The Vickers Kingdom was small compared to the Seldam Kingdom.
And the odds were higher.
Combat was easy.

So, he thought it was only a matter of time to end the war.

Then came the massive counterattack from the enemy.
In terms of the size of the kingdom, the troops which came were unreasonable.

The flow of war had changed, and the battlefield turned fierce.

It was the time when an arrow flew towards the Marquis.

-Dangerous, Marquis!

The young man he saw for the first time threw himself to block the arrow.

In a situation where everyone was looking after themselves, only this one young man did his best to protect him.

-What’s your name?

I am a wandering mercenary.

That was their first meeting.

Without thinking about anything else, Marquis hired the lifesaver.

But somehow, the abilities turned out to be outstanding.

Despite being a wanderer, he surpassed the nobles.

-It is my dream to be in a position next to the Marquis.

Sable smiled brightly as he said that.

A task entrusted to him, and he rarely made a mistake.

Thanks to that, the sales of the business handled by Sable for the Marquis jumped several times higher.

And Marquis continued to trust him.

And it was around three years ago.

The old aide went back to his home due to chronic illness.

-I will do it.
I can do my best to support the Marquis.

Because he was the reliable Sable, the Marquis gave him the post.

And he did his best.
And the results were worth it.

-Come into the family as my adopted son.

It was a pity to leave him as a commoner.

And it was clear that Sable wouldn’t cause damage to the name ‘Bell’.

But Sable refused.

-The name Bell is too much for me.
As long as I can be with the Marquis, that is all I need.

He had no greed.

And Marquis understood what he meant.

That Sable would be the same whether he was the adopted son or not.

A reliable aide, the pride of the Marquis who faithfully carried out everything.

That was until this incident.

“From where was it planned?”

“From the beginning.”

“… from the moment the arrow came at me?”

“The arrow too was planned.”

All planned for today.

“You could have stayed hidden, but why did the head of the Seven Knights come out?”

“Wouldn’t this be more fun?”

Sable’s expression as he said those words were innocent.

Marquis closed his eyes.

He benefited a lot from Sable, and he tasted joy a lot.
He wanted to hope that this was all a lie, but the reality was cruel.

His expression, which was filled with regret, calmed.

And when he opened his eyes again, only cold emotionless eyes appeared.

“Then all fine.
You will have to die here.”

An emotionless voice.

Sable realized that the Marquis had completely accepted the situation.

For 5 years, he had watched the Marquis as he stayed by his side.
From now, the Marquis will really do anything to kill him.

Bring his corpse to me.”


At the command of the Marquis, Beryl went closer to Sable, with the swords still locked together, forming an X.

At that moment, Lars' voice came.

“No, his power reverses the results! Something about reverse of effect because of cause! Please think before moving in.”

The ability is out.
I didn’t want to tell you.”

Sable smiled.

Beryl vowed to crush that smile.

You know what to do even if I don’t tell you, right?”

“Leave it to me.”

He thought of helping Beryl, but this was a battle between Sword Masters.

And if he tries to help, then he would be a burden to Beryl.

Jamie went to Ricky, Anna and Lars, and even brought the Marquis with him.
A place to hide and be safe.

“Be careful.”

“Don’t worry.”

Beryl’s confident answer made Jamie teleport without hesitation.

And the Two Sword Masters were the only ones left.

Sable laughed and provoked.

“Won’t you be lacking now?”

“Have a taste and you’ll see that nothing is lacking.”

The wind blew.

Sable felt the rushing sword attack and brought down his sword.

Jamie used teleportation to move everyone to a vacant place near the cliff.

The Marquis landed safely and walked to the edge of the cliff.
It was to watch the battle.

“You! How did you come here!?”

At that moment, Ricky, who was silent, pulled Jamie’s arm and asked him.

Jamie went close to his ear and spoke so no one would listen.

“How would I know? You are the undead I made before being turned into an apostle.
If you are in danger, I will know.”

“No wonder.
I did think that.”

Ricky seemed to have expected it.

And then he smiled and spoke about Pyro.

“The Goddess has been restored.”

“I know.
The holy power exuding is steady, how could I not know?”

If this situation passes, things might change.”

“We will know.
Brother Lars doesn’t seem that good.”

Lars wasn’t in a good condition as his vital points were attacked.

Fortunately, with the holy power of Pyro he did heal him, but he wasn’t fully healed.

“Don’t worry.”

“Anna stay next to Ricky, got it?”


Jamie stroked Anna’s head and walked over to the Marquis’s side.


“I am fine.”

The Marquis stood on the cliff, watching the two Sword Masters fight fiercely.

Jamie looked there.

‘It is hard to follow with eyes.’

All they could see were afterimages.

And there was only the wind which was Beryl’s power moving around.

As Lars said, Sable’s power was something which reversed the effect.

‘I don’t even know what to say.’

Even in the first two slashes with Beryl, Sable wasn’t using that power.

The two shuffled their words and moved away to a safe distance.

It was then.


Blood gushed from Beryl’s right shoulder.
Beryl grabbed his shoulder from the injury.

Jamie’s eyes widened.

Sable didn’t attack.
Could it be that the sword was so swift that it couldn’t be followed with an eye?

‘That isn’t right.’

He didn’t move.

He didn’t even wield the sword.

Meanwhile, Sable just pretended to wield the sword.

Now he understood what Lars meant.

“It is indeed a terrifying power.”

At the mumble from Marquis, Jamie nodded.

Beryl was nervous and Sable was approaching him leisurely.

He looked up the cliff and smiled.

The ability which could even overwhelm the Sword Master.

Sable moved again.

Beryl responded, but –


Soon his face contorted.

Jami saw the object which flew into the air.

“This could happen too.”

Beryl’s neatly severed arm fell into the floor.

Zenith’s First Sword was terrifyingly powerful.

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