n of a flawless magician, but this wasn’t how a magician trained.

And he didn’t think it would be necessary to create any more Hamilton illusions.

“Eventually he’ll…”

It was the time for Jamie to position himself to complete the remaining times.

He felt a sign of someone behind.

Something was getting close to the training hall and the other thing with it didn't seem to be alive- a spirit? Or something which didn’t exist in this world.

Did an intruder sneak into the mansion?

Jamie developed mana around him without casting anything and used teleportation.

“I don’t know who it is, but they sure have the guts to break into the Welton mansion….!”


Jamie said as he moved behind the intruder and tried to stab with the wooden sword.

However, seeing that the person was a small girl, he changed the direction of the sword.


The wooden sword struck the floor.

He almost smashed the head of the girl.

Jamie looked at the intruder with a slightly startled look.

A girl who wrapped her arms around her head.

And when nothing happened, the shocked girl looked up.

Ash began to cry.

“Y-You scared me!”

Jamie kept tapping the sword to his shoulders and looked down at Ash who was kneeling.

“Did you forget what I told you the last time?”


Ash smiled with innocent eyes which said ‘I know nothing’.

Jami didn’t know what to do with her.

“How did you come here?”

“With father.”

“Viscount Balle is here?”

Sister too.”

Her older sister Rebecca Balle.

The reincarnation of Jane, Diablo Volfir’s former lover.

She is here now.

Jamie’s expression went stiff.
Ash, with a sly smile which a child shouldn’t have, seemed to mistake it.

“Seems like you missed my sister?”


“The last time I saw you, you seemed a little in love.

It was something similar, but Ash was mistaken.
After all, she was still 8 years old.

It was funny that she had such deep thoughts.

Even Jamie felt it.

‘She seems to have grown.’

The energy of the wind could be felt around Ash.

It is natural because she has a contract with a wind spirit, but it was quite different from the energy of the spirit.

‘To already keep a spirit around her.’

The Elementalist summons the spirits from the Spirit Realm when needed.
However, only an Elementalist who reaches a certain level is able to keep the summon spirits in the living world without sending them back.

Jamie wasn’t an Elementalist, so he didn’t know the details, but he knew that to have such a level, one had to be at least of intermediate level.

Ash was still 8 years old.
She was known to be a genius due to her great affinity, but it was too early for her to be an intermediate Elementalist.

However, having felt the spirit around her, he couldn’t help but believe them.

“I guess you didn’t just stay at home and play?”

“So you noticed?”

When Ash asked with twinkling eyes, Jamie snorted.

Ash started laughing and began to speak.

“Like usual I was doing training with a spirit, but a high spirit came to visit!”

“… high spirit?”

The high spirits are spirits which were the highest ones, except for the Spirit King who is above them and unlike the low ranking ones which have similar appearances, they have their own unique appearance.

Which meant they had a lot of power.

Jamie encountered high spirits in his previous life, and their power was close to natural disasters.

And such a spirit, approached Ash?

“Yes! The high spirit.
The name is Lipid.”


As the high level spirit of wind, it was a famous spirit that assisted the King of Wind Spirits, Sylphid.

“What did he say?”

“Didn’t say anything.
Just looked at me and then disappeared, but from the next day my affinity improved and I could keep Siliph in the real world.”

Though the real purpose was unknown, Ash ended up being the youngest intermediate elementalist.

It was a talent the world would have focused on, if not for Jamie and his growth.

But at Ash’s next words, Jamie was shocked.

“Sister was even better.
She can already summon the highest ranked spirits.
Though they don’t stay longer than a couple seconds.”

“… what?”

“I knew that even you would be shocked.

Ash shrugged triumphantly.

But Jamie didn’t hear it.

Although Rebecca is young, she was summoning spirits, and was only 10 years old.

“My father was very, very, very, very, very, very, very shocked.
Said it made no sense.”

Viscount Balle, the 3rd greatest elementalist the Kingdom knew of.

What could Rebecca summoning spirits mean?

It was a pity, but Rebecca’s talents were incomparable to Ash’s.

Now Rebecca was on par with Jamie.

It meant that she was on the same level as a 9th class magician.

‘… maybe because of the reincarnation.’

Rebecca was born into a family of Wind Spirit users, but a water spirit contacted her first and made a contract.

It wasn’t just a matter of her talent.

Jamie was sure of it.

‘The Spirit King’s consideration.’

The King of Water Spirits, Elquines, was taking care of the soul of the former contractor.

Ash, who saw Jamie, jumped up in surprise.

“What is it?”

“I forgot.”


“That my father told me to not speak about it.”

Jamie looked at Ash with a pitiful look.

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