weight of the spear deviated from what he originally used, which made him even more convinced that something incomprehensible had indeed happened to him, and that these so-called people from 10,000 years ago that he had seen after awakening could not answer for him, only the Vampire in front of him could.


 ”To be more precise, you can only be counted as awake.
You have no memory of nearly a hundred years.” Alessio was doing addition and subtraction in his mind trying to convert the human calendar 10,000 years ago, however, there were several kingdom changes in between, and he often slept and did not pay much attention to them, so he failed as he should be.



 ”Are you familiar with the Vampire Moon calendar now?”



  The Saint paid attention to the “now”, which meant that once he was familiar with it.




This was his homework.


 ”The year I saw you was the year of Vampire Moon calendar 3164.
At that time, I went to break the Silver Cross above the main Church of the Temple, and the Temple sent you to stop me.


  Later than the time scheduled for him by the Temple, the Saint pondered.
This should be because of the delay in the Vampires showing up in front of people.



  But he was also concerned about another matter……


 ”Did the Silver Cross break down?”


  Alessio, who was trying hard to recall that year, heard this and suddenly felt very tired.
The psycho actually shifted his focus from that time.




  ”In front of your eyes, break it!” He replied calmly.
He saw the Saint on the opposite side pursed his lips.
He must have remembered something in his heart.

He also wants to break off with this petty psycho on the spot!


  There was a careful knock outside the door.
Perhaps the people outside were worried about a fight inside.
To be more precise, they were afraid that the precious Dark Individual would be hurt.
Alessio didn’t know how weak the Dark Individuals were in their eyes.
After a while, he was worried, so he had to speed up his speech as well.


  ”We’ll talk about the details later.
The year we slept was 3501 year of the Vampire Moon calendar, before the revival day.
If you have doubts about your physical condition, it is good to ask them to arrange an examination for you.
I have seen similar items in the contract before.”


  He hurriedly finished and opened the door.
In addition to André and Aili, there were actually a few more staff members outside dressed in special dark clothing.  

  Alessio’s sharp eyes saw the tools they had hidden.



  Were they going to …… to break the door? Break the door to beat up the psycho?


 ”It seems you are okay.” The white-haired unicorn smiled slightly.
“That’s great.
The atmosphere between the two of you earlier wasn’t too good, and according to our centre’s operating manual, it’s best for Dark Creatures and dangerous people to spend no more than ten minutes together.”


  Alessio: “……”


  He turned around to look at the “dangerous man” whose every strand of hair proclaimed the identity of the light faction.
Sure enough, the Saint also pursed his lips, looking as shocked as he was.


  You’re in the same faction, okay? No internal strife!

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