A butterfly in a vase (Part 1)

Early dawn, when the darkness had not yet cleared, the small pond, which was secretly embraced by the quiet manor, contained a subtle shining round moon.
Captured by the deep moonlight that fell, the clouds stopped for a while.


On the wooden-floored wooden porch of the elegant annex lit by the two moons, a large wolf with coveted white fur sat motionless like a sculpture.
Sometimes the wind blew and the scenery under the eaves dangled.
The mountain bird that went the wrong way was very scared and chirped loudly, but the wolf, who was focusing only on the old silver mirror at his feet, never shook his head all night.




It was around the time when a familiar voice was heard that the cold blue sky began to turn crimson little by little.
The wolf didn’t look back at the sound of calling him, but he roughly wagged his tail to the person who provided him with daily food indicating that he heard her.
He knew that it was time for Hee-Joo, who was getting impatient, to call her in.


“The CEO hasn’t come back?”


“Not yet.”


When the wolf, who still did not take his eyes off the silver mirror and answered briefly, the face of a decent looking woman dressed in a neat daily Hanbok* full of anxiety appeared behind him.
Hee-joo, who has faithfully managed the day to day work of the CEO of Jungcheon for more than 40 years, was the least able to understand Gaon’s starvation or sleeplessness.


[T/N: Hanbok (한복) is Korean traditional dress.]


“If she wants to get some sleep, she should come back quickly… At this rate, she won’t be able to sleep a wink and have to get on the plane.”


“She needs to find a strategy while considering even the smallest details to keep the profit line stable.”


“Of course it is true, but….
It’s been hours already.
She didn’t even have dinner last night.”


“Because it’s been 15 days.
I don’t know why crazy things are even more ghastly when the full moon rises, 21st century is troublesome.”


As soon as a slight tremor was sensed at the surface of the silver mirror, the woman in Hanbok jumped up in surprise and quickly retreated.
At the same time, a strong light emanated from the small mirror the size of a palm, and a somewhat tired-looking Gaon slowly walked out of the light.


“The CEO is back.”


Gaon nodded lightly to Hee-Joo, who greeted politely and stroked Sorang’s head a couple of times with a sorry face.
She knew she had been in Jungcheon for quite a while, but she didn’t know that so much time had passed.
She had no time to be bored even though she was tired from working all night, but it would not have been easy for Sorang, who had been guarding her way back in one place all night, and endured the boredom.


She was so happy to have him, but because of her, he’s having a hard time.
She should have let him run through the field and kill the boredom.
When Gaon’s face showed signs of regret again, the wolf, who turned his head as if he didn’t want to see it, tapped the floor with his paws and opened his mouth bluntly.
He didn’t want to say anything because his mouth hurts from telling her that he had never regretted his decision of being intertwined with the CEO of Jungcheon.


“Don’t think about useless things, go eat and get some sleep.
I heard you’re going on a business trip today.”


“Oh, a business trip… Mrs.
Kwon, was that today?”


“Yes, Sir.
The flight is at 2 p.m.
First, eat as Sorang said.
Are you hungry?”


“…a little bit.”


Oh, my.
You’re saying you’re hungry now? I couldn’t eat a single snack all night and I am starving.
Tsk, it’s because the person is so clueless about her health even at this age…. He may have been chosen as her familiar because she has no flexibility at all.


The wolf, who was shaking his head with a deeply disapproving look, entered the manor.
Anyway, Gaon came back safely, so he’ll catch up on sleeping.
Gaon, who was watching the back of the Sorang disappear like the wind for a while, entered the main house.
She was in a hurry to sleep right away, because she had a long flight ahead.
She had to refill her energy to some extent to stay in shape.


Gaon, who was silently walking down the long hallway connected to the main house, stopped walking due to the fragrant smell of flowers riding on the wind, and looked around the garden that had become surprisingly bright.
When you live with little awareness of when the seasons change, you can’t grasp how time passes.
But when you see a flower tree that blooms lightly every once in a while, you still realize that time is passing.


“Is it already time for the peach blossoms to bloom?”


When Gaon murmured in a faint voice, Hee-Joo, who was quietly following behind, widened the distance a few steps further without saying anything.
Gaon, who is living a life of work surrounding her without entertainment even though she has the power to wield the world, was able to enjoy the scenery for the first time in a long time.
So she thought she should never disturbed her.
Gaon’s appearance in front of the fluffy flower branches was as beautiful as ever, and just as miserable as that.




However, the momentary play, which was like a dream, ended with the senseless vibration of the cell phone. Don’t tell me it’s from the company again.
Hee-Joo, who had a sad face when she saw Gaon, who took her eyes off the flower tree without regret and started walking again, opened her eyes a little wide after checking the caller.
It was the Chief of Security, so Hee-Joo picked it up.


“What’s going on at this hour?”


[… Sister.]


When she answered the phone in a hurry, the voice she had never heard before scratched her ears.
Hee-Joo was genuinely surprised by her brother’s voice, which had completely changed overnight.


“What’s wrong with your voice? Are you sick?”


It’s the flu.]


Hee-Joo, who was blinking her eyes in surprise at the unexpected situation, slowly wrinkled her forehead.
Oh, my God, he never caught a cold in the middle of winter even if he was wearing rags….
No matter how long he stays in the cold outside….


“Did you take your medicine? Ho

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