r he should appreciate the free advertising or not.
Having a terrorist promote his mechs was a mixed blessing!

Still, even if most Ylvainans didn ’t believe in the living prophet, they accepted his acknowledgement of the mech.
It truly appeared as a blessed creation!

At this time, High Inquisitor Kelly Ixef Poxco couldn ’t help but interrupt.
”Your time is almost up. ”

The living prophet smirked at her.
”Impatient, are we? It is insulting for the inquisition to regard me with so much skepticism.
While I truly want to teach you all a lesson, I do not require nor demand your obedience.
I have never forced anyone to become my follower and I never will! Unfortunately for you inquisitors, while I have agreed to place myself at your mercy, I did not specify in which state! ”

High Inquisitor Kelly Ixef Poxco ’s quickly suspected what was about to happen.
”No! Protectors! Restrain this terrorist! ”

It was too late! Even before the high inquisitor reached out to grab the madman, the living prophet cackled madly as he pressed a button on his comm!

”Hahahaha! Do not be afraid, my children! I will return to you once again! ”

His entire body lit up in flames! The fire that engulfed the living prophet was so hot and scorching that the other judges on the bench immediately jumped away as best they could!

The hand of High Inquisitor Kelly Ixef Poxco suffered an awful burn as she hastily drew it back! If she hadn ’t reacted faster, her arm and the rest of her body would have gone up in smoke as well!

The accelerants the living prophet carried burned the clone so thoroughly that even the fastest fire suppressant couldn ’t do anything to save the terrorist ’s life!

The self-proclaimed incarnation of the prophet and the delusional head of the New Ylvaine Dynasty sacrificed his life without any hesitation!

As the Protector guards tried to assert control over all of the unrest that ensued, Ves and many of the Ylvainans watching the proceedings didn ’t know what to think anymore!

Ves was thoroughly confused.
The moment the living prophet entered the courtroom, he was already destined to fall into the hands of the authorities.
His subsequent treatment in their hands would definitely be awful, because despite his many claims to innocence, the True Believers were still terrorists who killed many Ylvainans over the years!

From this perspective, Ves understood that the living prophet would rather die than suffer through the indignities that the Ylvainan Inquisition had in store for him.
Since he would definitely die in their custody, he might as well make another point and die on his own terms!

Yet why did the living prophet feel the need to sacrifice his comfortable life on the behalf of Ves? Did the living prophet delude himself into thinking that standing up to Ves would help him and his forbidden dynasty?

”There ’s little point in guessing the motives of a madman. ” He whispered to himself.
”The living prophet is too crazy to comprehend! ”

Regardless of the reason why the living prophet behaved so altruistically, Ves shouldn ’t look at this holy gift horse in the mouth! He directly benefited from this selfless and seemingly benign intervention!

Ves glanced towards the judges.

High Inquisitor Kelly Ixef Poxco looked pained and furious.
She glanced at the pile of ashes that used to be the most infamous Ylvainan in the state as if she wanted to burn it again!

However, the living prophet was already dead, and there was no way she could extract any information out of the man.
She currently looked back at her severely-burned arm as Protector medics applied emergency treatment to triage the wound.

The other two judges looked uncomfortable, but they didn ’t do anything else.
While Judge Kelber Kronon quietly conferred with the Protector guard captain, Judge Okin Fillis quietly exited the courtroom while everyone else was distracted!

The lawyer sitting next to Ves jerked.
”Now that Judge Fillis has left, the tribunal is over! The verdict it has issued should be final! ”

Ves looked hopeful.
”Does that mean.. ”

”The vote is two against one in favor of acquittal! Congratulations, Mr.
Larkinson! You are free! ”

The word quickly spread among the Ylvainans in the gallery.
Many of them stood up and cheered!

”The Bright Martyr is saved! ”

”The living prophet redeemed himself before he died! ”

”This is absurd! Why should we accept the judgement of a terrorist?! The foreigner is guilty! He deserves to be executed! ”

Although not every Ylvainan supported the narrative that Ves was a vessel of the prophet, the ones who believed in the Bright Martyr enthusiastically supported this result!

The entire city district that hosted the court building erupted into festivity as the millions of citizens who took to the streets celebrated the outcome of this epochal tribunal!

The Ylvaine Protectorate would never be the same from this day onwards!

No matter how much the stubborn inquisitors, Poxcos and traditionalists opposed this development, they could hardly reverse the verdict.

Too many people believed the Bright Martyr! With one of his mechs continually allowing everyone to bask in its sacred presence, the amount of people who sided with Ves continued to grow!

It was no longer possible for the Ylvainan Inquisition to invalidate the living prophet ’s judgement and change the verdict!

”You should be free to go now, Mr.
Larkinson! ” The lawyer happily declared as he regarded Ves with an increasingly more intense stare.
”Or should I say the Bright Martyr? It is an honor to represent the newest Martyred Follower! ”

Ves became increasingly disturbed by his counsel! It was as if the laywer couldn ’t wait to kiss his shoes!

”Aren ’t the Martyred Followers regarded as such posthumously? ” Ves asked.
”You Ylvainans only started calling them that after they died one after another during the First Calamity and the Great Flight. ”

A martyr was someone who died due to their beliefs! Ves valued his life to an incredible degree, so he would rather not be called by this ridiculous name!

Unfortunately, his lawyer and many other Ylvainans disagreed!

”Even if you die today, you will still be the Bright Martyr to us! You have already made your contributions! ”

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