pire’s Law established by His Majesty, the Emperor.
Everything would be up to His Majesty, not the Valruga.”

Yes, I had a feeling this would happen so I followed the law and wrote a complaint letter.
I raised the document that was stamped with our family seal and presented it to the Marquis.

As I turned the pages of the document, testimonies written by the merchants from the Fox Merchant Association could be seen.

They wrote a long statement of how vicious Marquis Reholas was, how hard he tried to trick the Valrugas, and lastly, how they were threatened by the Marquis and had no choice but to do what they did.

Rwan and his men had refused to testify to the very end, but the remaining eight members of the association combined their heads together in order to survive.
Resulting in a wonderful story.

Perhaps, the calculator in Marquis Reholas’ head was working hard by now.

As he said, the Valruga was within his control.

But, what about the Emperor?

A nobleman who holds too much power is bound to be restrained by the Emperor.

It just so happens that there has been a minor dispute between the Emperor and Marquis Reholas these days.
Therefore, if this matter was informed, the Emperor would be delighted and start to pressure Marquis Reholas.

“His Majesty will not be able to protect the Valrugas.”

That is also true.

There was no way Marquis Reholas would be ruined over such an issue.
Since he couldn’t relieve his anger on the Emperor, Marquis Reholas would vent his anger on us.

At that time, I wasn’t sure if the Emperor would choose to protect our family.

“Isn’t that why I’m having this conversation?”

I tapped my lips with my index finger.

“It’s the information that the Marquis would be willing to pay more than His Majesty.”

It meant that we were willing to close our mouths if we were paid adequately.

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Would you use money to end it, or would you give the Emperor a card?

Marquis Reholas was clever.

He replied with a big smile.

If something can be solved with money, then it’s best to do so.
How much do you want?”

“3 billion marks!”

I replied with a large smile.

“According to the national law, the compensation would be 2 billion marks.”

“A billion marks is for silence.
After all, we would earn 2 billion marks anyway if we file a complaint, so you have to pay more than that.”

For the first, the Marquis’ poker face cracked. 

I asked with a smile.

“What will you do, Marquis?”

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*  *  *

A cold expression appeared on Marquis Reholas’ face, who had ended the communication.

“What a smart girl.
I was defeated.”

“I’m sorry, Marquis.”

The subordinate knelt down and begged mercy for his mistake, but his expression remained unchanged.

“Where did you say she was from?”

“I heard a butler named Treon, who works for the duke, brought her from an orphanage.”

“She’s well aware of her place and knows how to use her cards wisely even in an unfavourable situation.
She achieved everything she needed.
She has a mind that is unlike a child.
Had it been my child, I wouldn’t have minded.”

It was the best compliment uttered by the Marquis.

The plan had failed, but the Marquis seemed quite amused.

The subordinate looked at the Marquis and said,

“It’s a ruined duke family anyway.
You can ignore her.
If you are concerned, shall we send an assassin now?” 

There’s no need to nitpick over trivial things now.
It’s better to pay 3 billion marks than to deal with the Emperor over nothing.
If it was that sly snake, he might use this as an excuse to investigate the family’s property.”

The Marquis replied, recalling the snake-like Emperor.

“But if that duchy comes back to life……”

“If they were able to save that castle with only 3 billion marks, they would have survived a long time ago.
It’s just a fluke anyway.
The Duchy of Valruga is a place incapable of surviving that long.”

The Marquis spoke resolutely.

“More importantly,”

The Marquis’ cold eyes turned towards his subordinate.

The subordinate held his breath and bowed his head.

His disposition for failing his task was far from over.

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The fraudulent scheme using the Fox Merchant Association was his responsibility.

“You better handle that money.”


That’s a relief.

His life was saved.

The subordinate’s back was damped with cold sweat. 

“What is the situation of the treasury?”

“It’s going smoothly.
If nothing special occurs, the Archduke will take control.”


When the Marquis beckoned for him to step back, the subordinate backed away and observed the Marquis.

“By the way.”


“Don’t forget to deal with that person you entrusted with this task.
You won’t disappoint me this time, will you?”

The Marquis’ eyes, which resembled blades, stared at his subordinate.

“Don’t worry.
I will take care of it swiftly.”

The Fox Merchant Association has now disappeared from the world, but it didn’t matter.

They were simply one of the many trivial humans for the Marquis.

Fan translation by Dropped Inks.

*  *  *

“Marquis Reholas sent 3 billion marks to the Valruga?”

Treon Ivaropa asked his servant again in disbelief.
He was the man who had gone to the orphanage and wedded Felia to Luc.

As soon as Felia stamped the marriage certificate, he headed to the Capital to report to the Emperor, while Felia was sent to the Duchy of Valruga.

The news that Luc was officially recognised as the Duke was shocking.

“Has Marquis Reholas gone senile? What on earth happened?”

When Treon asked the servant again, the servant mumbled.

“Well, they said they’ve received some kind of compensation……I don’t know of the details either.”

“Receive compensation? Who handled that? Frug? Or Duke Lucius?”

I heard it was the duchess……”


The girl he brought to play as a scarecrow?

Something was odd.

He had intended to stay for a few more days and observe the situation in the Capital, but he thought he should return.

Treon faced north to where the Duchy of Valruga was located and gave out an order.

“Head back to the castle as soon as possible.”

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