ime for his reserves to get back up to full.

”This is going to eat up valuable time! Time which I could have used to work on my latest design project! ”

Still, this wasn ’t his first time his mind was working at a suboptimal level.
Ves believed he still had what it took to work on a new mech design.
He just wouldn ’t be feeling very comfortable and energetic in the following week.

In his current damaged condition, it would be hard for him to become inspired or perform his work at full efficiency.

To be honest, he was quite pissed at how much damage he suffered and how it could have been worse.
If not for his quick thinking, he might not even be himself anymore!

As he analyzed his attempts to probe the Ancient Sarcophagus, he realized that making direct contact with the alien spiritual entity was his biggest mistake.
His curiosity towards the seemingly-slumbering entity had almost proved his undoing!

”Even if it woke up, it couldn ’t have done anything to me. ” He concluded.
”It ’s trapped in place and can hardly exert its strength outside of the red coffin. ”

The main reason the alien spiritual entity managed to circumvent the restrictions of its prison was because it hijacked his spiritual projection!

The channel that formed between the two opened up a backdoor for the alien spiritual entity to exert its strength outside the coffin.

”Well, lesson learned, I guess. ” He sighed while continuing to lie face down on his bed.
”I ’ll have to develop a more sophisticated probing method next time.
I shouldn ’t expose myself in such a reckless manner against a completely unknown entity. ”

The alien spiritual entity ’s dormancy had thrown him off.
Only after it started rousing from its slumber did Ves realized how badly he was outmatched.

Though Ves had never come in touch with an ace pilot in his life, he had a strong feeling that Qilanxo and the trapped alien entity both belonged to that tier.
The amount of strength they possessed clearly exceeded the bounds of expert pilots, but wasn ’t quite as impressive as the stories he heard about god pilots.

”Well, there is a huge amount of variance in strength between ace pilots. ”

This was because ace pilots were split into junior ace pilots and senior ace pilots for some reason.
Despite this distinction, there weren ’t any other differences between the two.
As long as a junior ace pilot kept improving, they wouldn ’t encounter any major bottlenecks that hindered their growth to senior ace pilot.

If Ves attempted to gauge their strengths, then he tentatively judged that Qilanxo was comparable to a junior ace while the trapped alien entity was comparable to a senior ace.

Its partial awakening along with the Ancient Sarcophagus shackling the bulk of its strength prevented the trapped alien entity from using its superiority to its fullest.

However, even a portion of its strength was enough to threaten Ves! He needed to be really careful about his interactions with the Ancient Sarcophagus from now on as he couldn ’t afford a repeat of the previous incident!

Ves winced when he thought about the F-stone.
He used up 15 percent of its charge to empower his ability to damage the trapped alien entity.
While he didn ’t regret his decision, he was afraid that he didn ’t have any way to make up for his loss in this area.

”From what I ’ve seen in Cinach, F-stones are probably a lot rarer than P-stones! ”

He managed to collect six P-stones but only one F-stone and B-stone so far.
The latter two materials had proven vital in helping him solve his latest crisis.
As long as he accumulated more of both, he enjoyed a lot more confidence in handling dangerous spiritual threats!

if I don ’t manage to get more F-stones and B-stones, then my options will continue to dwindle over time. ”

His B-stone had proven to be very useful as a makeshift helmet to protect his mind.
The trapped alien entity hadn ’t been smart or coherent enough to attack his mind from below.

However, would the next time be the same? If the alien entity smartened up, then Ves needed a lot more B-stones to form an armored suit that protected his entire body!

As for the F-stones, his need for them became more acute.
Unlike his B-stone lockbox which he could reuse as many times as he wanted, his F-stones depleted more and more of its charge each time Ves drew upon its strength.

”If I continue to draw 15 percent of its charge with every use, then my F-stone will run out of charge after six more uses! ”

This was very important to Ves, because he believed he needed its strength to continue to take advantage of the Ancient Sarcophagus.

Ever since he started his new design project, Ves had been worried whether he could successfully design a brand new spaceborn rifleman mech in two or three months.

One of the biggest bottlenecks he faced was that he lacked a convenient supply of spiritual entities!

Part of the reasons why his Aurora Titan, Transcendent Messenger and Devil Tiger designs exhibited a powerful X-Factor was because of their exceptional design spirits.

Ves wanted to impart the same level of strength to his rifleman mech design, but finding a suitable spiritual entity that could serve as its design spirit was immensely troublesome!

”However, it ’s different now. ” He grinned.
”With my accidental spoils, I ’ve saved myself the trouble of starting an exhaustive search! ”

The only troublesome aspect about the spiritual fragment he captured was incredibly hostile.
The alien spiritual entity hated his guts and would never cooperate with his attempts to turn its spiritual fragment into a design spirit for his upcoming mech design!

”That ’s okay, though! I can just use the same solution I used last time! ”

Ves planned to avoid the unpleasantries related to using a hostile spiritual fragment by breaking it apart!

As long as he cut off the fragment ’s connection to the source and broke it up to the point where its autonomous consciousness died, then he could repurpose the pieces into a new spiritual product!

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