back to his own room.

Mu Xiyun remained standing inside.
Fifty years have passed, and yet the disciple’s room was still the same as it was back then.
He reached out and brushed the edge of the window, looking up at the full moon in the sky through the open window.

The full moon was undisturbed, sprinkling silver frost to the world.
It had been so long since the last time he saw something like this.

He didn’t sleep well that night.

He didn’t know if it was because his soul had been floating in the void for so long that there was some kind of resistance when it entered this body.
Blood vessels across his body were tingling, and his sea of consciousness was even more excruciating.
It seemed that there were thousands of thorns crawling left and right across his body.

Mu Xiyun lay down for a moment with his eyes open, then sat up after a while.
There was another stir in his body.
He coughed a few times, sat cross-legged in meditation, and peered inside his body.

The meridians have not yet been widened, the spiritual power is low, and… this body hadn’t yet formed a golden core! Mu Xiyun was taken aback for a while.
Fifty years ago, his golden core was already established, his sea of consciousness was vast, and his swordsmanship was at its pinnacle.
Even if it’s fifty years of deep sleep, the body should not be like this, narrowed meridians and depleted sea of consciousness.

After pondering for a while, Mu Xiyun sighed, walked out of the room and arrived in front of a large mirror stone.

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There was a rule in Moyun Mountain that every disciple should be upright in mind and body.
Etiquette and manners were also strictly enforced.
In fact, Moyun had been famous for having cultivated a large number of modest gentlemen.
Mirror stones were placed in front of the disciples’ rooms in each peak which had been polished with a spell so that the disciples could get their clothes correctly.

The large stone reflected the morning sun, and the smooth mirror clearly reflected his image.
He saw a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy, hair as black as ink and draped like soft satin on his shoulders; a face as white as jade, but pale and bloodless; light and shallow brows, and its ends were like smoke; light colored eyes, with a hint of youthful softness, and was as calm as the sea; grecian nose and a slightly pointed chin.
His slender and small frame was faintly outlined behind his oversized Moyun disciple uniform.

The face resembled his, but the entire person feels entirely different.

Fifty years ago, Xiyun was one of Moyun Mountain’s most remarkable disciples, with sharp and resolute eyes, his whole person was cold and lofty, like a bright sword.
However, as he gazed at his reflection, there was no trace of sharpness.
Just like a sword sheathed back to its scabbard.
For no apparent reason, the individual appeared soft and gentle.

Tianji Peak disciples were already in their morning lessons, and there was no one else nearby.
Mu Xiyun stayed in front of the mirror stone for a while before noticing Mo Zhiqi walking over.

Before Mu Xiyun could inquire, Elder Mo had already said, “This body is not yours.” Xiyun did not appear surprised.
He had suspected it for some time.
He didn’t say anything and just silently waited for Elder Mo to continue.
“I have no idea what happened back then.
I merely followed my Master’s orders.
How much do you remember?” Mu Xiyun closed his eyes.
Memory fragments appear one after the other, but they were exceedingly jumbled and mixed together.

“Sorry, my memory is a bit confusing.
Was it Elder Huang who saved me?”

“When Master treated you back then,” Mo Zhiqi explained, “you had already ruptured your sea of consciousness, your meridians were damaged, and your spiritual energy was drained.
He tried his best and barely protected your body from disintegrating.
Fortunately, your soul has not yet scattered, and can still be collected using the soul gathering jade bottle in time.
The Master returned your body, along with your sword, to Tianji Peak and hid it in a rock cave.
He attempted to re-establish your meridians.
But he was unable to do so in the end.
He could only bury you a year later.”

“After exhausting the spiritual energy until the golden core is shattered, the body and the sea of consciousness would be in irreparable damage, and the soul would simultaneously be scattered.
This is a warning that every cultivator has received when he starts his path in cultivation.” Mu Xiyun’s eyes were clear, ” It is impossible to save a person in that kind of state, yet Elder Huang has gone against the laws of heaven for me.”

“It’s good that you understand.” Mo Zhiqi breathed a sigh of relief, “However, Master, he was not reconciled, but became more persistent.
For decades, he has traveled all over the world, searching for spiritual stones and ancient medicines.
Finally, twenty years ago, in an iceberg cavern in the far north, he found a piece of spiritual jade. He used the spiritual jade as the base, the mountain spirit plum at the back of Tianji Peak as the bone, plus a body nourishing elixir and your preserved blood, it took him thirteen years to finally cultivate a body.
The body was kept in a cold jade coffin for seventeen years.
It’s a pity that your soul hasn’t awakened over the previous seventeen years and hasn’t been able to enter the body sooner.
You must feel a tingling sensation throughout your body, as well as some pain in your sea of consciousness, right? “

“Well,” Xiyun replied, “I just woke up yesterday, so it should be.
But it would certainly get better with time.”

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“It would have been preferable if the soul had been incorporated into the body seventeen years ago, but several years have passed now.
The spiritual plum needs some time to get adapted to the soul, but this is not a considerable issue.
With the improvement of practice, it should become better slowly.”

“Yes.” Xiyun coughed a little.
Elder Huang had worked so hard, Xiyun was ashamed of himself. 

“Alas,” Mo Zhiqi sighed, “Master, why did he want to save you so much? He didn’t tell me the reason.
He just said that when things were suspicious back then, you were deeply involved in it and saving you was just a matter of obeying the mandate of the heavens.” 

Xiyun looked at him and said respectfully, “No matter what.
For decades, Elder Huang has been running around and Elder Mo had been patiently waiting.
For Xiyun, it is a big favor.”

“Don’t thank me, I just followed Master’s instructions.” Mo Zhiqi stood up and walked around the room while saying, “You are originally a disciple of Tianliang Peak.
I don’t know if your old friends are still there, you might as well come and study medicinal skills in Tianjin Peak than be an outer disciple of Moyun Mountain.”

Although Moyun Mountain had five great peaks and five elders, all disciples learned the same fundamental Kung Fu skills.
The difference only lies in the direction of cultivation.
After all, each individual had their own strengths.
When disciples first entered the mountain, there was not much difference in what they knew and what they learned.

Unlike other sects, Moyun does not have factional disputes.
Instead, it encourages the disciples to study and practice more.
Whichever peak someone wants to go to learn from, they will just have to go directly to its master. The master will also consider the disciple’s qualifications and recommend them to other peak masters. 

Tianji Peak mainly focuses on medicinal skills, and it’s a place where disciples come to exchange and learn the most.
No matter which skill was cultivated, basic healing skills must be mastered before traveling down the mountain in the future.
As a result, the disciples of Tianji Peak had grown accustomed to seeing unfamiliar faces.
Instead, they acquired an open-minded and pleasant disposition that allowed them to better interact with newcomers.

“I think that’s all.
Also, before I forget, it’s not good to address you using your old name.
The Linmo Yuan battle had a big impact, and storytellers in teahouses were still telling your story up until now.” Mo Zhiqi pondered for a moment, “How about the name ‘Mu Yun’? ‘Mu’ as in ‘admiration’ and ‘Yun’ as in ‘luck’.”

“Mu Yun..?” Xiyun’s soft eyes showed a smile, “Thank you, elder!” 


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