ntered the villa and settled down.

Just as Ves wanted to have a moment for himself, Ketis came up to him with a coy smile while hugging Lucky.

”I want to talk to you about something.
Lucky, can you activate that ECM field of yours? ”

”Meow. ”

The field quickly took shape around them.
Ves found it curious that Ketis found out that Lucky possessed this ability.

”I figured out your superpower! ” She proudly claimed.

”Meow! ”

”You see? Even Lucky agrees! ”

Ves directed a questioning glance at her.
”I don ’t have any superpowers.
I ’m just a mech designer. ”

”Don ’t lie to me, Ves! I ’ve followed in your footsteps for several years, and I ’ve seen your power in action several times! ”

”This must be good. ” He chuckled good-naturedly.
”Okay then.

”Your superpower is charm! You ’re an incubus! ” She proudly declared!

This guess caused Ves to be taken aback.
Charm? Incubus?

”Ridiculous! I ’m not an incubus! ”

Ketis huffed.
”Hmph! Whatever! I still nailed your superpower! Don ’t lie to me! Remember when you defeated the Blind Men by ranting at them? Remember when you burned that heckling professor during the Aurora Titan ’s product reveal? Now you ’ve managed to charm half the Ylvaine Protectorate! ”

This was ridiculous! Ves continually shook his head.
”The only reason the Ylvainans were so taken in by my arguments is because the Curins went all-out in propagandizing my words.
They deserve the bulk of the credit for causing this storm.
I ’m just— ”

”—a mech designer. ” Ketis finished before she widened her eyes.
”Maybe that ’s the source of your superpowers! Mayra was kind of weird in a way as well, but she hid her powers a lot better than you! Do you think that I ’ll develop my own superpower when I advance to Journeyman?! ”

”Don ’t be silly, Ketis! Mech designers aren ’t superheroes! ”

”Do all of you high-ranking mech designers decided to keep your powers a secret? Don ’t worry, Ves, I won ’t tell anymore! I ’ll be joining your ranks soon when I develop my own superpower! When I advance to Journeyman, I want my superpower to make my weapons sharp! Sharp enough to cut through anything! ”

The fantasies that Ketis entertained right now grew wilder and more unrealistic by the second! If every high-ranking mech designer could express their design philosophies into a superpower, then they wouldn ’t be known as cowards!

Her anticipation grew stronger! In her mind, she was already imagining herself as a swordswoman who could cut through mech armor with a single swing of her weapon!

Ves swatted her head in admonishment, deforming the poofy beret on her head.
”While I like the drive you exhibit, you shouldn ’t entertain these crazy fantasies of yours.
Superpowers don ’t exist. ”

”What do you call the stuff that expert pilots can do with their expert mechs? ”

”There ’s an explanation behind their abilities.
We just haven ’t fully figured out the metaphysics behind their workings. ”

”Metaphysics is just another word for superpowers! ” Ketis fiercely stated.
”High-ranking mech pilots are already capable of subverting natural laws.
I used to believe that mech designers aren ’t capable of imitating their powers, but watching you in action changed my mind! Your design philosophy basically gives you the ability to charm people through your mechs, right? It ’s not that big of a leap to believe you can apply your design philosophy to yourself! That must be the secret behind your superpower! ”

Ves had to admit that Ketis developed a very logical chain of arguments.
Even though Ves wanted to dismiss her speculation, in truth she came uncomfortably close to explaining the mechanics behind the operation of his design philosophy and some of his spiritual techniques!

Even though she ultimately missed the mark, Ves found it disconcerting that Ketis was so astute!

”I think you ’re misunderstanding something here, Ketis.
Journeyman Mech Designers and higher aren ’t in some kind of conspiracy to keep our superpowers hidden.
The truth is much more modest.
Our understanding of our respective specialties allows us to harness and manipulate certain metaphysical phenomena and interactions.
Since my focus is mainly aimed towards the mech pilot, I ’ve become quite skilled at manipulating audiences. ”

”You can downplay your superpowers all you want, but I ’m not blind! Even Lucky possesses his own superpower! I ’ve seen how he can phase through stuff.
If a mechanical pet can develop superpowers, then so can I! I ’ll show you what I can do once I advance to Journeyman myself! ”

Was Ketis always this headstrong? Nothing Ves could say would change her mind on this point!

In the end, he just threw up his hands.
”Fine! I ’ll wait until you advance before you show off your so-called superpower.
Don ’t be disappointed when your sword is just as sharp as before! ”

It didn ’t do much harm to entertain her delusion.
She looked more passionate and motivated about advancing her profession than ever! As long as her aspiration encouraged her to work harder, then Ves was more than willing to entertain her suspicions.

By the time she advanced to Journeyman and found out that her ’superpower ’ was actually a whole bunch of nothing, she would at least be able to console herself with her improved mech design abilities!

Ves ignored her ramblings and turned his attention to Lucky.
”Did you have a good time while I was gone? ”

”Meow! ”

”Pff! You don ’t have to sound so ungrateful! I won ’t feed you with awful stuff anymore, I promise! ”

”Meow meow! ”

”Oh come on, am I that untrustworthy? ”

Lucky hissed at him before squirming his body around to hug Ketis tighter.

Even though Ves had just survived a crisis, Lucky still hadn ’t forgiven him yet!

”By the way Ves, now that this whole circus is behind us, will we go home soon? ”

Ves nodded.
”I ’ll just have to formally hand over the mechs to Madame Cecily and wrap up my business before we go.
This place is too crazy! ”

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