tential possessed the same special attribute as Imon and Casella.

If that was the case, then this trait might be hereditary, which opened up a lot of possibilities!

He felt a little disappointed that he wouldn ’t be able to gather more Ingvars.
He quickly pushed it aside when he realized that he started to regard the Ingvars in the same way as the Kinners.

Not every human was a product! Ves had to show a lot more mindfulness towards his subordinates.

As the contract continued to take shape, the Ingvars asked their own questions.

”Will you be fine with our old mechs or will you assign us with new ones? ” Imon asked.

”It depends on how long you stay in my service. ” Ves answered.
”If you decide to continue to stick with me, I ’ll transfer you to my Avatars of Myth, where you will be assigned to different mechs, mostly of my own design.
What mechs do you specialize in, by the way? ”

He hadn ’t looked that up yet, which was a major oversight on his part.

”We are both trained in spaceborn mech combat, though we are not novices when it comes to piloting landbound mechs. ”

Most mech pilots who specialized in spaceborn mechs knew how to pilot landbound mechs as well.
Yet their lack of training in this area meant they lacked many of the nuances and tactics employed by dedicated landbound mech pilots.

”Which mech types do you pilot? ”

”I specialize in piloting spaceborn rifleman mechs. ” Casella answered.
”In fact, I excel at long-range marksmanship, so laser weapons are my go-to loadouts.
I also possess some command training.
I was the commander of my former detachment. ”

”I prefer to duel my enemies up close.
I pilot a spaceborn swordsman mech, though I can pilot other melee mechs if needed.
As long as I ’m not getting shot at by an entire mech company, I ’m confident I can fell most mechs who block my way. ” Imon added.

That was a good mix, though Ves took their words with a grain of salt.

He might be able to employ Imon as a mech duelist or champion who could fight on his behalf.
Yet the man did not possess the emotional fortitude to excel in this area.

Someone as determined and passionate about mech duels like Raella Larkinson wouldn ’t cry like a sorry little kid after suffering a small setback.

As for Casella, Ves put a lot of question marks on her command ability.
Even if she did take classes, the fact that her household mech company mutinied meant that her actual performance in this area was very sketchy!

Her command ability was a far cry from that of Commander Cinnabar, who easily managed to maintain control over his band of ruffians!

Fortunately, Ves did not require the two to serve in those capacities.
He was fine with letting them work as regular mech pilots.
They might learn a thing or two about the mercenary life from the Battle Criers.

Time passed as the contract reached its final form.
Neither side requested anymore additions, which meant that both of them signed the agreement in short order as witnessed by the Mercenary Association.

Unlike his previous hires, the Ingvars did not bow or kneel to him to swear a ritual oath.
They weren ’t Kinners whose oaths were taken a lot more seriously.
This meant the Ingvars had now hired themselves on to Ves with remarkably little fanfare.

A moment of silence stretched as the contract lawyer and the other officials filed out of the office.

”It is..
strange. ” The female Ingvar said with a hollow voice.
”Even if we have only agreed to work for you for a year, I feel as if I ’ve signed my life away. ”

Imon embraced his sister in a hug.
”It ’s all the Kinners around us that give you that impression.
We are different from their kind.
Remember who we are and where we came from.
House Ingvar may have fallen, but as long as we are alive, we can one day restore it to its former glory! ”

While the two siblings had their private moment, Ves turned around to Kelandra.
”Now that the Ingvars accepted my offer, my stay at Bloodstone has come to an end.
I will soon depart for the Chuko Republic. ”

”Chuko isn ’t exactly the most pleasant destination, I ’ve heard. ”

”That is what the Battle Criers and the Ingvar pair are for.
While the news coming out of Chuko is fairly troubling, I ’m confident my new escorts are more than capable of fending off any trouble we ’ll meet on the way.
I don ’t plan to travel outside the most established trade routes anyway. ”

Once they completed all of the formalities, Ves instructed his latest two hires to pack up their bags and join the fleet of the Battle Criers in orbit of Bloodstone II-A.

”What about our mechs, sir? ” Casella asked.

”Benny, please arrange shipment of their mechs. ”

”On it, boss. ”

His visit to Bloodstone came to an end.
As Ves and his staff returned to the hotel, they only planned to stay for one more night before they departed from the planet.

A smile appeared on his face as he thought of all the new people he hired.
Aside from the Ingvar siblings, his new subordinates consisted entirely of Kinners.

”I might have more scruples about hiring other mercenaries, but the Kinners are different. ”

”Meow. ”

Lucky climbed on top of his stomach as he lied down on a couch in his hotel room.
The cat curled into a ball and squinted its eyes on contentment.

”Hehe, looking forward to our next destinations, are you? ”

”Meow. ”

”Yeah, you ’re right.
We ’re getting closer and closer to the Nyxian Gap.
The Sentinel Kingdom is especially close to this dangerous region.
I wonder if I ’ll be able to obtain more spicy Nyx dog ingredients.
I ’m becoming addicted to this food! ”

”Meow! ”

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