6: My servants (1)

He was small in stature and had something black all around his body.

The only thing that could be seen was just one eye, shining in purple.

Hanni asked in a trembling voice.

“… what?”

“Was it fun to kill your subordinate?”

After that, he looked at the charred corpse.

Obviously, the explosion magic ‘Buster’ was used against the guy.

However, the target that the numerous explosions should’ve hit was standing just before him.

So whose body was that?


That’s when the subordinate’s voice was heard again.

“Fi, Finn… it is Finn.”


Hanni turned his head.

He couldn’t see Finn anywhere.

Finn was the subordinate who went to catch Jance and Philip.

And all that was left behind was a charred corpse.

“3rd class.
Is that all?”

Said the little man.

His gleaming purple eye was smiling.

“Too low for a crazed maniac.”

“… you.”

Hanni’s face contorted.

He lifted his wand.

He didn’t know what the little one just did, but he ruined his mood anyway.

He lost a subordinate as well.

It was Hanni’s own fault, but what mattered to him was the small guy in front of him.

How could he be deceived by such a dwarf.

It made him angry.

“I’ll kill you!”

3rd class explosion magic ‘Buster‘.

Its power wasn’t comparable to the 5th class explosion magic ‘Explosion’, but it was life-threatening if someone was unprepared for it.


Even the dwarf in front of him would surely die.

Hanni didn’t know what he did to escape the first time, but it won’t work the second…

“That’s all in your mind.”


The world started spinning.

“When you see someone stronger than you, you become infinitely weaker.”

Jamie spoke with a cold voice.

“Which is why I like to mess with the brains of those who are weaker than me.”

Jamie looked at the struggling Hanni and then at those who were trembling in fear behind him.

The fact that such a small person attacked their captain.

All they could see was that Hanni suddenly collapsed into the ground without being attacked.

They were all following a 3rd class magician.

And it was natural to tremble in fear of the ruthless power of ‘black magic’.

“Consider this your bad luck.”

Hanni was a source of information.

There was no reason to keep the others alive.

If they were kept alive, strange rumors would start to spread.


They could be taken in as servants, but,


Black magic was the strongest magic in the world, and it was most powerful against the weak.

Hanni’s men disappeared.

Jamie gazed at where Hanni’s men were standing.

And then looked at Hanni.

“You are now my slave.
Open your mouth.”

“… Yes, master.”

The information that Hanni gave out wasn’t that different from Jance and Philip’s.

As Jance and Philip had betrayed the organisation, Hanni was given the task of catching them.

“In the end, all I found out was that they are trafficking people.”

And that was all that had to be told to Count Welton.

“Now, what should I do with this guy?”

Hanni was devoid of sense and emotions.

With saliva dripping out of his mouth, defocused eyes, and droopy shoulders, he had all signs of a broken soul.

Since he was a 3rd class wizard, then he could be turned into an Undead.

Unfortunately, the current Jamie couldn’t do that.

Magicians are people with stronger mental power than ordinary people.

3rd class wasn’t too high, but Jamie would have to grow more to control that level.

He could do it with the help of Black, but Jamie wasn’t sure if he had to go to that extent.

‘I can’t really keep them here either.’

In a battlefield, Undead might be ignored, but in a peaceful area, they were like poison.

“Well, even if I don’t make him an Undead, this level isn’t bad.”

Jamie’s small lips turned into a smile.

Being a 3rd class magician meant that he had Mana.

A lot of Mana.

Jamie’s hand rested on Hanni’s head.

“I will enjoy the meal.”

‘This is fine.’

He did use the whole-body breathing method, but there weren’t many opportunities to get such a large amount of Mana.

Hanni’s Mana was impure, but it wasn’t a problem for Jamie.

“He was full of Mana, but it is still hard.”

Jamie couldn’t enter the 5th class due to his physical limitations.

“More importantly…”

Jamie looked at Jance and Philips.

He had prevented their skin from rotting, but it wouldn’t last long.

He approached them.

Maybe because they weren’t released from the spell, they still didn’t seem to feel any pain.


Crossing his arms, he pondered for a moment.

What should he do with these people?

Unlike Hanni, these two didn’t have a massive amount of Mana.

Even if they did, Jamie couldn’t take the Mana as his body was already full.

Meanwhile, Black released its form and climbed onto Jamie’s head.


And tilted the head.

What was its master trying to do?

Jamie, who made up his mind, gathered the two in one place.

“If you are going to die, then it’s better to use you meaningfully before you go.”

Unlike Hanni, it could be done to these two.

Jamie slowly raised his arms ahead.

“It has been so long.”

The ‘Necromantic’ power to raise the body.

It was similar to raising the dead but different.

It was because the corpse of necromancy is no longer that of a living being.

Against Heaven.

It was to reject the flow of nature and turn against Heaven.


Dead, but not dead.

“From now on, you will live a life beyond death as my faithful servants.”

Jance and Philip.

They weren’t dead yet.

Jamie had no intention of killing them.

He just used their current state and turned them into Undead.

“Black, help me.”


As it had noticed what his master was trying to do, Black spread its wings wide.

Jamie’s necromantic skill wasn’t just up to raising the corpse.

It was high-level black magic that maintained the appearance of their before death.

In his prime time, in the past, he could do it by lifting a finger.
However, it was impossible without Black’s help at the moment.

He wanted to get a servant this way to be of help when dealing with the Zenith religion.


Jamie concentrated as his purple eyes began to glow.

From his mouth, a distant, ancient, and dead language began to flow.

{Leave life and rise.
An immortal body awaits.
You shall transcend death.}The bodies of Jance and Philip began to convulse.

Despite losing their sense, their instincts still held onto life.

And they weren’t dead yet, just on the verge of dying.

Black’s wings grew gradually as all Mana began to turn cloudy.

{Sinners, come to me!}It was challenging to make a dead person a living Undead.

But if that could be done, the attachment of life they had during their lifetime would be replaced with chaos.

“I shall give you a new name.”

The two men’s bodies were exuding black smoke.

The two who were once Jance and Philip.

Jamie looked at them.

“Azad and Raiza.
Your new names.”

To become an Undead means to throw everything away.

So, the master would have to give them new names.

‘Undead don’t have a name in the first place.’

They were used to run errands, and they weren’t named as they Undead be identified back to the maker.

“We obey our master’s orders.”

The two undead bowed their heads politely towards Jamie.

Jance was now Azad.

Philip was now Raiza.

They retained their original form.

Nobody would recognise that they were Undead if he looked at them.

Except for the black smoke around their body.


Jamie hadn’t given them self-awareness yet.

Which was why they looked like dolls.

“Why is the black smoke still there?”

The execution was perfect.

He took the help of Black, where he lacked.


Black squeezed its wings, trying to say that it wasn’t its fault.

“Did I even ask you? I am starting to doubt you.”


“I know, I know.
It was a joke.”

Black’s assistance was perfect.

If anything was lacking, then it was him.

“Maybe it is still too much for me.”

Since this wasn’t some ordinary necromancy, he thought of the possibility of failing, but he felt bittersweet despite the success.

To the extent where his past fame seemed to be a thing of the past.

It was true that a new body would bring in new possibilities, but the despair of losing the past was unavoidable.

“We can’t use them like this.”

Actually, what he’d just done was shocking enough.
If another Dark Magician saw this, they’d think it was outstanding.

However, not Jamie.

These two were transformed in order to gather information about Zenith.

But looking at their current state, let alone the Zenith religion, they won’t even be able to enter a normal store.

The black smoke around had to be resolved.


Black tapped Jamie’s cheek.

“How dare you touch your master’s cheek?”


Angry or not, Black flew to Azad and Raiza and stopped above them.

Looking at the two, Black settled on Azad’s head.

And spread its wings.


The change occurred immediately.

The black smoke was sucked into Black’s body.

And Black’s body swelled up like a balloon.


A small burp from its mouth.

Jamie looked at it with a puzzled face.

“You could do something like this?”


Proud, Black puffed out its bulging body.

And with the help of Black, Azad looked the same as before.

And then jumped over to Raiza.

Normally, it would fly, but flying seemed difficult because of all the black smoke it ate.


Gasping for breath because of the jump.
It spread open the wings and began to absorb the smoke.

Jamie thought that it was funny.


Black glared with its eyes.

Ting! Ting!

“You did well.”

Jamie stroked the round black body of his summon.

Black was lying on its back.

The black smoke which flowed out from the two bodies was too much.

Since Black had a tiny body, this task must have been exhausting.

Actually, such tasks weren’t for Black at all.

Jamie turned back to look at the two.

Thanks to Black, they could be now used for their intended purpose.

“You should be normal now.”

As Jamie extended his hand to them, they two bowed.

He placed both hands on their heads.

“Wake up.”

With an Ominous Mana, a black light shone.

Jamie slowly lifted his hand.

The black faded.

And he stared at the two.

Neither of the two raised their heads.

As if they were dead, they didn’t even move a finger.

Jamie didn’t call for them either.

They must have been confused, so he waited for them to understand that they were ‘dead’.

Of the two, Azad raised his head first.

His eyes were alive.

And he opened his mouth.

“… are you the one who turned us into this?”

Although the appearance hadn’t changed, Azad knew the difference in his body.

He knew that his body had turned into something terrible.

For some reason, the scars on his face, which he acquired a long time ago, throbbed.


It was awkward to see a 6 or 7-year-old boy answer with such a solemn expression, but Azad knew that something was obviously off with the kid.

He hadn’t noticed it initially, but now that he was his servant, he could feel it.

“You, who are you?”

Those were the questions that were in his mind.

It was absurd.

Like something he read out of a storybook when he was a little kid.

“I am someone like a Demon King.”

Azad’s eyes fluttered.

His thoughts seemed to have been read.

He was shocked.

“I don’t know if you are the Demon King or not, but in our eyes, you don’t look human at all.”

Raiza, who was bowing down, looked at Jamie with cold eyes.

It was an expression a servant would never show his master.

Lack of emotions.

Jamie frowned at it.

If it was in the past, such a thing would have never happened.

So he snapped his fingers.



Raiza’s knees hit the floor.

And his stiff head fell to the ground.

“I’ll forgive you just this once.
If a servant makes such a face in front of the master once again, you will be destroyed.”

Raiza couldn’t open his mouth under the pressure.

“Answer me.”

“… I understand.”

The subordination of the soul.

Even if they didn’t want to, as long as the contract was fulfilled, their lives belonged to Jamie.

That was black magic.

“You too, be mindful.”

“… yes.”

Azad gulped as he looked at Raiza suffering in pain.

“Anyway, I am not the Demon King.”

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There was a time when he was called like that.

But he wasn’t a Demon King.

“I am the Dark Magician.”

He once tried to kill the Gods and was trying even now to kill the Gods.

The Dark Magician.

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