yuan was at a loss when he recalled the hug that they shared the other night.
He nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Oh!” Luo Shuyan exclaimed and crossed her arms in front of herself.

“If you don’t like the fact that papa has a girlfriend, papa can…”

Before Luo Tiayuan managed to finish his sentence, his daughter stared at him with wide eyes and said, “Papa will break up with his girlfriend? That’s too much, I don’t think that’s right.”

The young girl’s voice was crisp and clear.
Luo Tianyuan felt like he was talking to an adult, though, he was completely used to it by now, so he didn’t accidentally break out into laughter.

No one was more important to him than his daughter.

“Old man Luo, you’re still young, it’s normal to have a girlfriend.” Luo Shuyan comforted him and patted him on the shoulder.
“Just like how I’ll have a boyfriend when I grow up, it’s just part of the course of life.
So don’t worry, I won’t be angry, as long as your girlfriend doesn’t treat me badly for no reason!”

The poor father was almost in tears when he heard what she had to say.

Luo Tianyuan was so thankful for such an understanding and empathetic daughter…

No, wait!

Luo Tianyuan suddenly took notice of the part of her statement where she said — ‘I’ll have a boyfriend when I grow up’.
He wiped away his touched expression and fixed his eyes on her.

“Boyfriend? What’s that all about?”

“….?” Luo Shuyan was caught between a rock and hard place.

She had been careless.

She realized that her father was likely not ready for ‘the day where his daughter falls in love and marries a stinky man’.

Luo Shuyan had left the Shen family’s home in a hurry.
She had a habit of munching on tidbits while she did her homework, so a few pieces of milk candy were still left scattered across the table.

When Shen Yan cleaned the table, he took note of the rooster printing on the candy packaging.

There were a few transparent jars on the high table in the living area.
These were jars of milk candies and imported fruit candies that Luo Tianyuan had brought home with him from one of his business trips.
Shen Yan didn’t like sweets, so it was all Luo Shuyan’s to keep.

Luo Shuyan didn’t know that he had been helping her sort her candies everyday.
He placed the fruit and milk candies into their respective jars.

Luo Shuyan also didn’t know the fact that he grew absolutely furious when he caught his mom’s friend’s son, who came over one day, stealing some candy from the jars.

“Don’t touch that.”

“Those are her sweets!”

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