Jamie was looking through the window watching the sun go down.

Just then, the door opened and Sears walked out.

Jumping off from the window, he asked.

“Did the talk go well?”

“Thanks to my Jamie, it went well.

Sears' expression brightened.

In the beginning she was very nervous, but now she looked like his mother.

“It went really well, I guess.”

It feels like my mother's childhood memories are back.”


Sears gently stroked her son’s hair, smiling lovingly.

“And Sir Onyx has something to say to Jamie.”

“Well, I have a question for him too.”

“That is good.

“I will be back soon.”

Jamie passed Sears and went into the room.

Sears looked at her son and put her arms near the window.

It felt like a lifetime of relaxation.

She thought that the issue would be unsolvable forever, if it wasn’t for Jamie, then the issue would have never been resolved.

She was really glad to have Jamie.

She thanked God for having Jamie stay by her side.

Ironically, Jamie wanted to kill the Gods.

“Thank you.”

It was Beryl who spoke as soon as Jamie closed the door to the room.

“What did I do?”

Jamie sat down in a chair.

Beryl smiled as he looked at the kid who wasn’t a kid.

“I called you because I had an offer to make.”


“Come with me.”

The word ‘with me’ meant one thing.

The group Frontier which tried to find the truth of the world.

Beryl was offering Jamie to join it.

“I can’t give you a lot of details, but if you come with me, I guarantee that your talent will bloom even further.
People say it is okay to leave behind the talents when moving to a new place, but I have different thoughts.”

“And for example that would be?”

“There are 9th class Masters in Frontier.”

Among the present human beings, there were no 9th class Masters, not even a magician had gone close to it.

There could be magicians who weren’t recorded in history, but at least for this day and age, they couldn’t be found.

That is right.
The 9th class Master Beryl is talking about probably isn’t human.

And Jamie’s thoughts were true.

“Not a human, but that is why they can make your talents bloom.
How does that sound? Would you like to come with me?”

Training under the 9th class Master.

A catchy offer.

But for Jamie Welton.

‘Learn magic.

Because Beryl didn’t know who he was.

Which is why he could say this.

Modern magic has come a long way compared to the past, but in the end, that was it.

Diablo Volfir was a great magician who reached beyond 9th class Master.

If 10th class existed, then that would be Diablo Volfir.

And if took up the offer, he could learn from a 9th class Master.

‘If I was just some talented kid, I would’ve taken up that offer.’

If you took the title of disciple of the 9th class Master, that was a huge promotion.

Jamie snorted and then shook his head.

“I am fine.”

“… are you serious? A 9th class master.
This is your only chance to learn from a great being who can change everything.
Are you going to kick away this chance?”

He couldn’t believe what Jamie just said.

This chance wasn’t something everyone got.

Even if Jamie thought about it, Beryl’s offer wasn’t something he wanted to refuse.

The offer wasn’t bad.

“It just doesn’t seem that far.”


“9th class.
It doesn’t, it is a great one.
Hm… but isn’t it bound to come to me at one point?”

Jamie said softly.

Beryl thought that he had been hit with a hammer on his head.
How was he supposed to respond to such an absurd remark?

Belief in one’s own abilities.
Arrogance resulting from it.


Not that either.

‘Natural outcome.’


Neither arrogant, conceited, nor was he being overconfident, it was just a natural outcome.

That was what Jamie’s voice said.

Could he do it?

A 7 year old.
No matter how much of a kid he is, he is still someone who hasn't even had 10 years of experience in the world.

At first glance, it might seem like this was a thought that any young kid would have, but for Beryl, he wasn’t convinced that Jamie fell under that case.

‘The greatest talent in all of human history.’

That was the rumor going around about Jamie in the world.

He thought that it was an exaggeration until he actually met him.

And when he saw Jamie’s power in person, he knew it was no exaggeration.

And now, he knew that wasn’t the case.

‘The greatest talent since the world was born.’

How could he say that?

There is a dragon, the world's strongest race and master of magic.

There were high elves who were loved by magic and spirits.

Ran, the incarnation of martial arts.

In front of the three races with supernatural powers, humans are nothing but fading fireflies.

Occasionally, humans who could challenge them appeared, but that was it, only challenge.

Humans cannot overcome dragons, high elves or Ran even if they struggle.

Then what about Jamie?

‘My insight is too short to understand, but Jamie…’

He wanted to take Jamie to the Frontier even more.

He wanted to show Isis.

But the boy didn’t want to come.

“I understand.”

“Thank you for the offer.”

It was still a pity, but seeing Jamie’s face made him feel it was pointless to ask again.

“If there is a chance next time, I will come to play.”

“Come to play.

A sweet expression.

Even though it wasn’t like a child, looking at this side, Beryl thought Jamie was a child.

Jamie continued to look at Beryl who smiled.

“I wonder who Isis is.”

“A wonderful person.
Come play with us when you have a chance.
And I will introduce you to Isis.”

“I look forward to it.”

The meeting of Jamie and Isis.

Even Beryl thought it would be fun.

As far as he knew, Isis was the closest to the ‘strongest’.

Not sure when, but Beryl looked forward to that day.

“Rather, is there anything you want to ask?”

“Ah, right, did you hear what happened?”

“Despite being defeated by Sable, I am also a Sword Master.
No matter the difference, I will make sure to cover it up and catch him.”


Jamie let out a childlike exclamation.

And said,

“That was what I wanted to ask.”


“I want to learn the sword.”

At that, Beryl narrowed his eyes.

“Didn’t you say you didn’t want to learn it before?”

“I changed my mind.”

“In such a short time?”

“Well, kids are known to change rather quickly.”

“… are you really saying that with your own mouth?”

Beryl burst into laughter at the sight of a shameless boy.

“And can I ask why?”

“After going through this, I felt that magic isn’t enough.”

It was beyond Beryl’s understanding that a 7 year old felt like he lacked power, but this child was someone beyond understanding.

And this wasn’t bad for Beryl.

Jamie’s magical talents will take him to the top most position.

So wasting away his natural strength was a loss.

That was why Beryl asked Jamie to take up the sword in their first meeting.

‘Even so, the reason is…’

He decided to not think anymore.

As a Sword Master, he couldn’t say he was in the wrong, but in front of Jamie wanting to hold the sword, Beryl was the culprit.

A criminal who didn’t understand the thinking of a genius.

“What are you so curious about?”

“What is a Sword to Sir?”

“That is a difficult question Jamie.”

He thought that Jamie would ask a simple question, such as the basics of sword or what kind of sword to use.

But now, he was asked for the definition of sword.

“I am curious as to how a Sword Master treats the Sword.”

Jamie couldn’t remember what had happened long ago.

But he also had a friend who wielded a sword.
The face was blurry now, and he couldn’t even remember what kind of sword he used, but he remembered what he said.

-The sword is like salvation to me.
A sword of salvation for the suffering people.
That is the definition of a sword because of what I went through.

Even the name of the friend disappeared from his memory, but for some reason, only those words lingered in his mind.

“Indeed, you are a great kid.”

Saying so, Beryl lifted the sword which was next to him.

The blade, which was out of the sheath, was transparent like a mirror.

“I am not sure, but in the past I was called an evil spirit.”

He swung the sword emotionlessly.

The blades never had dried blood, and there was a time when he took the blade for granted.

A tool to kill people, and there was no value for it beyond that.

“Then I met someone.”

He heard what he told Sears, that person was Beryl’s only teacher.

“After many defeats under him, I started to think about the swords.”

For the first time, the sword was no longer a tool.

And at some point, thoughts began to form about the sword he ignorantly swung.
Controlling his emotions with thoughts, and wielding it with reason, Beryl was able to define the sword.

“My sword is a reflection of me.”

Realizing that, he was able to become a true Sword Master.


“A reflection on mistakes, and that reflection as an act of understanding oneself.
I always wield my sword and reflect on myself, and begin to cut down the unnecessary things and completely define myself.
That is why my sword is my reflection.”

Jamie thought this was a cool expression.

A former colleague called it ‘Salvation’ and Beryl called it ‘Reflection’.

So what is the sword to his father, Count Welton?

Beryl who seemed to read Jamie’s thought said.

“Count Welton’s sword is unique.
And it is terrifyingly powerful.
I also wonder how he would define his sword.”

Jamie too heard rumors about the power of Count Welton.

A power which couldn’t be controlled in the hands of ordinary people.

And the swordsmanship of the Welton family.

The Welton family wasn’t known for their swordsmanship for nothing.

And Beryl remembered the battle that happened that day.

Neither of them were true Sword Masters, but the swordsmanship Count Welton showed was different.

The Count’s ability to support it was also terrifying.

“Learn the swordsmanship of your family.
And the vision of Count Welton.”

Beryl who was done put the sword back into the sheath.

“Finding justice through sword comes next.
The question you asked is good, but you don’t need to think about it right now because you haven’t even learnt the basics.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

“Your father is a great warrior.
If you believe him and follow, you will surely achieve your goals.”


“I hope the answer was satisfactory.”

“It was enough.”

“Then I am happy.”

The two looked at each other and smiled.

‘He is a great kid.’


Calling him a kid was embarrassing.

‘Can’t wait to see what kind of person he will grow into.’

He didn’t know when but the next time they met, Jamie would be even more splendid.

And Beryl was already looking forward to it.

Smiling, he reached out to Jamie.

“See you again.”

“I hope to.”

Beryl wished.

May glory always be in the future of this child.

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