rs were eavesdropping on their conversation?

Ves did not fear any competition.
MinDef didn ’t care either.
In fact, they welcomed competition if that meant they gained more choice!

As Ves described the criteria and requirements for the Militant Soldier and the Peaceful Soldier designs, Ventag started to frown.

”These projects aren ’t light. ”

”I know.
I ’ve already taken that into account. ”

”Good. ” The professor smiled.
”I can give you some tips on how to approach the two projects.
First, let me ask you, did MinDef pose any requirements to you with regards to collaborations? ”

Ves recalled the lengthy documents that MinDef sent.
”I don ’t think so. ”

”That ’s fairly unusual, Ves.
The Mech Corps and the Planetary Guard are normally very meticulous about this.
Mechs designed by multiple mech designers tend to be more rounded and less prone to extremes.
The requirements they posed to you also sounds remarkably less rigorous than those issued to others. ”

”Why is that? ”

”It could be that an ally within MinDef has lobbied on your behalf.
It could also be that MinDef prioritizes speed and doesn ’t want to add to your burden. ”

”I think both might be true.
My relationship with the government is pretty good, and my grandfather is a senior advisor in the ministry. ”

”Whatever the case, you ’ve been granted with a lot of leeway.
Be sure to make use of that to spread your ideals in the Mech Corps and the Planetary Guard.
Ordinarily, a young Journeyman such as you isn ’t qualified to supply mechs to those organizations.
After all, they already employ their own Seniors.
This is your chance to get a head-start from your peers and catch up to the older generation. ”

Ves nodded in understanding.
”That ’s what I intend as well. ”

”Let ’s address the variants individually.
First, don ’t expect your Militant Soldier to become a mainstay in the Mech Corps.
As I ’ve mentioned earlier, the Mech Corps does not lack for mech designers, many of which have earned the trust of their respective mech regiments. ”

”Then why encourage me to develop a variant for the military in the first place? ”

”Because the military wants to offer every mech regiment a backup option.
If the resident mech designers aren ’t able to design a mech that fares well against the sandmen, then they can always decide to adopt your Militant Soldier design instead. ”

sounds unlikely.
There are definitely Seniors in charge, right? Would they be willing to admit defeat to a Journeyman-level design? ”

The professor sneered.
”If the Seniors aren ’t willing to recognize reality, then the brass will force them to.
A military variant of your Desolate Soldier design is exceptionally threatening because of your unique strengths.
The Mech Corps doesn ’t actually need any mech regiment to adopt your Militant Soldier.
Just the threat of its existence in its internal database is enough to light a fire underneath the mech designers employed by the military! ”

”I see! No wonder that MinDef hasn ’t made any excessive demands! ”

Just as the Desolate Soldier forced the Ansel mech designers to work harder, now the military wanted to obtain their own version to threaten its own mech designers!

Though Ves felt dirty for being used like this, he didn ’t object too much.
He was certain that several mech regiments might embrace his Militant Soldier design for the same reasons the private sector appreciated his mech so highly.

After giving his thoughts on the Militant Soldier, the professor turned to the Peaceful Soldier.

”The Planetary Guard is normally involved in peacekeeping operations, so it ’s no surprise that they have asked for a landbound variant for your Desolate Soldier design.
What you need to keep in mind is to design it as a flexible platform. ”

”Why so, professor? ”

”To give the Planetary Guard organizations some choice on how to employ them.
I believe that many units will come to favor this product due to its strange effect on people.
For the duration of the Sand War, it ’s most appropriate for the Peaceful Soldiers to wield ballistic rifles.
When it ’s over, the Planetary Guard will have to withdraw at least some of their lethal armament and switch to non-lethal armament.
If your Peaceful Soldier can be made compatible with the fluid projectors the Planetary Guard favors, then that will save them a lot of inconvenience. ”

This was a very valuable piece of advice.
Ves bowed his head in thanks.
”I ’ll be sure to keep that in mind, professor. ”

”No problem, Ves.
We are both friends.
I ’m very satisfied with how our Aurora Titan model turned out.
Even now, sales hasn ’t stopped since it ’s apparently capable of blocking a single heavy laser strike.
Perhaps I might approach you for another collaboration once the Sand War is over. ”

”I welcome any opportunity for cooperation as long as I can make a significant contribution. ” Ves smiled back.

”Oh, I ’m sure you ’ll become a very popular collaboration partner after this war is over! ” The professor laughed.

Once the comm call ended, Ves closed his eyes and sunk into his chair.

He couldn ’t help but notice that Professor Ventag was exceptionally friendly towards him.
This affirmed his belief that his value was beginning to get recognized.

In fact, the professor plainly admitted his hope for future collaboration.

Ves did not object to working together on another project with Ventag.
He benefited a lot from the professor ’s guidance.

In addition, he wanted to make sure he could continue to enjoy the backing of an established Senior.

”Why do I feel like I ’ve become a politician? ” He sighed.

Though Ves disliked depending on connections, his current level of prominence was too dazzling to exist by itself.
Ves alone wasn ’t strong enough to keep up with his incredible success.

Only by borrowing the strengths of Professor Ventag, Flashlight, Senator Tovar, Gloriana and etc.
would he be able to exploit his design philosophy openly while remaining secure!

”Speaking of borrowing the strengths of others, I should check in on how William is doing… ”

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