eat it up, he could easily shape the B-stone into a barrier around an P-stone.

”It ’s like building prison walls around the main prison building.
It ’s a second line of defense. ”

As long as Ves possessed a sufficient quantity of B-stones, he could potentially imprison the most powerful spiritual entities in the galaxy! Even ace pilot-like entities like Qilanxo would have no choice but to stay put if Ves built a cell out of B-stones that was many meters thick!

”Perhaps even god pilots or comparable entities can be isolated in this fashion! ”

The only downside was that B-stones only blocked Spirituality and did nothing else.
P-stones still played a role in imprisoning spiritual entities because they formed an adequate substitute of physical bodies.

Without the sheltering function provided by P-stones, spiritual entities would slowly degrade because they lacked the nurturing of a real home.

The best home was a physical body, but now that Ves thought about it, he never thought about the fact that his designs and mechs also served as adequate homes!

Ves believed this was mostly due to bleeding his Spirituality over his mechs and mech designs.
Because he subliminally invested his spiritual energy into his works, they gained the ability to shelter and maybe even nurture any spiritual entities that resided in their spiritual shells!

In fact, Ves even suspected for a very long time that his design spirits benefited more if his mechs grew more popular! The more mech pilots a design spirit connected with, the more symbiotic relationship it formed!

”Each proper relationship is mutually beneficial.
Both the mech pilot and the mech derive benefits from their bond. ” Ves observed.

This was one of the core assumptions of his design philosophy, after all!

If Ves extended this line of reasoning, then forming more relationships meant that a design spirit harvested more benefits!

Of course, Ves assumed that low-ranking mech pilots only provided minimal benefits.
A bond with an expert candidate or expert pilot was probably a billion or a trillion times stronger!

Ves grinned.
”It ’s interesting how discovering new materials can elicit so many new insights! ”

He observed many different phenomena related to spirituality, but he never paid attention to some of his more peculiar observations.
Only when prompted by different stimuli did he begin to look back at his old observations and realize that something exceptional was happening right under his nose!

Each new phenomena he came in touch with expanded his grasp on spirituality.
With a greater amount of context, his old observations began to fit into place like pieces in a puzzle.

”If I ’ve already managed to obtain these gains from just three exotics that are relevant to my specialty, then what about six? What about twelve? ”

He could scarcely imagine what kind of brain storms would ensue if he came in touch with so many different kinds of spiritually-reactive exotics!

One of the reasons why mech designers spent so much money and effort on certain exotics was to initiate brainstorms that substantially advanced their understanding in their own fields!

He basked in the new insights he just formed, each of which illuminated another facet of spirituality and spiritual engineering.

Once he came off his high, he turned his attention back to the present and stared at the chunk of B-stone.

He wondered whether he should preserve it in its current form or make use of it immediately.

”This is my only sample so far, but unlike P-stones I ’ve already figured out what I needed to learn.
There ’s no use keeping it in storage. ”

However, Ves couldn ’t come up with an immediate application.

”What do I need? ”

Maybe he should make use of it to form a barrier against hostile spiritual intrusions and invasions.
He already attacked or intruded upon several spiritual entities in the imaginary realm.
While he always got away with his attempts, he might provoke a powerful existence into chasing him back to his body!

That would be really bad if the entity he provoked was strong!

Ves looked at his B-stone with a dubious expression.
It had enough mass to form a thick helmet with plenty of material to spare.

”A helmet won ’t offer protection in every direction.
Even if I make the entire faceplate solid, it will still have a huge hole to accommodate my neck! ”

Unfortunately, the amount of B-stone he possessed fell short of forming an entire suit of protective armor.
He ’d have to spread out his B-stone so much that its layer of protection could easily be pierced by someone of his strength.

Eventually, he decided to make a protective container out of his available B-stone.
He processed the raw B-stone through various machines and hand tools and quickly crafted most of its mass into a fairly thick lockbox with a purely mechanical door and locking mechanism.

Ves also drew upon the stores of other strong materials stored on the Barracuda and added some much-needed physical reinforcement to the contraption.
While it wouldn ’t save the lockbox against being flattened by the foot of a mech, it was more than sufficient to survive someone shooting at it with infantry weapons.

The B-stone lockbox looked thicker than other lockboxes.
Despite its size and lack of functions, it was the only container in his possession that blocked and isolated spirituality in both directions.

He proceeded to test it by placing one of his P-stones inside.
The P-stone contained a decent charge of excess spiritual energy which Ves could easily detect with his spiritual senses. ”

However, once he closed the lockbox, he no longer felt any trace of the P-stone ’s spiritual activity!

He attempted to project his Spirituality through the lockbox and sense the P-stone that was stored inside.

He failed!

”It works! ”

Not only did he form a container that could potentially assist him in imprisoning powerful spiritual entities, he could also store sensitive materials inside.
Anyone who possessed the power to detect spiritually-active materials would not be able to peek what Ves had stored inside!

To be honest, Ves had another reason to make use of his B-stone to craft a lockbox.
He wanted to shield his valuable treasures against the only person who stole from him on a regular basis!

His mother!

”Hahahaha! ” He laughed as he rubbed his cheek against the surface of his new lockbox.
”With you around, my mother won ’t have any clue! ”

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