”I do a lot of things for you. Anything you desire, Id give. ”

Alexander settled into his work clothes, admiring the drastic change. He had dyes his hair brown. Straightening the collar of his shirt and apron before walking downstairs, he was greeted by his new manager.

”Samuel, good morning. How are you this morning? ”

Alexander smiled, ”I am quite alright. I slept soundly, did you sleep well? ”

Benjamin smiled warmly, ”I slept quite well. So, the first day as a waiter at Daisies Bank, huh? ”

”Yes, it is. ”

”Nervous? ”

Alexander smiled wryly, ”No, absolutely not. ”

”Thats good. ”


Luciel and everyone else got up earlier than they normally would, suggesting that they should go and have breakfast at Daisies Bank. Daisies Bank was a well-known family-owned restaurant that had a lovely reputation with the locals for their reasonable prices and food banks for the poor.

The others got ready, it was a mess; everyone was rushing around to look presentable. It was amazing to watch as Emma had always gotten up earlier than everyone, meaning that she was never rushed unless it was an extremely special occasion.

She waited in the lounge as everyone was still quite hastening to grab the last of their things they all waited outside and walked down to Daisies Bank.


Alexander saw a group of people walking into the restaurant. He went over to them to serve them before shock overcame his face. Quickly schooling his expression he smiled widely at them.

”Good morning! How many people? ”

”Morning, ” Emma looked back and counted her friends quickly, ”A table for eight please. ”

The waiter beamed at her, guiding them to one of the tables in the back, they were given a big table near the window that had a view of the street.

After setting the menus down, ”I will give you guys time to decide what guys want. ”

Everyone opened up the menus, then ordered their drinks before telling the waiter what they wanted to eat. Then the group was just chattering about random things or having their little conversations about various things.

Samuel brought over the food, after setting everything down, ”Is there anything else that you guys needed? ”

Everyone murmured a
o and thanks to the waiter before digging into their food.


They sat and chat for another two hours before deciding to go on a walk through the little village, the group walked in pairs; Damon was walking next to Emma at the back, the others walked faster and were having livelier conversations whereas Emma and Damon were much more muted.

”So, how are you? ”

”I am great. You? ”

The two fell into silence again before Emma smiled and carried on walking following the rest of the group.


They reached Cosaint Landstanhong Hill, a big hill in the area and they had arrived at a clearing of flat grass. A big willow tree was near the middle and the group sat there. The weather today was not too hot with a gentle breeze of a south wind, and a tranquil mood fell over the group. Everyone seemed to be doing their own thing, either reading or leafing through some work that they had brought with them, others chatted.

There were a few others that walked past the clearing, they even saw a couple at one point carrying a picnic basket and whatnot, others were walking their dogs, and others were carrying painting supplies most likely intending on drawing the beautiful scenery. The parties waved to each other and exchanged kind words before resuming what they were originally doing.

Emma looked around and smiled at the niceness of the area, she shifted slightly so she was now leaning on the tree. Before closing her eyes, now resting, her mind falling into nothingness, she slept lightly. Light snores, came from her yet it disrupted no one, her friends continued to talk as she normally would fall asleep whenever she went out with them, at first they had thought she had found them extremely boring inducing her to be nap-prone. Emma had later explained she has just kept a schedule that ensures that she would wake early, but it sometimes left her quite tired during the middle of the day.


When it reached around about seven in the evening, the group trekked up the hill at one of its highest points and they watched the sun go down.

Damon watched Faith and thought she was breathtaking, there was something, almost a yearning, in his heart when he watched the suns lingering rays leave her face almost reluctantly. The warm tones gently touched upon her face, making her all the more empyreal. His heart fluttered gently, and in these moments he truly felt peace. Damon felt a nudge from his right and saw Emma wiggling her eyebrows at him, brown eyes flickering back and forth between him and Faith. He smiled in confusion and shook his head. Emma beamed at him, giving him a sly smirk before turning around to talk to Charlotte, whispering frantically about something.


Whilst the group was out, Alexander went through Emmas stuff. Even washing one of her chemises and clearing up her room better and preparing some of her favourite foods. Then grabbed some of her clothes before leaving through the back windows again.

He knew what he was doing was wrong. But it felt so lovely, to have a piece of her with him, Alexander never knew how attached he was to Emma.

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