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    Alessio: …… a bit stupid.

    “What’s happening? Another Dark Creature breaking in?” Ellie, obviously familiar with the situation, tiptoed over the human wall to see which Dark Creature had taken over the cafeteria, and without raising his eyes, Alessio gave her a straight answer.

    “It’s a wolf cub.”

    He could smell that snow and ice fur.
It was undoubtedly a werewolf in the cafeteria now, the first humanoid Dark Creature that he had seen since his recovery.

    But what is wrong with its humanoid …… er …… form?

    His identity as a Dark Creature was the perfect pass.
The crowd parted like Moses dividing the Red Sea, looking excitedly at Alessio and then inside the cafeteria.
A few staff members who had become familiar with him over the past two days greeted him.

    “Hungry, are you? Xixi go straight in, we’ll eat in the second cafeteria.”

    Alessio had an empty space in front of him, so he could see inside the cafeteria, the silvery, round …… fur ball?

    Alessio: ????

    The silver ball of fur was just two palms big, hogging an entire table.
Its tongue was hanging lifelessly, fur tail sweeping, but it refused to eat.
The female caregiver beside him was whispering something persuasive when the furball rolled himself on the table and lifted both paws to cover his wolf ears.

    Behind Alessio, there was a small cheer of admiration for its cuteness.

    Only Alessio, who stared at the silver ball of fur for a long moment, turned his head and asked Ellie.

    “Is he always like that?”

    “Huh? Meaning …… being a picky eater and liking to run around? It happens all the time ……” Ellie replied halfway through, noticing that Alessio had furrowed his brow and wondered, “Is there something …… wrong? “

    “It’s a werewolf,” Alessio said.

    “Yes, that’s right, a werewolf,” Ellie replied in seconds, still confused.

    Alessio breathed deeply.

    “So the wolf is here, where is the human? Where is his human form? Don’t werewolves only take wolf form in wartime?”

    Ellie exclaimed.

    “Werewolves …… have human forms?!”


    Why else would they be called werewolves, otherwise!

    This statement seemed to completely turn Ellie’s long-held notions upside down as she looked at Alessio pitifully.

    “Isn’t it because they have the sentience of humans ……”

    Alessio closed his eyes wearily.
He couldn’t make a conclusion just yet, as he couldn’t rule out the possibility of a werewolf mutation in ten thousand years.
To make sure of that, he walked into the cafeteria and the ball of fur, as if sensing something too, retracted its tongue that was hanging down by its mouth and the tip of its black nose poked around and started sniffing in the air.

    He caught a distinctive smell, like some kind of cool floral scent, which made him feel very at ease.
The fur ball’s tail shook, wavering between whether to get up or not.
Laziness eventually won, and he decided to just stay limp.
The owner of that scent surely couldn’t resist coming over and petting the cute him anyway.

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