s no way the mental force he could exert over his spiritual energy could resist the overwhelming pull of his design seed!

”The process proceeded rather chaotically as well.
His design seed was like an intoxicated eater at a buffet.
The attraction force it exerted was very uneven and often changed directions.
This basically meant it was only absorbing some spiritual elements in his mind while leaving others alone!

No matter what Ves tried to do, his influence on the absorption process was minimal.
Only until his design seed absorbed a good portion of the loose spiritual energy in his mind did it finally have its fill!

Ves felt a weary ache in his mind.
Although the process hadn ’t been as painful or as straining to his mind than he expected, he definitely felt exhausted!

Yet when Ves tentatively studied the result, he immediately became happy as he mentally observed the spiritual crystal resting in the deepest part of his mind.

”It ’s beautiful! ”

The design seed was a remarkable spiritual object that Ves felt intricately connected to.
It was different from a spiritual fragment in that it was a lot more compressed and solid.
Ves wasn ’t sure of the significance of this form, but he could explore the differences later.

It immediately became apparent that his design seed was a far stronger spiritual object than the loose ball of spiritual energy that used to be his nascent design philosophy.

Ves understood now why Apprentices were so susceptible to outside influences.
”Their design philosophy is fluid.
Their lack of fixed form means that it is too easily to shape them into something else! ”

Yet now that his design philosophy had crystallized into a design seed, Ves no longer had to worry about losing his way! He would always be able to depend on his design seed to stand firm against other powerful influences!

A second property about his design seed stood out as well.
It seemed to be intimately connected to Ves.
Despite the lack of any channels connecting his design seed to the rest of his mind, Ves somehow perceived that his design seed and his consciousness were one and the same!

Ves speculated that all of the random spiritual elements his design seed absorbed from his mind left an incomparably strong personal imprint on it! It would be very hard to steal his design seed from his mental space!

”Hard, but not impossible. ” He muttered.

He sensed that his grip over his design seed was only as strong as his Spirituality.

Aside from these observations, Ves also determined a third property about his design seed.
It seemed to generate and emanate faint spiritual waves from its crystal body.
These spiritual waves were very weak, but they reached a huge distance!

Ves scratched his head.
He didn ’t see the significance of this phenomenon yet.
He only perceived that this process was self-sustaining as his design seed did not seem to grow any weaker.

In fact, when Ves looked into his design seed further, he somehow perceived that it was absorbing a minute amount of spiritual energy directly from the imaginary realm!

That was quite convenient! His design seed didn ’t absorb his own spiritual energy anymore so Ves would not have to worry about its upkeep.

Overall, Ves had become endlessly fascinated by the transformation of design philosophy.
It was a radically different process from the apotheosis that mech pilots underwent upon becoming expert pilots.

”Mech pilots are predominantly focused outwards, while mech designers are mostly focused inwards! ”

A fixed crystallized design seed could not be employed like the force of will of expert pilots.
The latter could take on various shapes and could be spread outwards from their minds like empowered fog.

A design seed could not be flexed in this matter.
In fact, it couldn ’t change its shape at all! It was like a shiny rock resting in the center of his mind.

”Ves decided to forestall any further speculation and emerge from the locked room.
He ordered lucky to deactivate his ECM before departing from the room as an entirely new man!

When he wearily dragged his body over to Professor Ventag, the older man studied Ves with a critical expression.

”You look a bit less exhausted than I thought.
Most newly-advanced Journeymen would get knocked out at the end of the process.
I ’m surprised you even managed to stay conscious! ”

”I have a very abnormal physique.
It takes a lot more to put me out cold! ” Ves chuckled as he rattled off this excuse.
”So what ’s your verdict, professor? Have I become a Journeyman? ”

”Let me touch you for a moment. ”

”Sure. ”

As the professor placed his hand on Ves ’ palm, a small spiritual clash occurred.

Ves felt as if his newly-crystallized design seed bumped into a much larger solid object!

The professor drew back his hand with mild surprise.
”Seniors have a way of telling whether you ’re a Journeymen or not.
As far as I ’m aware of, you ’ve definitely advanced! ”

Jubilation marked Ves ’ face as he heard the verdict.
The amazing transformation that took place in his mind didn ’t leave him with any doubt, but it was reassuring to receive confirmation!

After several years of toiling away as an Apprentice, Ves had finally taken his first real step towards greater prominence! He had graduated from a kid into an adult in the mech industry!

Ves and Professor Ventag decided to make use of his advancement as a public relations coup! The timing of it was simply too fortunate!

That day, an explosive piece of news erupted on all the news portals!

Not only had Jannzi Larkinson advanced into an expert candidate, but Ves Larkinson, the cousin who designed the mech she piloted during her transformation, advanced to Journeyman Mech Designer as well!

The official statement published by the LMC carefully included a caveat.
Right now, Ves could only be regarded as a de facto Journeyman.
He needed to obtain official recognition from the MTA in order to be treated as an actual Journeyman.

Nonetheless, this did not detract too much from the explosive events.
With Professor Corus Ventag personally testifying that Ves had advanced, few doubted the truth!

The remarkable mech that caused both Larkinsons to transform their lives immediately received much greater scrutiny in the media.

This was the mech that created both an expert candidate and a Journeyman!

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