only few are capable of developing it to a degree that is significant enough to effect real change.
While mech pilots are the most apparent practitioners of psionic powers, mech designers are just as capable of bending reality.]

Ves looked stunned.
While he shouldn ’t be surprised that the MTA weren ’t blind enough to discount the existence of spirituality, he was still surprised at how much they knew!

Psionics! That was how the MTA regarded spirituality!

[The study of psionics within the MTA is highly classified.
At your current rank, you are only allowed to know a limited amount of our findings.]

[First, psionics is uniquely human.
No alien species has ever demonstrated comparable powers.]

As if Ves believed those words.
Exobeasts like Qilanxo already disproved that spirituality was the exclusive domain of humans.
Whether the MTA truly believed in their assertion or merely wanted to convey human superiority, Ves couldn ’t tell.

It was still a sign that Ves should not take the MTA at their word!

[Second, only an extremely small proportion of humanity possesses the potential to express their psionic powers.
You have not been cleared to learn the exact proportion and other relevant figures.
For now, all you are allowed to know is that the occurrence of psionic potential is very random and infrequent.
While children and offspring of high-ranking mech designers and mech pilots enjoy a slightly higher chance of exhibiting psionic potential, it is far from a guarantee.]

This fell in line with what the Larkinson Family learned after nurturing numerous expert pilots in every generation.
So many Larkinson mech pilots aspired to advance to experts, only to be doomed from the beginning.
No matter how hard they worked, they would never be able to shed their mortality!

[Third, psionic power is not stable and can be gained or lost through various circumstances.
It is also highly elusive because it does not exist in a tangible form in the material dimensions.
Therefore, the mechanics behind psionic power are not completely defined.
As a mech designer, the best way to ensure a stable growth of psionic power is to follow the advice and instructions of the Mech Trade Association.
Following our principles minimizes the risk of adverse reactions from your psionic power.]

Naturally, the MTA would say something like that.
To their credit, the MTA was probably right.
By acting in a proper and responsible fashion, a mech designer ’s spirituality wouldn ’t undergo any extreme shifts.

After Delta-Gina finished summoning up the pertinents points on the revelation of psionic power, she began to explain how this crucial information tied to Journeyman.

[Reaching the rank of Journeyman proves that you are one of the few humans in the galaxy who possesses ability to grow and express your psionic potential.
This is a pivotal development, as your achievement opens the way for you to advance to Master.
In order to progress to that height, you must continually develop the design philosophy that your psionic power has merged with.
The more potent, applicable and rigorous your design philosophy becomes, the closer you are to advancing to the rank of Senior Mech Designer!]

”What distinguishes a Journeyman from a Senior? ” Ves asked.

[A Senior is distinct from a Journeyman by the range in which the metaphysical properties of their mechs are still in effect.
A mech designed by a Journeyman can only maintain its full potential within several star sectors from the lead designers.
Mechs designed by Seniors can encompass a much wider territory and are able to retain their full strength even when they are deployed a hundred star sectors away from the lead designers.]

”What about a Master? ”

[Mechs designed by Masters are effective anywhere in the galaxy.
Their metaphysical properties remain intact even if they are deployed hundreds of thousands of light-years away.]

All of this made a lot of sense to Ves! This was probably one of the biggest reasons why mech markets were so highly bound to their regions!

Delta-Gina began to instruct Ves more specifically on what he should do to advance to Senior.
While her advice still remained rather vague and broad, it still fell in line with his own understanding of spirituality.

In short, he needed to work out stronger and more diverse applications of his design philosophy.
The most common way that mech designers accomplished this was by finding compatible exotics that complimented the effects of their design philosophies.

Incorporating these exotics into his mech designs was only the most basic way of taking advantage of them.
In order to advance for real, he needed to study the exotics through the perspective of his design philosophy and derive how these extraordinary materials worked.
Only in this way would Ves be able to replicate their effects without incorporating the expensive materials in his own design.

”Ah. ”

That also fell in line with what he guessed.
Exotics contained many profound and inexplicable effects.
While it was hard to understand their operation, mech designers were unique in that they could derive their workings as long as their design philosophies matched with their properties.

[Exotic materials do not possess any psionic properties.
However, the rules that make them extraordinary can also be applied to a mech design through the medium of psionics.]

Ves understood the way forward now, at least with regards to how the MTA saw it.
Mech designers who advanced to Journeymen may have been able to manifest their psionic powers, but their application of it was very rough and sloppy.

Reaching Journeyman meant that they had only scratched the surface of what they were capable of.
In order to unearth the possibilities that their design philosophies offered, they needed to develop a broader and more systematic understanding of what they were dealing with whenever they designed a mech.

At the beginning, newly-advanced Journeymen mostly applied their design philosophies on autopilot.
How could they harness the powers they wielded if they were incapable of taking direct control?

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