ment of seeing the room for the first time slowly subsided, and a cold sense of reason returned.

I counted my fingers and organized what I had to do.

‘One, to maintain a good relationship with the warriors.’

In order for me to live a stable life in the human world, a good relationship with the heroes is essential.

I somehow made them my guardians, but that was still not enough.
The more the warriors like me, the better it will be for me.

‘Two, avoid the male protagonist of this world somehow.’

The male protagonist is the main culprit who blew my neck off the original work.

It would be best for me to not get entangled with him as much as possible.

‘Three, preparing for independence.’

I cannot live with the warriors forever.

25 years old.

This is the age at which I will awaken as the demon king.

Of course, if I awaken as the demon king and become an absolute being that no one can touch, I won’t need any independence funds at all.

…… The problem is that I still don’t know how to awaken as the Demon King.

So, I decided that it would be better to have a minimum safety net and set aside funds for independence.

In the end, the surest solution to all these problems is…….

‘Four, to awaken as the Demon King.’

This is it.

The benefits I get from awakening as the Demon King are truly enormous.

First of all, I can solve the problem of losing my life force when demonic energy attacks my body.


‘I can take revenge on the demons who abused me!’

The five demons who used me directly had already died, but there was a true darkness.

The ones I really need revenge on…….

‘The Bartoloa clan.’

Just thinking about them made my heart go cold.

More famous by the nickname ‘The Great Bartoloa’, they were no different from the Royal Blood of the demon world.

The leader of all high-ranking demons and the eternal second-in-command of the demon realm.

Although they rarely appear outside, their presence was overwhelming.

As for how great their power is, there is even a popular belief that ‘even though the devil may change someday, Bartoloa is eternal’.

‘The five demons who made me a puppet were all Bartoloa’s subordinates.’

In conclusion, the real villains who threw my life into hell are the Bartoloa family.

‘Damn them.’

My eyes darkened.

However, what is comforting is that since I followed the heroes to the human world, I was freed from Bartoloa’s clutches for the time being.

As long as I keep my mouth shut, the fact that I am the Demon King will not be revealed for a while.

Because for Bartoloa and the high-ranking demons, it would be a considerable burden if it was found out that demons pretended to be the demon king after imprisoning the real demon king.

In addition, according to the original text, the previous warriors entered the demon realm while almost destroying it.

At this point, Bartoloa is the only family that has preserved its full power, so it must be busy trying to repair the damage dealt to the demon world.

What did that mean in the big picture?

It means it’s hard for that cursed family to pay attention to this side.

‘Well, so I think I can be relieved about the demon world for the time being…’

However, once the inside of the Demon Realm is cleaned up, the situation will change completely.

The Bartoloa clan will surely try to get me, the demon king, back.

I don’t know when they will infiltrate the human world and approach me, so I need a means to protect myself without the protection of the warriors.

Hey, it’s a mountain beyond a mountain.

I let out a sigh.

‘In the end, I have to awaken as the Demon King as quickly as possible to solve all these problems, right?’

But since coming under the protection of the warriors, it’s not like I’m completely at ease.

Ever since I came to this townhouse, there was one part that bothered me strangely.


‘Nora’s clothes.’

It’s not anywhere else, it’s a maid’s uniform of a duke’s house.

You pay for such poor-quality clothes to be a maid’s uniform?


I lay down on my bed, stretched out my hands, and stared at them.

It’s hard to lift even tableware with the grip of these tiny hands.
To think that the neck collar could be ripped apart just by lightly grabbing it…

‘It’s a bit suspicious after all.’

I’ve been thinking about things like that.


I covered my mouth and yawned briefly.

Maybe it’s because I took a hot bath and made sure I was full.

My whole body was exhausted.

It felt like the soft blanket was pulling my body down.

‘I shouldn’t be sleeping already, there are so many things to worry about……’

With that thought in mind, I fell asleep without realizing it.

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