at the same time, horns grow from your butt?”


And she burst into tears again at Marquis’s jokes.

The Marquis, who didn’t think she would be this sad, was shocked.

The people around laughed.

Barely calming Sarah, the Marquis looked at Jamie.

“Our trustworthy Jamie.”

“Yes, grandfather.”

The Marquis saw Tina’s necklace hanging from Jamie's neck.

An ordinary necklace with no power now, but the existence of that alone was amazing.

“Grandfather and grandmother too.
Don’t forget that we will always protect you.”

“I won't.”

“The next time we meet, I look forward to seeing how great you will be.”

“I will be a Great Magician by then.”

“Uhaha! So reliable!”

The Marquis laughed loudly as if he liked Jamie’s answer.

He patted Jamie’s head with a satisfied expression.
A bright child with a future.
There would be many threats, but he was convinced.

‘He will be able to overcome them.’

The Marquis wasn’t sure when they would meet, but the Marquis prayed that it would be sooner.

“Now we should get going.”

“… I will definitely come next time.”

“I’ll wait.
Sir Tedley please look after them.”

“Don’t worry.”

Airak smiled.

The Marquis patted him on the shoulder and took a step back.


The carriage started.

The carriage carrying the Welton family began to leave Apton.

Sears, Sara and Jamie.
All leaned out and waved at the Marquis.

And the Marquis too waved his hand at the moving carriage.

Neither stopped waving until the carriage was out of sight.
And when the carriage was no longer visible the Marquis lowered his hand.

“I miss them already.”

It had been just a few minutes, and he missed the grandkids.

When would he be able to see them again?

The Marquis shook his head.

And a servant put a coat over his shoulders.

“Please come in.
It is cold outside.”


Summer passed and the season of autumn was nearing.

But the Marquis couldn’t rest.

He missed the kids, but there were problems which had to be solved.

At the center of it was Zenith church.

“Kay, let’s go and destroy that Zenith church.”

The fight has just begun.

Since the kids were going back, he didn’t have to be cautious now.

He could move more violently.

‘I’ll show them why Bell is known to be a great family.’

With a cold face, the Marquis headed to the office.

This was going to be his battlefield.

Full moon passed.

Before they knew it, the Welton family entered Haiss.

Fortunately nothing happened this time.

“Such a familiar scene, right?”


To Sears’ question, Sarah answered.

Venna in her arms was a half-corpse.
It was because she was tormented by Sarah.

And because of that, Venna would glare at Jamie.

“Father is probably waiting for us.”

“I want to see father!”

“Jamie? You don’t want to?”

“Of course I want to.”

Actually he had no thought.

He couldn’t answer that honestly, so he replied how a mother would want her son to reply.

Sears grabbed the two kids close to her chest and said.

“Ha, who do these cute kids take after!”

‘I am dying, mother!’

Jamie thought as he looked outside the window again.

The carriage passed the boulevard and climbed up the hill where the Welton mansion was located.

In the distance, they could see the gates of the mansion with guards.

“It has been so long, my Lady.”

“Everyone, you must have worked so hard.”

“Not at all.
We will open the gate right away.”

The guards opened the tightly shut gates.

The carriage entered the mansion.

Passing through the large garden, they saw the family mansion.

And a familiar face was waiting for them.

As soon as the carriage stopped, the door opened and Sarah ran out.


“Oh my, my princess!”

It was a dangerous thing to jump out, but for Count Welton who was a Sword master, it was nothing.

Sears was down after her, and sighed in relief with a look as if she hadn’t seen him for ten years.

“Haa- Sarah! What if you got hurt because of that?”


Don’t scold her, my Lady.
It is fine Sarah.
Because this father of yours can handle whatever Sarah does.”


At the reliable swords of the Count, Sarah wrapped her arms around his neck.

Sears got out of the carriage knowing she couldn’t stop them now.

The Count gently wrapped his arm around her waist and then gave her a small kiss.

“Must have been through a lot.”

“Sorry for leaving you alone for a month.”

“I wish I could say no, but I was lonely.
What should I do? I thought I was going to die.”

“You too, seriously!”

The couple didn’t hesitate to show their affection regardless of the gazes of the servants.

And Jamie missed the timing to get off.

He coughed loudly.

“Uhm! Uhm!”

“Ah, my Jamie.
Come down.”

The Count noticed Jamie belatedly and held out his hand in embarrassment.

“I am home.”

Jamie smiled and took his father’s hand.

The count’s expression, who laughed awkwardly, soon went stiff.

“Jamie you-”

“You can’t be shocked at this.
In the future, I will grow much faster than now.”


At Jamie’s words, the Count couldn’t say anything.

It was because Count understood Jamie’s abilities the moment they held hands.

Jamie spoke to the Count.

“Your children are growing up.”

“… isn’t that something a child, which you are, isn’t supposed to say?”

This was a conversation with a sense of Déjà Vu, but the Count nodded with a happy expression.

“This is my son.”

Both looking at each other with similar expressions.

Sears and Sarah titled their heads at that.

“What are you two taking about?”

“I don’t get what you mean.”

“There is something.
Come on, group hug.”

Count Welton said while holding his wife and the two kids at the same time.

“Everyone must have been through so much.”

Jamie frowned in the Count’s arm.

But it wasn’t too bad.

He was finally back.


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