed a marketing plan to promote the Prideful Soldier. ”

”How well do you think it will sell? ”

”Quite well, especially considering the feeling it gives off.
There ’s nothing like it, Ves.
I like how you managed to stain the Desolate Soldier ’s effects.
It ’s much more aggressive and feral.
Just watching the design is pumping me up! ”

Ves smirked at Gavin ’s reaction.
The addition of Zeigra ’s mote of spirituality had given the normally-pure X-Factor of the base model an entirely new character!

”Can you be more exact? ”

”Not as much as the Desolate Soldier, if that ’s what you ’re hoping. ” Gavin tempered his expectations.
”It will still be a success, though.
Plenty of gangs and underground organizations already appreciate the Desolate Soldier.
Now that the Prideful Soldier can go on sale, they ’ll highly favor this variant. ”

”Will the production capacity at our disposal be able to produce enough Prideful Soldiers? ”

is going to be difficult. ” Gavin reluctantly admitted.
”While keeping up with the production side of things isn ’t my ballpark, I ’ve heard plenty of warnings that it ’s getting harder and harder to contract third-party manufacturers. ”

”There are no more mech companies available who are willing to lend their production capacity to us? ”

Gavin nodded.
We ’ve exhausted the available supply.
We ’re not the only ones who are looking to depend on external manufacturers to produce mechs.
Not only are we facing competition from other mech companies, we also have to jostle for production capacity against the government.
All of those turrets and defensive platforms don ’t come from nothing! ”

”Even if that ’s so, I ’m surprised that production capacity has already run out.
I thought we still had plenty to spare. ”

”That ’s because the military has recently started a new initiative. ”

”And what is that? ”

”Producing spacefighters. ”

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