It is said that you could avoid murder if you endured three times.


When I was muttering to brainwash myself–


“Well, general manager.”


Someone cautiously opened her mouth.


That person…….




My eyes widened and I stared at Nora.




Countess Ghiberti raised her eyebrows and looked at Nora.


At that fierce gaze, Nora stiffened her flinching shoulders.




“Since the miss is still young, it would be inconvenient for her to use adult tableware.”




“Um, I guess it’s better to use children’s tableware now…….”


Nora spoke clearly, albeit with a trembling voice.


But if Ghiberti had such a commonsense personality, she wouldn’t have bothered me like this in the first place.


“Who dares to ask me to take back my order?”


Countess Ghiberti glared at Nora with a fierce look.


“Who told you to put the children’s tableware here in the first place?”


“I-It’s me.”


“Who are you to bring tableware of your own will?”




At the insulting remark, Nora blushed and bit her lip.


The countess sarcastically asked to hear it again.


“What are you going to do if you raise the child too much and she thinks she is a real princess?”


“Manager, that’s……!”


Nora, who had been contemplating, tried to stop the countess somehow, but the countess didn’t budge.


“How long do you think she will stay in this townhouse?”


I opened my mouth wide.


Wow, how could you change your attitude like that as soon as Siegfried left? No matter how bad you feel, you’re saying everything!


Meanwhile, Nora freaked out.


“Manager, the Miss is listening!”


“Who cares? Tell her to listen.”


Countess Ghiberti shrugged her shoulders and looked down at me with a sidelong glance.


“She wouldn’t even understand what I’m talking about anyway.”


…… Hey, I have ears too?


No matter how much I look like a four-year-old kid, how can you look down on people like that in person?


“Well, still.”


Nora tried to protest somehow.


“Who are you to tell me what to do?”


Countess Ghiberti only shot Nora fiercely.




Nora eventually had no choice but to keep her mouth shut.


“Anyway, clean the tablecloth that the kid soiled.


The countess, who shot back sharply, left the dining room like a cold wind blew.

Nora stared at me with pitiful eyes.


“Well, Miss.”




“What the general manager just said now, I mean…….”


“It’s okay, Tati doesn’t even know what she was talking about.”


It was really okay, so I gave Nora a grin.


Don’t worry too much, that kind of power struggle is nothing compared to the Devil’s Castle!




But Nora’s face only faded more and more.




To change the heavy atmosphere, I pulled Nora’s collar as if I didn’t know anything.


“You know, Nora.”




“I want to be a polite person.
How do you eat like this?”


I pointed to the numerous tableware lined up on the table.


Nora then bit her lip, then opened her mouth resolutely.


“My lady, you are not rude.”


“…… Uh?”


“Don’t pay attention to what the manager says.
You haven’t even learned it yet, so how should you know how?”


Then she took a spoonful of cream stew and held it out to my mouth.


“The tableware for adults is too heavy, so I will feed you today.”




“Can you say ‘Ah’? Mhh?”




It was a bit embarrassing for some reason, but I quietly opened my mouth.


‘It’s because I can’t ignore Nora’s sincerity, it’s not because I’m a child!’


I resolved to hold back the shame in the face of her sincerity.


Meanwhile, Nora, who put food in my mouth, smiled at me.


“Do you like it?”




I nodded broadly.


Siegfried said, ‘It will taste better than what Cesar cooked’, and it was a dish worth being confident about.


Hmmm, is this the work of an expert?




Waiting for Tatiana to finish her meal, Nora carefully picked up the child.


Nora thought the poor little thing must have been very tired from the accumulated fatigue after such a long trip, so she thought walking around the spacious mansion would hurt the girl’s legs.


Tatiana quietly fell into Nora’s arms.


By the way–




As soon as the child grabbed Nora’s collar, it tore open.




The contemplative Tatiana froze in place.


“Oh, your clothes are torn…….”


“It’s okay, Miss!”


Nora waved her hands in a hurry.


“Never mind.
It’s not the Miss’s fault.”

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