5: Who dares to set foot on my land? (2)

“Rather, that thing on your head, is that your summon?”

The Count’s eyes turned over Jamie’s head.

Jamie could feel his heart leap into his mouth.

He didn’t show it because he tried not to look scared or guilty.

“… you can see it?”


He could feel Black go down on his shoulders.

Jamie was confused as well.

Black should be perfectly invisible.

As breathing couldn’t be stopped, he let it, but the breathing shouldn’t be enough for his father to notice Black.

“It is cute.
A bat? No, it looks a little rounder than a bat.”

“… I made it myself in the form of a bat.”

“You made it?”

The Count’s eyes shone.

It wasn’t a lie.
It was indeed made by him using black magic.

Of course, even Jamie couldn’t imagine how the Count would react if he found out that Black was made with black magic.

‘We are so fortunate that he doesn’t feel black magic.’

However, Diablo Volfir had put his heart and soul into this when he was younger.

He wasn’t just a Great Dark Magician, he was a being capable of killing a God, but the Sword Master in front of him didn’t think of him like that.

Jamie sighed.

“I didn’t tell you because I thought you would be surprised.
Since I am too young, I didn’t know how you’d react, and I couldn’t…”

Jamie spoke with the most innocent face he could put up.

Looking at his son, the Count smiled.

“If a son possesses such talent, then his father will be happy.
Why would I be angry?”

“I am glad.

Jamie smiled as childishly as he could to satisfy his father.

“You did well.
If there is anything you need, let your father know.
I will do anything I can to help you.”


“Would I lie?”

“I am so happy!”


Jamie cringed inside but looked as cheerful as he could on the outside.

Being a son is so hard.”

When he was two years old, he spoke like a child, and it has already been 6 years since he was able to handle the act.

Still, thinking about the time when he was an infant, this was much better.

At least, he didn’t have to pretend to be a baby like he did back then anymore.

Still, it was hard.

“Since it is all done, we need to head out soon.”

In the night when the full moon has risen.

The parents fell asleep, leaving only a knight for the guarding.



Above his head, Black came out spreading the wings.

The wings began to grow bigger and bigger, enough to cover Jamie’s entire body.

He slowly reached the window and opened it.

“Those children of Zenith, how dare you set foot on my land?”

He wasn’t sure what they were plotting, but he was glad that Haiss didn’t have a religion until now.

However, it was unacceptable to let the Zenith, the man Jamie hated the most, set foot into his holy land!

And Zenith was the most sinister of the 12 Gods.

“Let’s do a light search today, just a light search.”

If he could, he would have slaughtered all the priests, but there would be an uproar in the estate if that happened.

If such a thing happened inside a Sword Master’s estate, it would be difficult to predict what would happen in the future.

“Black, fly high.”


At his master’s command, Black flapped its wings and soared into the sky.

“What did the boss say?”

“If we don’t want to be left behind, he told us to go ahead.”

“Ahh… shit.
What the hell does he want us to do?”

At the skinny man’s answer, the man with a large scar on his face sighed.

They were mid-officers of Lival, the largest criminal organization in Haiss.

Haiss, the Sword Master’s realm, what kind of criminal organization could run there?

Well, the Count would let such organizations exist if they didn’t cross a line.

Well, that was in words.
The reality was different.

In any case, the organization was working as well as it could.

Haiss was a place where the risk was great, and so was the return.

There was no land as wide as this place.

“Boss is giving up half the organization for his own benefit.”

“Damn it.”

There was no way one wouldn’t curse.

Right now, Lival was working on something risky.

What were they plotting? Why cross the line if the repercussions were bad?

“I told him to not act around inside a Sword Master’s territory.”

“Well, if we are lucky, we might make it through.”

“What good would that do? If this comes out, we will end up like a small fire in front of a wind!”

What Lival was doing was human trafficking.

Of young kids as well.

This was a crime that was a taboo in Haiss.

Count Welton had two cute children.

Would they be silent if they heard that kids the same age as theirs were being trafficked?

“If that happens, the dark streets in Haiss will definitely be wiped out.”

“We can only see and try not to get caught.”

“How can you say that? Do you really think that it can be done?”

The skinny man went silent at the question.

He said he was going to run away, but where?

How could he run away from a Sword Master?

The only one who can rival the Sword Master would be a magician superior to him.

However, the only magicians stronger than a Sword Master would be ones who reached the 9th class, but that was just a legend.

“Hanni’s men said they would do it.”

“That Hanni would do anything to get involved in such matters.”

“The only way to get out of this mess is to leave now.”

“Are you going to run away right now?”

“Or report them?”

The scarred man scoffed at the skinny one’s words.

“If we turn into a traitor, they’ll kill us.”

There was a rule in the underground.

The responsibility of the crimes stays with those who were involved.
Never snitch on what one is planning to do.

“Then running it is.”

“Can we do it?”

Lival is the largest organization in Haiss.

Even if it was the estate of a Sword Master, it would be impossible to run away from a criminal organization like Lival.

Even if they succeeded in escaping, they would have to abandon their current identities.

And it was difficult for criminals to give up their identities.

“But, why is he so into trafficking?”

“No idea.
How can we know what the boss is thinking?”

“It is clear that some trash approached the boss and whispered sweet words into his ears.”


The boss was tough.

Yet, he wasn’t the kind to think about human trafficking.

If such a man decided to do it, what kind of proposal was given to him?

“I don’t understand.
Our boss isn’t this kind of a person.”

“We need to make our decisions quickly.”

“Damn it.”

The scared man put a cigarette into his mouth.

At that moment, small footsteps were heard in the alley that wasn’t lit properly.

“Who are you?”

The skinny man asked, looking at the place where he heard the sound.

There was no answer.

The scarred man rubbed the cigarette to the ground as he felt something was odd.

An enemy never reveals his identity.

As the small light of the cigarette disappeared, the alley turned utterly dark.

“If you don’t answer, we will consider you an enemy.”


The sound of blade cutting.

Step! Step!

The sound of footsteps getting closer.

The scarred man squinted his eyes and clenched his knuckles.

The alley turned silent all of a sudden.

Everyone started to get tense.

The sound of gulping, the sound of sweat dripping, and heartbeats.

Everything could be heard so clearly.

And then, the footsteps stopped.

“if you don’t answer…”

The scarred man moved first.

He slammed the ground with his leg and then swung his fist hard to the place where the sound came from.

If hit correctly, it was an attack that could knock down an aura user.

But the knuckle flew through the air.

No other footsteps could be heard.


The sound of a sword cutting through the air.

The skinny man drew his dagger.

The dagger cut through the air as well.

The two men’s eyes met in the dark.


A strange voice was heard.

A voice that seemed to belong to neither man nor woman.

Just terrifying.

Like a snake was crawling down their body.

“I think I’ve heard some pretty interesting things, but I’d like to hear some more details.”

Within the darkness.

A being shrouded in darkness floated as emerald eyes glowed.

It was Jamie.

“… that is what happened.”

A small light was shining in the dark alley.

Both the skinny man and the scarred man were on their knees with dead eyes.

They were confessing what Lival was doing.

To Jamie.

While he was investigating Zenith, he overheard their conversation.

He would have ignored it if it was a simple crime, but it was an event that could shake Haiss, so he couldn’t ignore it.

Black covered everything except for the right eye.

“Human trafficking.
Children too.”

Having watched the Count for 7 years, he knew that this was what he hated the most.

The Count loathed people who messed with children.

And for such traffickers to appear in the dark streets of Haiss.

Jamie wasn’t as kind as the Count.

He didn’t like playing with humans.

He hated the Gods who played around with humans and wanted to kill them.

But for a human to be doing that to another human?

From Jamie’s point of view, he couldn’t blame them.

How many inhumane things were being done.

Recalling the past, he smiled bitterly.

Of course, he didn’t regret the past.

‘Trafficking is one thing, but the important thing is that their boss accepted it.’

What kind of bastard would dare to do that in Haiss?

Something felt wrong.

Fortunately, he discovered it before anything happened.

Jamie put his hands over both the people’s heads.

Currently, they lost their reasoning because of black magic.

As long as they were under that influence, they were nothing but dolls.

“Run to the Count right now and tell him what you were trying to do.
Do you understand?”


“We will follow the order…”

Like corpses, they got up and walked.

“There will be some commotion in the morning.”

Since he had a rough look of Zenith’s religion, he decided to head back.

Jamie ordered Black to switch back to flying form.


It was the moment when Black spread its wings.


With the sound of an explosion, the scarred man flew into the wall.

Soon, another explosion was heard.

This time it was the skinny one.


Both of them were directly hit, and black smoke was coming out of their bodies.

But thanks to a loss of reasoning, they couldn’t feel any pain.

Luckily they were still alive.

But if they were left like that, they would soon die.

Since they were supposed to tell the truth to Count, Jamie decided to help.

He let Mana flow into them, which would help heal them a little.

‘The death is delayed a little.’

They would die, probably when talking to Count.

But that was all he needed.

Jamie covered himself with Black and looked at the explosion.

“Huhuhu! Stupid bastards, what are they doing in this place! Maybe they wanted something sweet from me?”

Someone walked into the alley.

An ugly man in a grey robe with huge dark circles under his eyes.

His hair had come down to his neck and curled as if it was wet.


“It was a huge sound! Someone might notice!”

Five to six long-haired men followed him.

“Bring them here.”

The man ignored them and pointed to the fallen ones.

“And that one too.”

And Jamie.

He grinned as he pulled out a small wooden wand.

“I don’t know what he is up to, but if he was with those scumbags, then he’ll need to spill everything out.
Kuaaakuk! Hahaha!”

“I see that you are crazy.”

Jamie smiled as he looked at the mad man’s eyes.

There were crazy magicians like that.

No one knew why, but they treated human life like a fly’s life.

“Today, I will get a taste of blood!”

And this guy was one of them.

Kuaaah! Did you think you could survive if you betrayed the boss?”

It seemed like their names were Philip and Jance.

The men behind him approached Philip and Jance while looking at Jamie.

The man shouted at his subordinates.

“What are you doing! Won’t you move quickly? Do you all have a death wish?”


They replied loudly and grabbed the two men, who seemed lifeless.

Looking at that, Jamie sighed.

As he said.

“I don’t care about such filth….”


The words didn’t even end.

Jamie’s face exploded.

“Kuak! What were you talking about? Filth?”

Pang! Pang!


Every time the man’s wand shook, an explosion occurred.

Jamie’s clothes tore, his skin peeled off.

The peeled skin evaporated into the air, not leaving any trace.

Pang! Kwang!

The explosion power increased.

The man swung his wand like a baton.

“Die! Die! Die!”

Soaked in madness, the magician focused on killing his opponent.


And to satiate his taste, he used magic.

The pleasure of killing someone.


The man, Hanni, gave his final blast with a pleasure-soaked face.


Flames around.

Blackened ground.



At that moment, he heard the voice of his subordinate.

Did he admire the art too?

Well, if one saw such a magic, surely they would like it…

“Brother, why did you do that?”


“Why, why use magic… one Finn… Finn…”

Finn was his subordinate.

The one who was asked to bring Jamie.

But why was Finn’s name being mentioned?


Hanni looked at where he used the explosion.

There lay a corpse torn like a rag.

Face so damaged that it couldn’t even be recognized.

He instinctively knew who it was.

He was.

“Are you done?”

A terrifying voice came from behind.

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Hanni turned towards the voice with trembling eyes.

A single eye looked at him.

“Was it fun killing your man?”

Then he realized.

That he became this person’s prisoner.

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