beron screamed.

Several hideous cuts formed on his forelimbs.

The amount of blood which poured out wasn’t unusual.

Leueta was in a bad state too.

“Kuak! It hurts!”

His right arm was crushed.

It was an unstoppable force.
And the moment the paw came he tried to protect himself.
However, the skin and muscles of the bones were too thick and hard.

Naturally, he was pushed out and his right arm was smashed.

“Die like that!”

Leueta, who was sensing a crisis for the first time in a while, stretched out his left arm towards the beast.

Dozens of blades protruded and flew for Theberon’s chest.

Knowing how thick the skin of the beast was, he made sharper blades.

Theberon clenched his teeth and covered his chest with wounded paws.



The blades pierced his arms and to the skin of his chest.

Luckily, it didn’t hit his heart.

Theberon had its eyes wide open and pulled out its paws.

“You’re crazy!”

As Theberon pulled out its paws with a huge force, Leueta couldn’t bear the wind pressure.

Kwak! And the blades which were pulled out were smashed.

Leueta who felt himself turn defenseless, suddenly felt the world darken.

An alarm began to ring in his mind.

And he curled up.


At that moment, his consciousness was shaken.

And an incredible force struck him.

No matter the fact that he was a noble from the Devildom, the current shock he received from the beast was enough to drive him out of his mind.


It took less than 5 seconds for it to come and smash him down from a few hundred meters.

Leueta’s limbs were twisted.

And the world went dark.

And then when he opened his eyes he saw a huge ass falling down.


A shock which shook the entire Apton.

And a huge pit inside the Mirinae Forest.


Leueta rolled on the floor.

Just before being crushed, he managed to move away.

As the dust rose because of the huge hole, he was sure that he had a chance for victory.
He created blades all over his body.

He was planning on cutting down the beast.

“Did you forget about me?”

At that time, a familiar voice came from behind.

Leueta turned to see two purple eyes shining in the dust.


One crisis after another.

And he saw it drawing a sharp sword pointed at his neck.

He was uncomfortable in the current situation, but Leueta couldn’t stop it.

[Path of Destruction]

Extremely condensed black light penetrated Leueta.

It wasn’t just Theberon that Jamie had prepared.

With a smile he said.

“You should have been vigilant till the very end.”

Jamie smiled watching the Baron of the Devildom crumble with a distressed expression.

Jamie never thought that Theberon could defeat the demon.
From the start, the bear was the one at a disadvantage.

So Jamie just hoped for the demon to open up a little gap.

Just like right now!


‘Path of Destruction’ is a black magic which releases all the power absorbed by Leviathan.

Its attribute is darkness, so it had the power which could be close to ‘extinction’.

“If only you had no gaps like now, this wouldn’t have worked.”

“Cough! Cough!”

“Did the situation reverse?”

“Very… good?”

The black flames as Leueta’s eyes weakened.

“It has been a long time since I was driven this far.
It was so long.”

Leueta staggered and stood up.

Jamie gathered black mana in his hands, ready to cast another spell.
He intended to blow off the head this time.

However, Jamie acting first didn’t happen.

“I don’t know anything anymore.
Let’s let this be.”

Darkness engulfed the head of the demon.

Nothing Jamie could do.


Jamie let out a pleasant sigh as he looked at Leueta who was down.

Knocked down.

Although the enemy was a creepy master class, it was still a master class which could destroy everyone.

And the strength of the demon made Jamie tremble for the first time in a long while, it gave him despair about his current skills.

But look who was standing.


Jamie, who was about to turn around, stopped moving as he felt something wrong.

Leueta who died, which meant to be immovable forever.

But, why was the demon wriggling?

“It is melting.”

Leueta’s body was turning into liquid.

The floor moistened with black water which was sticky.

“This, no…”

Among demons there were those who took a new form after death.

As they lose their intelligence, they end up as normal monsters.

Like current the Leueta.

“Dam it! Even it is hatched! Did it have to be someone like him!”

Among the demons a rare class was present, and since Leueta was the ‘Humanoid’ it was the worst situation for Jamie.

But now wasn’t the time to be worried about it.

Leueta, who was now a monster, had to be held off!

Jamie opened the door to the ruins.

And the limp body fell down.

But soon the earth shook as if an earthquake had happened and jolted the entire land.

The body which had little to none magi in it seemed to be strong enough to collapse the ruins.

“Avoid it…!”

A monster with no intelligence and a Master class at that.

If something like that ran wild…

Jamie didn’t want to think of it.

Disaster was what would be awaiting them.

There was nothing more he could do.

He went straight for Venna.
However, even a monster with no intelligence would never lose sight of its enemy.

Jamie watched bitterly as he watched bladed tentacles come for him.

“Damn it-”


Blood spurted into the air.

Jamie closed his eyes with a contorted expression.

“This isn’t a good thing.
My senses almost failed me.”

Jamie opened his eyes, and the tentacles were neatly cut in front of him.

What happened?

Jamie looked.

He was in someone’s arms.

He looked at the person holding him with a bewildered expression.
And asked in a startled voice.

“You, why are you here?”

“Welton’s son is quite a troublemaker.”

Beryl Onyx looked at Jamie and smiled.

This man had left Apton from what he heard, so why was the Sword Master with him?

Jamie stared at Beryl who carefully lowered him.

“Stay here.
You know how dangerous this could be.”

And the man moved to Leueta.


The bladed tentacles reinforced with magi flew in.

The swordsman of Windfury simply lowered his sword in a straight slash.

Jamie felt refreshed at the gentle breeze.

All the tentacles which were coming in got cut without a sound.

And Beryl disappeared.

Jamie looked around but he found nothing.

And the wind blew in again.

And when he moved his gaze, Beryl who wasn’t there till a second ago was now standing there.

After that Leueta, who was a single being, was now split into multiple pieces.


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