sured growth at her level of strength!

That essentially meant that Ves had to sell trillions of Aurora Titans! At his level of fame, reputation and reach, that was simply impossible at this time!

”It ’s easier if my Aurora Titans are piloted by expert pilots or higher, though. ”

Quality mattered more than quantity.
This was what Ves believed.
If Qilanxo wanted to achieve measured improvements, then associating herself with expert pilots was the very minimum required for her to accumulate greater power.

Yet if she truly wanted to achieve significant improvement at her level of strength, then cultivating a strong mutually-beneficial relationship with an ace pilot was a must!

”This is the true power of symbiosis! ”

Both sides of the symbiotic relationship grew stronger from each other! When one grew stronger, the other quickly caught up!

This interaction potentially led to a virtuous cycle where the improvements of a mech pilot spurred the improvements of a design spirit, which subsequently fed back to the mech pilot, and so on!

Of course, Ves did not expect a design spirit to extend its generosity in equal measure to all of the mech pilots it maintained a relationship with.
For example, Qilanxo clearly favored Jannzi Larkinson over the thousands of other mech pilots of the Aurora Titan.

This was enough to transform the lives of some of his customers.
In fact, if Ves gained the ability to influence his design spirits to select specific mech pilots as their ’Chosen ’, then he may be able to dictate who would become an expert candidate!

”This is an accidental side effect of my specialty! ”

The power to point at someone and turn them into an expert candidate was an incredibly frightening ability! The MTA would go crazy if they ever got wind that Ves could unlock the potential to undergo apotheosis to any mech pilot!

Certainly, his ’superpower ’ to communicate spiritually with non-human lifeforms paled in comparison to giving mech pilots the opportunity to break the extraordinary threshold!

The notion of it was so monumental that Ves did not dare to breathe a word of it to anyone! Not even Nitaa should hold the knowledge that Ves could transform or revolutionize the entire mech community with his ability to provide ascension on demand!

”Of course, I haven ’t actually obtained proof that I can do this.
I have to test all of my assumptions! ”

His current design project was a good opportunity as ever.
”I ’m already testing a bunch of stuff.
I might as well add a couple of more tests in the process. ”

With how urgently he wanted to progress, he couldn ’t afford to test all of his hypotheses one at a time.
The sandman invasion especially placed a great amount of pressure on his shoulders.

For better or worse, his upcoming spaceborn rifleman mech design would make or break the LMC!

”As my final mech design of this mech generation, I want my upcoming mech design to be a harbinger of what is to come! ”

Ves wanted to start off with a strong footing at the commencement of the next mech generation.
He wanted to achieve a measurable jump in quality and value from his older designs such as the Blackbeak and the Crystal Lord.

Through his next generation of mech designs, he wanted to announce that he had become strong enough to compete against the main players of the mech market!

At the very least, hardly any mech designer could match the unique benefits that only he could provide to his customers!

”Differentiation is key! ” He emphasized.
”Other mechs might hold the edge in firepower or mobility, but only my products are able to bring out the most in mech pilots! ”

He finally returned to reality after he got caught up in a successive string of relationships.
His mind state had improved substantially and he felt more stoked than ever to design his new mech!

He had been waiting to enter an inspired state! Now that he formed a bunch of new theories, he eagerly wished to test them all out!

”It ’s time to set a vision for my new mech design. ” He announced.

Lucky, who had been lounging on the desk while Ves got lost in his own thoughts, idly yawned and padded over to his lap.

”Meow. ”

Ves frowned.
”Is it feeding time yet? ”

”Meow meow. ”

”Nice try, buddy, but according to the clock your dinnertime is still at least two hours away! ”

”Meow! ”

As Ves playfully toyed with Lucky, someone suddenly requested entry into his stateroom.
When the hatch slid open, Crindon entered with a concerned expression.

”We have a problem, sir. ”

”What is it? ” Ves immediately turned serious.

If his security expert felt obligated to report to him in person, then this problem had to be incredibly serious!

”Let ’s lockdown this compartment first.
The information I ’m about to bring to you is very sensitive. ”

Ves activated the command that physically disconnected and isolated his stateroom from the rest of the ship.
On top of these precautions, Crindon also activated a jammer.

Only then did they feel secure enough to talk freely with each other.
Aside from Nitaa and Lucky, no one else would be listening in on their conversation!

”We have an informer aboard our ship. ”

”Who? ”

”Gavin Neumann.
Your executive assistant. ”

Ves briefly paused.
His heart turned cold when he heard this name.

”Who is he reporting to? ”

”Flashlight. ”

That was not as bad as he feared.
His heart thawed a little when Crindon mentioned the intelligence agency.

At the very least, Gavin wasn ’t passing on information to his actual enemies, such as the Compact!

”How sure are you of this assertion? ” Ves pressed his Kinner bondsman.

”I am ninety-five percent certain that Mr.
Neumann is secretly transmitting information.
I am eighty percent certain that the recipient of his transmissions is Flashlight. ”

Those percentages were high enough for Ves to accept Crindon ’s conclusion.
He didn ’t find it hard to believe that his trusted assistant served two masters! Especially if the other master turned out to be a branch of the government!

Yet even if that made the truth more palatable, Ves still felt betrayed! It was as if a dagger had struck his heart!

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