aterial composition or other variables.

This reminded him that he should come up with a measurement for spiritual energy.
For now, he already apportioned his spiritual energy by how much he replenished in a standard day.

In any case, he turned his attention back to Item #613.
Before, he only briefly brushed his senses towards the object.
Now, he was about to perform a deeper examination.

”Here goes! ”

He extended a small spiritual probe and attempted to push it through the surface of the rose-gold exotic.

He failed!

”So my initial probe back then was right! Item #613 is capable of acting as a barrier! ”

One common attribute about spiritual energy was that it passed through nearly any material as if it didn ’t exist.
It was as if spirituality occupied a different physical phase from every other material object.
Just like how many types of signals and other forms of radiation effortlessly passed through solid walls or human bodies, spirituality seemed to be able to go wherever it wanted!

”It can probably sink in the center of a planet if it can last that long! ”

Though Ves always observed this kind of behavior, he never assumed it was universally true.
Exceptions always existed, but he never imagined encountering one in the flesh today!

His interest towards Item #613 increased as Ves employed more and more of his spirituality against the solid rock.
He wanted to see if he could break the barrier and sink his spiritual projections beneath the surface!

He became more and more reckless as he continually empowered his spiritual projections.
He pumped them so full of energy that his reserves in his mind started to decrease at an alarming rate!

Even then, he never managed to budge the defenses erected by Item #613!

Though he hadn ’t conducted a full range of tests yet, he tentatively formulated a couple of preliminary assumptions.

First, he guessed that the entire composition of Item #613 possessed this spiritual blocking effect.
If he cut the rock in two, both halves would still exhibit the same behavior, even along the surface of the cut.

Second, the strength of this blocking effect is proportional to the mass or volume of the object.
The larger the exotic, the more strength he needed to exert to break through the barrier.

In order to test these assumptions, he needed to get physical, because what he was doing now yielded no new information.
Even when he deployed nearly all of his free-floating spiritual energy, he hadn ’t managed to make a single dent in Item #613 ’s defenses!

”It ’s strong! At least in this quantity, it ’s more than enough to block intrusions at my level of strength! ”

Ves wondered whether a more powerful entity such as Qilanxo was able to smash it through using sheer brute force.

”I should focus on the tests that I can perform. ”

He began to activate some lab equipment and attempted to cut a sliver of rock from the surface of Item #613.

While the exotic was exceptionally resilient against spiritual energy, its material resilience was relatively mundane.

”It ’s toughness is no different from that of an average space rock. ” Ves mused as he didn ’t encounter any difficulties in obtaining his slice.

If the exotic was as tough as compressed alloy, then Ves would have a lot more trouble trying to cut a precise piece out of the exotic.

The portion he sliced off resembled a very tiny rectangular tile.
One side was uneven as it bore the natural texture of Item #613 ’s exterior.
The other side was as smooth and straight as the cutting implement had sheared it off the main body.

”It ’s exactly ten grams! ”

He didn ’t dare cut off a greater piece for fear of damaging Item #613 ’s integrity.
In order to reassure himself, he began to repeat his earlier experiments and attempted to push his spiritual projections through the surface of the exotic, paying special attention to the abnormally smooth surface of the cut.

”It ’s the same! ”

Practically nothing changed! Slicing ten grams off an object that weighed many kilograms did not affect the exotic ’s ability to block spiritual energy in any significant way!

This increased his interest towards the rectangular sample he cut off.
Was it as strong as the main body, or was it as weak as it diminutive size suggested?

”Let ’s see. ”

Ves began to probe it carefully with his spiritual energy.

It managed to block his weak attempts at punching through.

”So it still works even when cut out of the main body! ”

That was a relief to him.
He didn ’t relish trying to make use of Item #613 in its natural space rock form.
In order to make best use of this material, he wanted to process and mold it into a more fitting form.

Emboldened by his initial attempts, Ves employed more and more of his spiritual strength.

However, just as he was about to ramp up, his spirituality finally pushed through the resistance and began to sink into the object!

In fact, after employing a tiny bit more strength, his spirituality began to pass through the rectangular sample with only a minor amount of resistance!

”It ’s like pushing my finger through a surface of water! ”

As long as he employed enough strength, he no longer felt the resistance!

This result disappointed him a bit, though he already expected that something like this would happen.
His hopes of creating a micrometer thick wall to form a barrier that blocked any spiritual intrusions were dashed.

”Well, at least this exotic behaves according to logic and common sense. ”

Ves performed some additional experiments.
He cut additional specimens from the surface of Item #613.
They differed from the first piece by either volume or mass.

Once he performed a raft of probes on all of the pieces, he confidently concluded that the strength of the spiritual blocking effect was proportional to its mass!

”The heavier, the stronger! ”

Ves knew for sure now that he discovered a third type of spiritually-reactive exotics!

”I ’m not sure if it ’s only my energy it ’s capable of blocking, but for now I ’ve ascertained enough to bestow it a name! ”

Seeing that its main effect was to block spiritual energy, he decided to stick to his current naming scheme and dubbed it the B-stone!

”Welcome to my collection, B-stone! ”

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