”The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. ”

When they came up to Foxs Gates, Valerie, Rory and Mark were already outside.

Rory and Mark were a couple, they had met after Rory came down to England for about a year and then Mark had started to work in the same area as Rory and they had started talking both finding a common ground, and they had dated before and then broke up due to waning enthusiasm so the two went on a break from the relationship.

Katie helped Emma out of the carriage and they headed up the stairs, greeting them warmly with hugs.

”Hey! How are you guys? We
e just all slightly worried about everything that went down. Faith told us to meet up and- ”

Mark interjected, ”Lets talk more inside. The weather is getting worse. ”

Emma nodded her thanks and Rory stilled before smiling kindly, nonplussed by the interruption and led the others into the mansion.

As soon as they entered, she felt the warmth of the fireplace, although the fire was small Robert and Damon were sitting in front of the fire laughing lightly at something they were talking about.

Luciel came down the stairs worry etched on her face, ”I am glad that we all came, I heard everything from Katie. ”

Emma smiled wryly, ”You
e sure quick. ”

The two laughed and walked into the lounge, everyone settling into the sofas.

There was a moment of silence before Damon spoke up, ”I am not opposed to having impromptu holidays… But, from what I heard, it was quite an urgent meet-up even if we were going to meet up initially. ”

”Can we enjoy our time here please? I will tell you guys in due time, but I do not want to talk about it now, ” Emma closed her eyes and let out a breath, ”Does anyone want to go down to the village and have a walk around? My treat. ”

The group hummed in agreement and they all headed out.


Alexander was fuming, he went over to Stanleys home.

Stanley was astounded when he saw Alexander standing in front of him, drenched in rain. He looked truly pathetic, but he said nothing and let him in.

The two looked at each other. Words were exchanged and they shook hands.


Emma shivered slightly, before laughing along with her friends. They watched as Megan and Bella tried making dough, it was a fun dare for them to try.

After the disaster with dough making, Bella turned and asked Ashley. When he was chosen, he did so whilst laughing with absolute glee.

Emma left the group of friends and walked to the balcony, she stood there on her own, looking over the sea.

The moon was small and bright in the night sky, it was a beautiful scene. A cold breeze brushed past her. Emma smiled, the music that her friends were playing quietly, she looked into the sea; it was so dark. And it looked so tempting.

Emma had always loved the ocean. She loves the serenity she feels when she is underwater. Loving the way she floats effortlessly within the watery embrace.

”What are you thinking of Emma? It is quite the beautiful night. ”

Emma looked to her left, and there stood Damon. She smiled at him and nodded. There was not much to say for the two and they fell into a comfortable silence, admiring the scene before them.

”Why aren you with the others? ” Emma asked softly without looking at him.

”I could ask you the same thing. ”

Emma chuckled lightly, ”I asked you first, sugar. ”

Damon smiled wryly at the nickname, ”Yes, you did. But you have lost your spice, pepper. You don need to wear that mask all the time. We all know how much he hurt you. ”

”Many people have hurt me in the past. ”

”Yet this affects you so much more deeply than the others. ”

Emma looked at Damon from the corner of her eyes, she observed him. He was looking at her, Emma giggled, shaking her head letting her light brown hair fall around her face; hiding her expression. Damon reached out to comfort her but Emma dodged his hand. Not seeing the hurt that flashed in Damons eyes, Emma turned back to face the moon, chattering about something.

He watched her and felt a twinge of pain, she did not warrant any of this. He liked it when her eyes were brighter and the elegant feeling of her voice. It always soothed him and made him feel at peace. Yet Emma rejected to see any of it. Always denying that she was as great as they say, deflecting compliments with a smile and a laugh or with a stray comment such as ”Don flatter me ”, it always irked him; yet he said nothing.

He looked at the moon, then at Emma, she looked empyreal.


He stumbled into the inn that was in Oakside, booking a room. Muttering to himself when he was alone, throwing pieces of parchment onto the table. The room was only lit by a few candles.

Alexander looked up. Smirking. Dull cerulean eyes glowing by the candlelight.

”You are mine. ”

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