because Qilanxo possessed the power to conjure up a space barrier didn ’t necessarily mean that Ves needed to include that function in his space knight design.

The totem animal component in the Triple Division technique first and foremost provided the X-Factor of a mech with animal instincts and reflexes.

Back when Ves designed the Blackbeak, the principal image for his first original mech design was a black phoenix.
Using this specific image shaped the overall aggressiveness and aesthetic appearance of his Blackbeak design.

It did not make his mech into a literal phoenix-like entity that magically rebirthed itself once it got wrecked!

Still, now that he thought about it, Ves wondered if this deficiency affected the overall strength of the X-Factor for his design.
Was this a reason why his X-Factor hadn ’t been able to score higher despite all the effort he put into its development?

Ves came up with another hypothesis.
The closer a mech design adhered to the traits and abilities of an image, the greater the effect of its X-Factor!

”There is so much more about this field that I haven ’t delved into yet. ” He sighed.
”I ’ve developed so many new hypotheses, and this is just my fourth original mech design project! ”

He enjoyed exploring the unknown.
From his exposure to Seniors, he already knew that they constantly pushed the envelope regarding what they knew in a particular field with their designs.

His excitement grew as he basked in the spirit of innovation.
Sure, he might be engaging in some reckless gambles by testing his hypothesis in a critical design project instead of an inconsequential virtual design, but he would not regret it very much even if he failed in these aspects and the X-Factor for his mech ended up weaker.

”It ’s just something intangible anyway.
Its presence or absence won ’t affect the performance specs of my mech all that much. ”

As far as Ves was aware of, the X-Factor purely exerted itself by influencing the mind of the mech pilot over the man-machine connection.

In other words, it was all in the mind.

If Ves managed to pull off his new ideas correctly, then the positive influence on the mech pilots piloting copies of his space knight design increased.
This would definitely boost their performance by a small degree and lead to higher customer satisfaction.

The more a mech satisfied the mech pilot, the higher the chance of repeat business.
Satisfying customers was one of the most basic techniques to get them to return and purchase another product from the same brand.

However, even if Ves somehow botched the X-Factor up, it wouldn ’t do much harm as his mech model would be no different from all the other models in the market.
With almost no one in the market except for himself aware of how to strengthen and shape the X-Factor of a mech, Ves practically held a monopoly on this feature even if nobody was really aware of what he possessed.

Therefore, while he would certainly feel disappointed if he failed in boosting the X-Factor, he wouldn ’t shed any tears over it.
Innovation was always like that.
Success followed after countless failed experiments paved the way.

”I should get back to the concept of my space knight. ”

He imagined Qilanxo ’s giant form and drew out other traits from her existence.

”Qilanxo is big.
Very big.
She ’s strong as well. ”

Ves gained the notion of designing a heavy mech instead of a medium mech, but he immediately discarded the possibility.
Unlike Patricia, he hadn ’t been groomed to design such difficult designs.
He already ventured into new terrain by entering the domain of spaceborn mechs.
He felt no desire to complicate matters even further by designing a heavy mech.

”Besides, heavy mechs are rarely sold in the public mech markets.
They ’re usually designed within the military and are almost exclusively used by well-funded military mech forces. ”

He settled on designing a big, fat defensive space knight that pushed against the boundary of the medium weight class.

Unlike the Blackbeak which he endeavored on preserving some of its mobility in order to facilitate its use as an offensive mech, his next design would be purely focused on defense.

It didn ’t need to be too fast.
Just fast enough to move around and cover for rifleman mechs.

Though a lumbering space knight would never be able to keep up with the movements of a smaller and nimbler rifleman mech, they didn ’t need to.
Most rifleman mechs zigged and zagged in every direction in order to dodge enemy fire.
Their effective traversal in a given direction was usually a lot less than the actual distance they covered.

It was like comparing a squiggly line with a straight line.
As long as the mech pilots of the rifleman mechs and space knights coordinated with each other, they could insure they matched the distance they traversed despite adopting wildly different speeds.

However, designing such a slow and cumbersome mech did come with plenty of downsides.
Its tactical uses were severely limited as they lacked the mobility to accelerate swiftly enough to accompany mechs on attack runs.

This was fine to Ves.
He merely had to make sure it performed its core functions well enough.
Mechs didn ’t need to be good in everything in order to fit in well with the mech roster of an outfit.

Ves still felt that something was missing from the picture.
What distinguished his space knight design from other designs?

”If I don ’t offer anything different or better, there is no grounds for us to charge a high product margin on my new mech. ”

The market wasn ’t that gullible.
Ves frowned as he tried to figure out how to shape the narrative of his mech design to offer a compelling unique selling proposition.

This was the key to distinguishing his product in the market! Merely relying on the name and brand of NORA Consolidated wasn ’t good enough if he wanted the joint project to succeed in two successive mech generations.

”It has to offer supreme defense, but how can I do this? ”

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