went back to Professor Ventag.

The older man thought over the suggestion.
”I can help you with that.
I am involved with various mech regiments.
I ’ve helped design some of their military mechs and I ’ve participated in the development of numerous expert mechs.
I think at least a couple of spaceborn mech regiments would be glad to accept an expert candidate even with the extra conditions you ’ve added.
However, my influence only extends up to the regiment commander.
I don ’t have much sway within the headquarters of the Mech Corps. ”

”If you can get the mech regiments to agree with allowing Jannzi to retain the Shield of Samar, then the Larkinson Family can take care of the other end. ” Ves assured.

As the Grand Skyward slowly descended down to the surface of the planet, Ves and Professor Ventag worked behind the scenes to negotiate such a settlement.

They had to take action quickly! Once the armored shuttles of the Mech Corps arrived to take Jannzi to their military hospital, they wouldn ’t have much leverage left!

Ves contacted his grandfather directly to inform him of his plan.

”I think I can arrange something if that is what Jannzi wants. ” Benjamin said over the comm channel.
”I ’ll get on it right away. ”

A couple of hours went by as his grandfather and Professor Ventag coordinated with each other to exert their influence on the Mech Corps.
Their shuttles already came and brought Jannzi away as the event started to wind down.

Almost all of the guests had already left the Grand Skyward by the time Professor Ventag came back.

”Both your grandfather and I cashed in some favors, but we managed to get the Mech Corps to play along.
I ’ve sounded out a very suitable mech regiment that is happy to receive Jannzi.
They ’ve agreed to most of your conditions.
They ’ll let Jannzi pilot the Shield of Samar, though they insist that she must try out their other mech models and become proficient in their operation. ”

The mech regiment must be hoping that Jannzi would find their mechs better than the clunky Shield of Samar.
Fat chance! Ves knew that even second-class mechs wouldn ’t be enough to tempt Jannzi away from the mech she formed a bond with! Her devotion to the Shield of Samar transcended the affection that regular mech pilots developed with their machines!

It was very normal for mech pilots to become attached to their mechs.
However, it was much like falling in love with a good pair of shoes.
If a mech regiment suddenly came by and offered them a mech that was ten times as expensive, then the mech pilots wouldn ’t hesitate to dump their old mechs to the side in order to pilot a better machine!

Such a dynamic wouldn ’t take place in this case.
Ves was very sure of this prediction.

”As long as the mech regiment abides by the agreement and doesn ’t force Jannzi away from her Shield of Samar, then I ’m fine with it.
Which mech regiment are we talking about? ”

”The 7th Apocalypse Heralds of the 2nd Bentheim Division.
I made sure to work with a unit based in Bentheim so it won ’t be difficult for you to pay a visit to Jannzi or help make adjustments to her Aurora Titan mech. ”

The Apocalypse Heralds! Their imposing name came from their orientation around heavy artillery in space.
They fielded a mix of medium and ranged mechs oriented around long-ranged firepower and destructive artillery.
They were often employed to break heavy-defended installations in space or to defend a vital space station from a determined assault!

While the Apocalypse Heralds likely preferred to obtain an expert pilot who specialized in piloting artillery mechs, obtaining someone like Jannzi was a good fit as well.
The ungainly Shield of Samar would not have to move too much to protect the slow-moving artillery mechs!

Although Ves was not too familiar with the Heralds, what Ves heard from Professor Ventag already made him satisfied.

”Did they agree to the conditions with regards to her expert mech in the event that she advances to expert pilot in the future? ”

”The regimental commander isn ’t pleased about this condition.
Colonel Efein claims he ’ll take Jannzi ’s preferences under advisement, but he still wants a Senior Mech Designer in charge of the design project. ”

”And that ’s you, right? ”

”That ’s right. ” The professor smiled.
”I won ’t be able to become the lead designer if the expert mech in question has to be a heavy artillery mech.
However, if we ’re talking about a defensive space knight, then I have enough qualifications for the Heralds to put me in charge.
I ’ll be able to bring you onboard the project as a contributing designer long as you ’ve advanced to Journeyman. ”

”Speaking of that, I think I ’m very close to taking that step. ” Ves said, surprising the professor.

He described some of the unusual sensations he perceived from his design philosophy.
The professor seemed to recognize what Ves was talking about.

”If you aren ’t lying, then you are indeed correct.
You are close to advancing to Journeyman! ” The professor looked surprised.
”In fact, I think a breakthrough might be imminent! You should find a quiet place and meditate on your gains today.
Apprentices are able to advance to Journeyman when they are able to reflect on their design philosophy! ”

Ves did not obtain any more advice than that, as mech designers needed to find their own answers to any questions related to their design philosophy.
If the professor went too specific on how Ves should process his thoughts, then contamination might occur that diluted the purity of his design philosophy!

Therefore, Ves immediately raced to a locked room within the Grand Skyward.
Only Lucky kept him company this time, and he had his pet activate his ECM systems in order to keep this moment private.

As Ves began to reflect on recent events, he already felt his design philosophy becoming more active!

”It ’s happening! ”

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