Venna wept while holding Philion, which was now in hammer form and in her hands.

“A-are we really doing it?”

“If not faking it?”

Jamie was using Gremia as he heard her words.

Gremia, which was hidden inside himself, was currently in the process of being changed into a ‘training ground’ above the mansion.

He had no intention of setting his level to the teachings of Hamilton.
And since he had the Orb of Life, there was plenty of stamina.

‘Even if I get tired, I will recover faster than others.’

Having such a privilege, wasn’t it a waste to let it rot away?

Holding the sword was for tomorrow, but before that, he wanted to use his body.

And was thinking of giving hellish training to Venna.

He thought she awakened her Valkyrie powers in Apton, but it turned out to be a temporary one.

In order to use her well, he had to make sure she was fully awakened.

So, the current Gremia had two types of training grounds.

One side was Jamie's training with all kinds of traps installed, and the other side was Venna’s training made using Philion’s opinion.

Jamie made it perfectly for Venna.

“Do you remember what I said before?”


On the way back from Apton, Jamie had a special message for Venna.

“The world is going to change quickly.
And we might be at the center of it.”

Whether it be the war with the Zenith church or a situation of facing the 12 Gods.

Life won’t be easy.

So before then, everyone had to get stronger.

No one knew whether that would be years, decades or even tomorrow.

“You have chosen to follow me, and there will come a day when you will have to accept your destiny.”

“I know.”

“You don’t regret it?”


At Venna’s resolute answer, Jamie smiled.

“Then it is hellish training.”

[Hellish training!]

At Jamie’s words, Philion exclaimed excitedly.

Once again Venna’s expression turned into a tearful one.
She was prepared, but she was scared as she wasn’t sure what this training would be.

“Let’s enter.”

The night was going to be long.

The next day.

Hamilton asked trainee Jamie who came on time.

“You are upset that instructor is teaching you swords?”

Yesterday, he was already a strict one, but from today he was looking even more mean.

But because the Count told Jamie about this the day before, he answered right away.


“Are you upset?”


“It would be a great chance to learn from the Sword Master, don’t you think learning from an Expert is useless?”


“Seeing you that is what it seems like!”

Currently, Jamie’s face was looking exhausted.

But Hamilton couldn’t have known that.

Jamie had nothing to say.
He just sighed as he remembered last night.

The training in Gremia had been better than he thought.
He used a lot of mana to make it.

Using mana would have made him clear it right away, but that wasn’t the training Jamie wanted.

And he saw failures.

At the same time, he realized that he was nothing without mana.
The problem was that his desire to win was burning.

The desire to win isn’t a bad thing for anyone, but since he had training the next morning, he had to do the night training in moderation.
But he ran all night!

Thanks to that, he didn’t get sleep, so his mind was hazy.
He managed his conditions poorly.


Jamie, who had nothing to say, yelled out with all his might.

Hamilton looked at Jamie and thought.

‘Yesterday must have been tough.’

Hamilton was unaware that Jamie had Orb of Life, or that Jamie trained last night.

‘He worked really hard yesterday.’

The young lord who never gives up.

As the son of the Lord he trusted, he thought that was a cool side of Jamie.
At the end, he saw something he shouldn’t have, but it was fine.

Hamilton thought for a moment that it was an honor for him to be Jamie’s instructor.
No matter how much he thought about it, it felt like he was looking at a future Sword Master.

‘Although it is early to judge.’

The path to becoming a Sword Master isn’t simply good physical strength or mental power.

If it was, Hamilton would have been a Sword Master by now.

What was important is ‘how the sword is used’.

The child might not excel from the start, but it was true that he had high expectations of this child.

Which meant that the basics would have to be taught.

‘Today is a test.’

Hamilton adjusted his glasses and threw a wooden sword at Jamie.

“Grab it.”


Jamie felt the heaviness of the sword as he clenched it in his small hand.

He did try holding it a few times before, but this was his first time officially holding it so he was excited.

“The sword basically has a slash and stab.”

Hamilton gave a brief explanation by showing it.

“In the case of slash, there is front slash, front to top slash, the down slash and left to right slash and horizontal slash.”

Jamie admired the clean movements he was being shown.
He didn’t even realize that his mouth was wide open.

This guy had to be lower than Beryl or Sable, but Hamilton's sword was impressive.

“Now stabbing.”

The same was true for stabbing.

The stabs were of different kinds and Hamilton showed near perfect skills.

And it was something that anyone who learns sword must master.

Hamilton put the wooden sword aside and asked.

“What did you think of the instructor's demonstration?”

“Hmm… awesome.”

“You realize that I don’t expect a clumsy answer, right?”

Hamilton knew very well that Jamie was smart.

The child must have known something in his demonstration.

Jamie, who heard that, answered deeply.


“What about the foot?”

“Was it called a step? It made every movement smooth.”

Jamie couldn’t see because of the glasses, but Hamilton’s eyes had gone wide.

Besides, Jamie wasn’t done.

“The movement of muscles was also impressive.
You swung the sword while minimizing the power, but it seemed that the destructive power rose because of the muscles being efficiently used… is that right?”

Hamilton was speechless.

Upto step, that was the extent of the answer he was expecting.
So when he accurately said the steps, he was shocked.

However, he didn’t see the kid talking about muscles and their control.

Those were subtle differences which beginners couldn’t notice.

‘He is shocked.’

Jamie smiled to himself as he looked at the speechless instructor.

In other words, it wasn’t just that he killed the swordsmen in the battlefield and forgot about them.

He still couldn’t remember the name, but he had a friend in the past who used a sword and would always say.

-Every movement starts with feet.

‘He turned out to be helpful.’

He died more than 60,000 years ago, but he still appears in Jamie’s head and is thankful to him.

Jamie called for Hamilton who was silent.



Hamilton, who came to his senses, coughed before saying.

You have great sight.”

Although it was beyond good, Hamilton thought excessive praises would make the trainee lazy.

Today’s training will be simple.”

“What is it?”

“Make sure to follow the demonstration I showed a thousand times.”

“… huh?”

“The answer is YES! Didn’t I tell you?”

“Ah! Yes!”

Not learn, but do it a thousand times?

Jamie frowned and went to swing the sword.

Hamilton saw Jamie already imitating the demonstration.

It was clumsy, but the kid tried to imitate it as much as possible even though he showed it just once.

‘And it keeps getting better.’

How to step, how to move the back, the shoulders and the wrist.

A high level of difficulty for beginners to perform.

Normally, Hamilton didn’t plan on giving a thousand times practice to Jamie.

Usually it would be a basic slash and then he would teach them more.

But the entire process was skipped.

The reason was simple.

‘Because the young lord will handle it.’

The great physical abilities showed yesterday, the keen eyes showed today and the high level of intelligence as a wizard.

He knew that Jamie was beyond beginner level.

He is the blood of Welton.
Yet Hamilton was in shock.

‘If it is a thousand times.’

Jamie would advance with each move.

As the number of repetitions increased, Jamie’s superior sense was taking him to the right form.

Jamie saw the demonstration once and was learning on his own.

‘I think he did the same with magic.’

Hamilton remembered hearing that Jamie had the talent to rise high even if he was left alone.

Of course, he didn’t have that extent of talent in sword fighting, but it was clear that he had an insane level of talent in learning.

‘I was thinking of taking foundation courses for a year.’

Thinking now, one is too long.

Half a year? Maybe 2 to 3 months.

That would be enough for Jamie.

Hamilton, who thought that, walked over to Jamie.

Jamie, who was in the middle of training, didn’t notice that.

“Trainee Jamie.”

“Phew! Phew!”


“Ah! Yes!’

Only when Hamilton raised his voice did he hear.

“What is it, instructor?”

“Instructor will be absent for now.
I don’t plan on coming back until trainee is done with the thousandth one.”

“Do you have work?”

“Yes, do try to focus on training.
You get what I mean, right?”

It was a warning that if Jamie reduced the number of training or got caught lazing around, he wouldn’t be considerate from next time.

And Jamie had no intention of doing it, so he replied with a yes!

Even Hamilton knew Jamie wouldn’t do such things, so he left with ase.

“Phew, now I can breathe.”

He didn’t feel it when he was concentrating, but after a while, he would realize that the instructor was looking at him.

Hamilton was amazing, but his eyes were so intense that Jamie felt them as a burden.

Jamir thought so and swung his sword.

Jamie himself could feel his movements turning more natural with repetition.


And he thought it could be combined with magic.

Magic swordsmen existed, but the information about them was vague.

So Jamie didn’t meet such people, but Jamie was different.

He had already reached the peak of magic and would be at the same level this time too.
So he decided to learn the sword to be even stronger.

‘Be more active, strong and sharper.’

Soft footwork, strong waist and shoulders and straight arms with wooden swords stretched out fully.

This was just the beginning.

Magic and sword.
He wasn’t sure if those two could be perfectly blended…

“Maybe it will take me to a new realm.”

In the distant future, but…

“It is fun.”

Jamie felt pleasure after a long time and that was because of the sword in his hand.

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