s to the circulation of information around the neighborhood, everyone who thought Luo Tianyuan had made it big found out about the ‘truth’.

The conservative older generation took Luo Tianyuan as an example for what their children and grandchildren should NOT do.
They told them to never be like him; to sell a house just for a car.
It’s a good thing that Grandma and Grandpa Luo weren’t around anymore, if not, they might die from anger.

To put it simply, in front of Luo Tianyuan, everyone praised him for his hard working spirit and intelligence to find different opportunities.
However, most people in this era believed that working a stable job and saving money was the best way of life.

After Luo Tianyuan came back with some bao and Chinese crullers, the father and daughter ate breakfast together.
Generally, if Luo Tianyuan were home, they’d go out for food or would cook at home.
They would not go to Shen Qingruo’s to eat.
As mentioned by Luo Tianyuan, he believed that they shouldn’t develop a habit of eating together because they didn’t have the intention to become a family.
They both had young children of their own, so it would be best to not eat together.

Luo Tianyuan and Shen Qingruo were on the same page; Luo Tianyuan was worried that Luo Shuyan would overthink and Shen Qingruo was also worried that Shen Yan would overthink about the situation.

“Shuyan, would you like to go to a restaurant for lunch? Or how about the usual dumpling shop?”

Luo Shuyan was reading, so she raised her head and sighed internally.
She softly said, “Let’s not eat out today.
We can cook some noodles at home.
Didn’t Aunty Shen give us some stewed beef yesterday?”

No wonder the aunties and grandmothers* around the area said that her father wasn’t someone to marry to.
Papa was supposed to live a simple life and try to save money after buying a car, but he was suggesting to eat out…

*Aunties and grandmothers are the way Chinese address middle-aged and elderly women.

It didn’t occur to Luo Tianyuan that his daughter was trying to be frugal.
After all, despite playing the role of a poor man, he was actually rich.
Thus, the mindset of the rich and the poor were entirely different.
Luo Tianyuan would’ve never expected that despite his perfect reasoning of buying a car, this would cause his daughter to worry about money.

Ning City wasn’t a big city, so the restaurants around the area usually served simple dishes found at home.
Sometimes, young children would like to try something different.
Luo Tianyuan thought that he understood where his daughter was coming from and said, “Rather than going to a restaurant, what do you think about McDonalds?”

A McDonalds and a KFC outlet was opened in the city center three years ago.
Whenever Luo Tianyuan was free, he’d bring Luo Shuyan to those places for food.

McDonalds and KFC were not cheap options for a middle-class family.
Before this, Luo Shuyan hadn’t felt bad for eating there because her family wasn’t in debt and they owned two properties.
Her father was also a high income earner in Ning City.
However, now that her father was in debt and had sold one of their apartments away, there was no way she’d be able to swallow a hamburger!

Luo Shuyan looked at her father’s smiling face, who lacked any self-consciousness of their current predicament.
She couldn’t help but think, ‘How should I gently remind Papa that we are very poor now?’

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