s warmth.”

George, who claimed that the weather would be cold and insisted on the Lelong flower, smiled triumphantly.

I expected Ron, who was firm on the Badam tree, to protest, but surprisingly he nodded obediently.

“…I see.
If that’s what madam thinks, then I will go with it.”

Rather than completely believing that I knew how to observe the weather, they looked more tired of fighting among themselves.

“Well, it’s rather good.
I can’t hold on to it forever.
If we miss the time to farm now, that’s an even bigger issue.
Since you said you can observe the weather, I’ll trust you for now.”

“Hahaha! Right, the final farming competition all depends on hope and prayers.
No matter how hard a person tries, the crops determine their worth.” 

George, who insisted on the Lelong flowers, patted Ron on the shoulder in hopes of making him feel better.

Regardless of everything, the relationship between the two did not seem to be really bad.

“So what should be planted?”

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The answer was quick.

“I would also recommend planting Lelong flowers.”

“Lelong flowers? What’s that?”

“It’s one of the native plants that grow in this territory.
The roots are used for medicine and the flowers are great for potions, so there’s nothing that will be wasted but the flowers must remain buried in the snow.
Hence, they can only be grown in cold, snowy weather.
No matter the territory, if the weather is not right, they cannot grow.
Therefore, they are worth a high price.”

“Then we can plant it! Alright, let’s focus this year’s crop on that plant.
But it is still risky to just plant one type, so if there’s any room left, I’d like you to plant other crops that are resistant to cold.”

“Don’t worry.”

“No one in this castle knows crops better than we do.”

It was only then that I was able to confess the original purpose of finding them.

Since you know a lot about crops, there is one plant I would like you to find……”

As I eagerly tried to describe the plant that was popular in the original story, the two of them asked with a confused expression.

“What are you going to use the weeds for?”

“So it does exist.
Can you get it for me?”

“Don’t worry.”

“We’ll find it.”

Because that item is what will make the castle prosper.

*  *  *

Fan translation by Dropped Inks.

After exiting the office, Ron and George glanced at each other.

George asked Ron.

“I know madam had decided on what I had insisted, but do you really agree with madam’s decision?”

“Does it matter?”

Ron said with a shrug.

“And I want to trust madam this once.
I thought it was pure luck when she discovered Frug’s embezzlement, but the successful deal with the Marquis Reholas couldn’t be considered a coincidence.”

“She looks so lovely and is very disciplined with her work.”

“Since she came from an orphanage, I never expected her to be like this.”

That’s true.”

“It’s a problem if we can’t get an answer even after discussing it for a few days, so wouldn’t it be better to leave it to Heaven’s will, no, to our lucky lady?”

“Are you finally being cooperative?”

Ron nodded bluntly.

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“Well, what can I do? It’s all thanks to madam that this hallway is warm right now.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

George, who was grinning, ceased his laugh and turned his eyes over the castle before speaking.

“This is a bit embarrassing, but…I’ve been thinking about it lately.”

“About what?”

“Wouldn’t it be possible for madam to end this damn poverty of the family……Imagine returning to the brilliant duchy as it was before.”


Their eyes moistened.

It was never a great feeling to be poor in the estate they were born and raised in.

“Alright, now that we have the answer, let’s get to work! Do you know how much time we’ve wasted because of our fight?”

“Yeah! We should at least make history for growing Lelong flowers and reviving the estate!”

“I’ll also go get what madam had requested!”


The two went back to their work at a competitive pace.

*  *  *

Please do not repost.
Read only at Dropped Inks.

After the Agriculture Department officials were sent out, I received a paper written by Blackie.

The handwriting was crooked, but not unrecognisable.

“Let’s see, what can our Blackie do now……Make a cup of water, instantly freeze water.
Yeah, I don’t need this right now, so let’s move on…”

Our Blackie……Needs to be raised well……

As my eyes dimmed, Blackie immediately protested.

[But I can block any attack.]

“How many seals do you need to unlock to do that?”

[……About 10?]

I smiled wryly without replying.

“What does this mean? You know everything about water?”

[Just as it says.
I know everything about water.]

I tilted my head, not understanding Blackie’s words.

Blackie stammered to answer.

[It’s very natural to me, so I don’t know how to explain it.
I’m a water divine beast.
The reason why I can make rain or know what the weather will be as master wishes is because I’m a water divine beast.
Master, did you know that the rain varies from day to day?]

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