On the way to the statue, there were quite a few guards guarding the hallway.

‘I will have to stun three of them.’

There were places where he couldn’t completely hide.

Jamie sent a psychic wave to the soldiers, just like he did with the first one.

Then the soldiers dozed off into sleep without realizing it.

Jamie slowly passed by, spreading mana to detect other ones around him.

Jamie, who penetrated to the depth of the church in an instant, opened the hallway window and moved out.

According to the memories he took from Milbuck, the place was next to the Archbishop’s room.

Currently, the place had to be empty.

Still, he used detection magic to check if there was anyone inside, but he felt nothing.

‘Easy, easy.’

Jamie entered the Archbishop’s room and looked around.

A coat with the Pyro church symbol hung on the wall.

Other than that, there was nothing else.

Rather, the room looked dull and empty.

A few books on the shelf and a neatly organized desk, making Jamie wonder if the place had been ever used.

‘Seems like the frugal kind.’

He looked all over the room, but couldn’t find a single important document.

He wasn’t sure if the documents were stored away or if they were burned after being checked.

Without looking any further, he approached the door and looked for signs.

No sounds.

He carefully opened the door, looked at both sides, and walked without making a sound.

‘It is there!’

He saw a door leading to the place where the goddess statue was.

A soldier was guarding the door, and he showed no signs of sleepiness.

‘No problem.’

Jamie’s mind magic worked even on the Bishop’s mind.

Neutralizing a single soldier wasn’t a huge deal.

It was then.

Jamie’s face was covered by hands.

“Who are you?”

Jamie’s eyes turned purple.

He wasn’t sure who it was, but someone managed to appear suddenly.

Lately, it has been happening a lot, so it annoyed him.

Holding the hands which covered his face, he looked back.

Seeing the person, Jamie couldn’t hide his shock.

“I thought of surprising you, but it is such a tough task.”



Ricky covered Jamie’s mouth.

“We will be in trouble if someone else finds out.”

Saying so, Ricky pulled Jamie into the Archbishop’s room.

Jamie immediately asked after entering the room.

“What happened to you?”

“What do you mean?”

“How could you appear behind me without a sound!”

Jamie was really shocked.

Even if Ricky was an Apostle, he didn’t have the skills to hide his presence.

Ricky responded with a slightly disappointed face.

“What is this! I thought you would be happy.
But look at your reaction.”

“I am happy.
So what happened!”

“This jerk… this is how you always were.”

Ricky shook his head and explained.

“This is the goddess church.
I haven’t fully developed the powers of an Apostle, but should I put this as a blessing from the Goddess when I am in her place?”

Within the church, Ricky was close to omnipotence.

To put it more simply, he could see everything happening here.
So even when Jamie sneaked in, Ricky could see it.

And it was impossible for Jamie to hurt Ricky.

‘This is why the Apostles are such a headache!’

He forgot as time passed.

He knew about the dangers of the Apostle, but right now, it would be right to say that Jamie turned dull to Ricky’s presence as he had journeyed with him to Apton.

In addition, as Ricky said, the power of the Apostle wasn’t fully grown.

“The power of the Apostle has grown so strong that the undead power is buried.”

“It was blurry when I came in here.
And when I go out, it surfaces back a little.”

Ricky, the Apostle of God, and an undead.
However, in the place of God, the undead power was meaningless.

“And Anna?”

“She is resting.”

So a saint wasn’t as strong as an Apostle.

However, Anna hasn’t awakened her power yet, so she was still an ordinary blind child.

“Well, I am glad it was you.
If it was anyone else, I would have killed them.”

Ricky snorted at the words, which sounded sincere.

“That sounded so awful.”

“So what is up?”

“What do you mean? You don’t even bat an eye when saying the bad stuff either.”

“What? Why would I?”

“I don’t even want to listen either.
I just wanted to surprise you.
Besides, the Goddess asked me to get you.”

“… what?”

“The Goddess asked me to get you.”

The reason to go to the Goddess Status disappeared.

“Is that true?”

“I don’t have a reason to lie.”

That was true.

Jamie and Ricky were on the same boat.

They shared their secrets, and above all, Jamie was holding Ricky’s leash, so it was impossible to betray him.

“From now on, I will convey the will of the Goddess.”


As soon as Ricky said that, a dazzling light began to envelop his body.

Jamie covered his face with both hands as it was hard to open his eyes in the light.

And as the light faded, he looked at Ricky.

The face was covered in a white light, making it impossible to look at.

On the back, there was also light in the form of fluttering wings.

The person wasn’t Ricky.

It was someone higher than him.

If there was anything higher than the Apostle of God…

“Are you Pyro?”

Jamie questioned the person who took over the body of Ricky with a bit of hostility.

The existence opened its eyes.

A pink glow in the eyes.

‘Different from back then.’

At that time, the Goddess was in a hurry and didn’t take concern about her appearance.

However, the Goddess now had conveyed her will to her Apostle and was even summoned.

Jamie gulped seeing her.

There was nothing the Goddess could do in the past when she spoke to him, but now that she was actually summoned, he felt how dangerous the situation was.

Pryo opened her mouth.

-This disgusting magic is rising up.

-Dark forest.
That is where it all started.

-It must be stopped before it spreads.

-Otherwise, my church and my realm here won't survive.

-Go to the Dark forest.

-You won’t be hurt.

Okay then.

Jamie frowned at the quiet rap.

“Wait a minute, what now…”

Jamie couldn’t even keep up with her.

And the Goddess in Ricky’s body disappeared as fast as she came.


It was irritating.

If this was what she planned to do, why make it seem like she would talk with him?


Ricky, who came back to his senses, staggered and grabbed his head.

Jamie helped him stand straight.

“Are you fine?”

“Just a little headache.”

A God was called in his body.
No matter who it was, they were bound to have side effects.

Jamie waited for Ricky to get better.

“Phew- a little better now.”

“What was that? How can she just say what she wants and disappear on me?”

“I apologize for that.
The Goddess doesn’t seem to be in a good state now.”

“What is that now?”

“A month back.
When you turned me into an undead, the Goddess descended.”


“That must have played a role.”

Pryo was forcibly called down because Ricky, who was supposed to be an Apostle, was turning into an undead in another realm.

As a result, she disobeyed the laws set by the 12 Gods.

“So this time the will was conveyed through me, and even though she manifested without violating any law, the mistake of the past is burdening her and she could only stay for a short time.”

He didn’t think that the Gods were so restricted.

And how could Jamie even know about the Laws of 12 Gods?

“What was that request?”

Pyro didn’t like him.

Jamie openly declared that he carried the will of Diablo Volfir.
Still, she requested something from him.

If she had commanded him, Jamie would have outright rejected it, but the Goddess requested.

“Why is a goddess asking me and not you or her other believers?”

“Because it is something only you can do.”

“Explain it.”

“The goddess said that if you are carrying his legacy, then you will know.”

Legacy of Diablo Volfir.

Jamie frowned.

“Anything else?”

“I was just released from the manifestation.
She is probably resting now.”

“Damn it! How can she just say what she wants and disappear!”

Jamie grunted and looked at Ricky, who sighed.

It was impossible to say anything to Ricky.

“Well, I will find out soon.”

“You’ll go then?”

“Soon, I need to prepare for it.”

A group of people, along with the Archbishop, had gone to the Marquis mansion.

It will be difficult for Jamie to go there and prepare now, so he will have to wait.

“Then, see you later.”

See you later.”

Jamie said his goodbye and went out the window.

Ricky sighed, looking at that.

Will my friend be alright?”

He prayed to the Goddess.

Jamie quietly landed in an empty place and returned to the mansion as if nothing had happened.

The Archbishop didn’t seem to have arrived yet.

‘I need to take a breather.’

Pyro’s words lingered on his mind.

Go to the Dark forest.

Where is the Dark Forest?

Also, what did he have to find?

The most urgent thing was to find out where the Dark Forest was.

Jamie could guess a couple of places.

There was a forest to the north of Apton.
He couldn’t remember the location, but he heard that the place was dangerous enough to be banned.

‘If it is a large forest, calling it a forest is a bit of a stretch.’

Jamie looked to the side and sighed.

“Are you secretly spying on me?”

“I had no intention of spying, it was just a habit, I apologize.”

Sable, who was standing nearby, approached with a puzzled face.

“You don’t have to apologize for that.”

“But where did you go?”

“To take a walk.”

“Ah- I see.”

Sable smiled.

But it looked like he didn’t believe it.

Jamie coughed and then looked the other way.

“Why is an aide here?”

“We have a special guest coming today, so I was preparing for it.”

“Who is coming?”

“Archbishop Sephira, the one in charge of the Pyro church in Apton.”

A great person is coming.”

Jamie knew it but pretended not to.

Sable approached him and asked.

“Is this your first time seeing a Bishop level priest?”

I saw it a few times before.”

Sable thought that Jamie was unaware, but realizing how he phrased the words, he apologized.

“Ah! I apologize!”

“For what?”

“I forgot what happened at Haiss.”

Jamie smiled at those words.

“It is fine.
Because my father did the right thing.”

“I was shocked when I heard it too.
There was so much I was doing today, that I forgot about it.
I apologize again.”

Jamie waved his hand at the excessive apology.

“It is fine.
I will head in first.”

Please rest.”

Sable smiled and turned away, when Beiryl came to Jamie's mind.

Jamie turned around and called.

“But Sir aide.
Where is Sir Onyx?”

“Why are you asking?”

“Looking around, it seems like something bad happened in the Marquis estate, but Sir Onyx, the strongest force, can’t be seen around, so I asked.”

“Ah right.
We ended up making the young master worry.
But please don’t.
Nothing will happen until the young master leaves.
And about Lord Onyx, I don’t know either.
He often disappears.”

I understand.”

With a brief greeting, Jamie turned to walk away when Sable spoke.

“In case you are interested in him, I recommend not getting involved.”

Jamie was a bit taken aback at the serious sounding of those words.


“I can’t tell you the exact reason but, it is for the sake of the young master.”


“Please take a rest.”

Sable smiled.

And when Jamie was about to turn, Sable spoke again.

And when going out, please don’t go to ‘Mirinae Forest’.”

This time it was a playful voice.

Jamie sighed and just went into the mansion.

Leaving alone Sable, who mumbled.

“It is really a dangerous place.”

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