ter just happened to be passing by at that time and saw the situation.
He gave my father some silver and took me away.
In the next six months, I followed him to many places, and only went up the mountain at the age of eleven.”

“For me,” His face lit up with a warm smile, “Moyun Mountain is my home.” The evening breeze suddenly blew and it carried the laughter and chatter of the disciples of Tianji Peak, further erasing the gloomy atmosphere around Mu Xiyun.

“Master, master!” Ge Liang, the youngest disciple in Tianji Peak, suddenly ran over, followed by five other disciples, “Senior Brother Gu just told me about the battle that took place at Linmo Abyss fifty years ago.
Was it true that martial uncle Mu really didn’t make it? But he was Moyun Mountain’s top disciple!” 

Mo Zhiqi touched his nose in embarrassment and glanced secretly at Mo Xiyun on the side.
“There was no other way.
A cultivator’s spiritual energy is akin to a mortal body’s bones and muscles.
It completes and supports the body becoming its main foundation.
In a life and death battle, when a cultivator exhausts his spiritual energy, eventually shattering his core and damaging his meridians, it would be the end.” 

Ge Liang looked disappointed.
“That traitor in the Southwest Medical Valley is really abominable!!! If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have lost two great cultivators!” His little face was red with anger, “What eventually happened to him, Master?” 

“Go, go away.
Don’t be nosy.
Don’t disturb your master!” Elder Mo impatiently shooed the couple of disciples away and secretly glanced again at the person sitting to his side.
Gu Weijie, the storyteller, guiltily pulled the junior brother while explaining to him in a hushed tone, “Of course, pull out the core and burn the body into ashes.
The soul would certainly be scattered, leaving no trace behind!”

Xiyun, holding a cup of wine, paused. 

In the dead of night these days, he had repeatedly searched for his last memory fifty years ago.
He only remembered that person’s red-blood eyes turning black and a voice calling him eagerly until he lost consciousness.
He should have gotten back to normal that time.
But, what happened after? 

People were so reluctant to face reality.
Without definitive information, he could only leave it to his imagination.

Fifty years was a long time, but it was not enough to consume a cultivator’s life.
Maybe he was saved by someone and fled, maybe they’ll cross paths again if given the chance, or maybe he had already died and entered reincarnation.
Maybe he was born to a good family, living a safe and happy life right now.

Or maybe…….
like an ostrich burying its head in the sand, as long as there was such a thought, that the person would still be in this world, there would still be a chance for everything to recover.
However, when Xiyun heard the last sentence, his body went cold and he got up unconsciously.
His head was a little dizzy and everything around him seemed to be blurry.
Putting down the wine cup, he heard himself say to Mo Zhiqi in a calm voice, “This disciple is incapable of drinking.
Elder, please continue, I’ll go back first.” Before Mo Zhiqi could respond, he got up and walked away.

Mo Zhiqi looked at his fleeing thin back and sighed.
He doesn’t know what happened back then, and what kind of grievances and entanglements they had, however only the involved parties know.

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Mu Xiyun was in a daze, and when he came back to his senses, he was surprised to only find out that he was at the back of the mountain, under the plum tree where he had made his breakthrough today.
It was said that part of his body came from this plum tree, but no one knew that fifty years ago, part of his life was also related to this plum tree.

In a trance, Xiyun seemed to see the young man again, facing the sunset, leaning against the plum tree, and showing him a smile.


Outside Fumo Town.

A yellow kitten with black round spots  peered at the sparrows perched on a tree.
Its round, jade-like brown eyes didn’t blink even for a moment while its fluffy paws were lying on the window of the carriage and its tail swinging from side to side leisurely.
Only when the first rays of daybreak hit its face did its pupils turn into slits.

In the carriage, a young man in black was lying on a hemp of soft pile of cloth, looking fixedly at the roof.
This young man had a handsome face and deep eyebrows, with a bit of the characteristics from the Western Regions.  Golden light flickered around his eyes as he took a glance at the sunrise outside the window. 

A voice suddenly came from outside the carriage, “Cousin, come down for a meal.” The young man in black slowly got up, picked up the kitten from the window, and got out of the carriage lazily.
He finally got out and stood firmly on the ground under the light of the sun when sudden bouts of dizziness attacked him.
“Oh, be careful!” Sister Chen, the cook, hurried to help him.
The boy was very handsome, but his body was too skinny.
His face was so pale that it made his eyes look like black jade.

“Young Master Zhang, where are you going?” Sister Chen asked the older young man as she was serving some dishes.
“Just call me Zhang Jinjin.
My cousin and I will go to Nanping.”

“Nanping!” Sister Chen sighed, “But it’s a thousand miles away!”

“Alas, there’s no other way!” Young Master Zhang sighed and added softly, “My cousin’s house was hit by a disaster.
His parents died in a landslide.
He is weak and has no way to earn a living.
I feel sorry for my sister’s early death.
That’s why I decided to take him with me, handle some business along the way, and go back to Nanping together.”

Uncle Zhao, sister Chen’s husband, filled a bowl with rice, piled it with lots of vegetables, and he handed it to Zhang Jinjin.
“Eat it quickly while it’s still hot.
Don’t eat it when it’s already cold or else it will upset your stomach.
Follow our carriage to Yiyun Town.
It’s better than going alone with only your cousin.
Nanping won’t be that far from there!”

“Okay, thank you uncle.” 

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After finishing his meal, the young man in black carried the kitten back to the carriage and leaned against its wall in a daze.

The horse neighed, the carriage shook gently, and it set off again.

Zhang Jinjin who sat on the other side of the carriage, suddenly heard the young man in black ask lazily.
“Where did you get that kind of story to deceive people? I was even moved.
The aunty even gave us another serving of meal.
I could hardly finish my own let alone another one.”

“Alas, you’re still like this.” Zhang Jinjin sighed.
“Why are you complaining when I’m being nice to you? If I had known earlier that it was you, I would have not dug you out of Fumo Mountain.

“Regretting it now?” The young man glanced at him sideways.
“I’m afraid it’s too late for that, don’t you think.”

Zhang Jinjin sighed again, “It took me so many precious medicinal herbs and spells to finally turn you from a pile of nothing into a human being.
It wasn’t easy for me, Gu Qingqiao!”


The author has something to say: 

Small Theater: 

Gu Qingqiao: Oh, it’s not easy, I, who only lived in memories, finally appeared.
Why so late?

Author: I’m afraid you will steal Ah Yun’s role! How about I add a little more to you? 

Gu Qingqiao: Forget it, my family’s Ah Yun is more important!

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