[T/W: Mentions of self-harm]

”The makings of a monster. ”

Stanley Roland had always been a lonely child. He was the more neglected one of the siblings, he was the middle child, his parents always focused on his older brother or his younger sister. They always took the attention of his parents. His parents were not the best either, they always argued and both parents left the house and had multiple affairs. Stanley knew that there was no love in the marriage. The only person he truly cared about was his nanny, Olivia Joeseph, she was there to help him whenever he hurt himself and to protect him whenever he was bullied by his siblings.

Thats why he killed them. He only ever wanted his parents attention and to feel their love as they had given to his siblings. But no, they refused it. They thought he was the plain one, they never even gave him a chance to show off, either he was never as good as Jackson or not as cute as Emily.

But, thats a story for another time.

Sitting in his office chair with the fire burning bright in the fireplace. He gazed into it whilst thinking of Emma. It was not something recent, he had known her for years, but she didn know. Stanley had always been a friend of Alexander until in recent years. He had kept an eye on her for years, and a fact that made him so bitter was the fact that Alexander got to her first. When he had courted her, [Name] wouldn even kiss him or go anywhere near him, she would even make excuses to not visit his house.

Stanley grit his teeth at the memory, he hated that he couldn have her. He did all he could to have her attention but she always dismissed him and kept him at a distance but when she met Alexander her attitude completely changed. Emma was notorious in the friend group for being single and rejecting many offers from the few suitors that asked for her. Emma changed when she met Alexander when he asked to court her, that night at the party. She immediately agreed.

Stanley knew that he had to be careful, he remembered the anger that Alexander had shown when Emma was insulted at an interview because of her race. He was at the interview because he was helping Alexander, he was furious with the insult too, but had not reacted as quickly.

He needed her by his side. And hed stop at nothing to get to her.

A broken smile crossed his face, grey eyes glinting with the fire.


Emma was hunched over the window sill, tears streaming down her face. It was nearing eleven in the evening. She had locked her office door, so no one would disturb her, Emma was so done. Stumbling to her desk she ripped open a letter packet and shook out a key. Clutching the key to her chest, she stumbled over to one of the cabinets that were near her bookshelves. She hurried, trying to calm her breathing down. Emma started to unlock the cabinet and grabbed a bottle of pills and the bread knife. She threw them onto her couch, then grabbed the bottle of alcohol and sat down on the couch.

The doorknob twisted.

”Darling? Is everything alright? Why is the door locked? ”

The door shook again, Emma bit her lip and looked at the bottle, knife and drink.

She walked to the door, ”Why have you not slept yet? ”

”I did fall asleep, but I woke up and you were not there. So I came to find you. ”

”Oh, I was just finishing up some things. ”

”Let me accompany you? ”

”Okay, one moment. Let me clear some things up. ”

Emma hurried to put everything back, locked the cabinet, dropping the key into her drawer. She then rubbed her face down before blinking a few times to calm down her eyes and finish sniffling before she went over and unlocked the door.

Alexander walked into the room. He surveyed the room, nothing out of place, although her desk was clean. There were no remnants of an open inkpot or a used pen. Alexander looked down at Emma, she was glancing around nervously.

”Love, are you sure you
e alright? ”

”Yes, I am. Shall we go and cuddle on the couch? ”

Alexander let himself be led by her, he squeezed her hand tight. They both tumbled onto the couch. It was not long before Emma had fallen dormant.

[Time Skip]

Alexander had called Damon early in the morning to avoid going to the theatre today because he wants to stay home with his wife. Because of this, the two had slept in until the late afternoons before they left their room.

Alexander relished having these carefree moments with his wife. He went to the letter tray that was in the entrance hall, checking some of them whilst waiting for Emma to finish making his tea.

He saw one that was addressed to Emma, it was decorated with a small piece of lavender. Alexander called out, ”Hey Emma, were you expecting any letters? ”

”No, I don think so. ”

”Well, this one is addressed to you. ”

”Oh, do you wanna open it for me? ”

”No, I won go through your mail just in case there are some confidential things only addressed to you, ” Alexander set it on the table, ”Its on the table. ”

Emma gently pulled the lavender off before setting it on the table, she ran her fingers over the letter, it was high-quality parchment. Unfolding it, she started reading it.

[The letter]

Dear Mrs Rowe,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing to you to tell you of my affections as I simply cannot keep them contained anymore. It hurts me to see you already wed, but alas I can do nothing about it as I am sure you
e content with your life now. But, my heart simply could not take it anymore, it yearns for you more and more each passing day.

I think of you when doing the most menial of tasks. Or when the weather changes and there are different outfits that I would buy for you. There are many things that I would do for you, just so that you would stay by my side.

Within this letter is an invitation, for a ball that would be held in Brisgon, at the Dome. You may bring your spouse, I would like for you to feel comfortable when in my area of governing.

[End of Letter]

She went to pour herself a cup, only to see that hers was already poured for her.

”Thank you. ”

Alexander huffed and rolled his eyes, ”No problem at all. What did the letter say? ”

”Its an invitation and a love letter, ” Emma set the letter down with annoyance, ”This person knows that I am a wedded woman yet still sends such a juvenile letter? They must think of me as a young maiden. ”

”Will you be attending the ball? ”

”No- ”

”I think you should, ” Alexander smiled with a crafty look in his cerulean eyes, ”Of course I would be going too. We haven attended anything for a long time. ”

”Yes, because it takes too much energy socialising, ” Emma said whilst giggling.

”Oh my, ” Alexander started chuckling, ”Our humour is very terrifying to everyone else apart from our friends. What I am trying to say is that we should go, just to irritate your admirer. ”

”We can do that. ”

The two chuckled again whilst enjoying their tea.

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