Chapter 427: Siblings (4)


As the Sea of Hundred unfolded, Sara’s mana began to take over the place.
Her brown hair fluttered wildly, and the thin blade that was engulfed in aura, aimed for Diablo just like the cold wind in midwinter.

Darkness rose from Diablo’s body.


He didn’t even have to use a sword.
The darkness turned into a blade and poured in all directions.

It was not magic.

It was a slash of darkness created from aura.
The blade of his power ripped through everything around them as if creating great chaos.

Sarah stopped moving forward, and she had to step back to block the darkness heading toward her.


Her body was pushed back.
She knew the difference in their power was overwhelming, but the difference in their aura was too much for her.

She gritted her teeth and tried to block it.
The more she did so, the faster her body began to get pushed back, and if this continued, she would be slammed into the wall.

‘Then I will die.’

It was an obvious outcome.
It had the power to kill.

If so, how could she not die?

‘I need to let it go.’

She remembered the last fight.

When fighting the God of Gluttony, the Ran warriors chose to let go instead of blocking.
It was because the power that one couldn’t handle would do as much damage when it was blocked, too.

The same happened with the monster in the World Tree last time.
At that time, Sarah fought while letting go of the monster’s attack.

Of course, at that time, it wasn’t that difficult to let go because she was able to handle it to some extent.

‘It is different now.’

She couldn’t do that at her current level.
And if she overdid it, she would lose her life before being pushed back.

Then there was only one way.

She released the strength in her body.
She didn’t know why she did it, but she did, and she felt like she had to for some reason.

The balance of her body, the stability of her sword, and the darkness that was pushing her back became all hazy.

Thinking of turning into liquid, Sarah gradually began to reach a state of trance.

And the moment when all the power was completely drained from her body, she was able to move her body to the side while gliding on the slash of darkness.



The slash passed her and crashed into the wall behind her with a roar.


When her weakened body was back to normal, Sarah rolled violently across the ground.
She coughed a lot because she was covered in dust from the crash.

And she was somehow unscathed.

Sarah got up feeling a little good about herself.
And those who watched it happen couldn’t help but be surprised too.

“That hit… Is it that easy?”

“Isn’t that what you taught her?”

Isis mumbled in surprise, making Ricky ask her in confusion.
Isis shook her head as she covered her mouth.

“It’s not something that can be taught.
It is built on experiences.
And Sarah didn’t know how to use the power itself until the last time I was teaching her.”

If Sarah had known, Isis would have noticed.

They continuously sparred, which was close to a real battle, but Sarah had never done this.
To be precise, she didn’t know how to.

It was because it wasn’t a skill that could be consciously done.
It wasn’t even easy for the most skilled Master to relax their body in the middle of a battle.

That was why it was considered the ultimate skill, even among the skilled.

It can only be explained by that.”

She knew that Sarah’s talent was great, but she didn’t think that the child could bloom so much in such a short time.

And it wasn’t just talent.
Her stubbornness was what made it happen.

Isis looked at Diablo.

He still had a calm expression, but wouldn’t he know?

‘It looks like your sister is turning into a monster.’

Sarah’s obsession with her brother has turned into a fierce flame and is making her grow rapidly.

And Sarah would continue to grow even at this moment.


‘For now, we just watch.’

The fight had just begun.


Diablo watched Sarah from afar.

He was thinking of completely ending the fight with that attack, but she escaped the crisis using her skills.

Did she know how to use such a skill from the start?

It was wonderful.

If she knew how to use that, then slashing with darkness wouldn’t work.

He had no intention of using a sword.

He thought that it was like using a butcher’s knife to kill a chicken.
A black aura formed on Balisada.

“The Welton bloodline, then?”

Sarah approached her sword.
The reckless look she had at first vanished.

It seemed that the attack just now was dangerous for her.
Diablo took a step forward.
If she wouldn’t come, he would.

There was nothing that could change the outcome anyway.

His figure vanished.

And when he reappeared…



Sarah felt the illusion of a huge rock falling onto her, and her entire body shook like it was being torn apart.

Diablo’s sword suddenly appeared with that much force.


But another thing that surprised her was Diablo.
He intended to move so fast that his presence couldn’t be seen at all.

She blocked it.

“… I don’t intend to collapse from just one hit!”

Sarah slashed her sword and moved into Diablo’s arms.
She stabbed the sword with the intention of piercing his stomach.

However, Balisada blocked Sarah’s sword faster than she could cut him, and Sarah had to jump back into the air.

Diablo pulled back and dodged the sword by an inch.
As soon as Sarah landed on the ground, she sped up.



Her form was divided into several alter egos.

“… Will definitely win!”

As if playing with the entire space around her, she moved freely.

Diablo narrowed his eyes and looked at Sarah’s form, which was disappearing.

Swords flew in from all sides, and it wasn’t so difficult to block them, but was Sarah’s pace becoming faster?

‘This one.’

The necessary attack flew in the right spots, aiming for her vital points.
However, it seemed as if she was aware of all his actions.

It was just like when he used Future Walker.
He used an ability that he hadn’t used for a long time.

Numerous cases unfolded in front of his eyes.



The swords violently collided in the air.

Sarah’s eyes widened, and Diablo’s eyes also widened.


Sarah asked, stepping back in confusion.
She used Future Walker.
She figured out how Diablo would move and did her best to attack.
However, the possibilities vanished at once, as if Future Walker had stopped working.

As if the world were tinged with darkness, not a single thing could be seen, and it was the same with Diablo.


With a heavy voice, he aimed his sword at Sarah.

“What is that ability?”

The Welton’s lineage held the power of space.
For that reason, it wasn’t strange that they were born with similar abilities.
However, the same power shouldn’t exist.

So he asked,

“Could it be that you have Future Walker?”

“How did you know…?!”

Sarah looked shocked.
She couldn’t believe they had the same ability.
It was something that Diablo could have never known.

Abilities awaken from one’s own personality.
Even twins who looked the same might not be the same internally.


Even more so, they were siblings, where one of them was older than the other and had lived different lives.
Everyone would have different thoughts, but it was impossible to obtain the same power even when one thought about it.

“I need to tear you apart.”

If he would fully dig into Sarah Welton’s character, he would be able to unlock the secret.

He didn’t know what it was, but someone with the same ability was in front of him, and it was a great opportunity that would help him grow toward the next step.

Diablo’s eyes shone with madness.

“You are so lucky that you won’t die.”

At first, he was thinking of killing her, but then he changed his mind.

Sarah would be a good test subject.

“Become a sacrifice for your brother, younger one.”

Diablo swung his sword.
It was an attack that had a different level of power than before.
It held his will to end this fight at once.

Sarah was shocked and quickly changed her sword into a shield.
On top of it, Balisada fell.


The shield was dented.
No matter how great the shock was, Shiva’s treasure, which had no problems, collapsed from one sword.

But the real problem was something else.

For an instant, she felt the shock rush into her body at different levels, and her vision went black.


Her consciousness was drifting out little by little.

She quickly recovered, but even that moment was enough to decide the difference between the victor and the loser.

As if swinging a stick, Diablo struck Balisada horizontally.
The shield bent straight, and Sarah flew back as she landed on the ground.


“Isis, no!”

Ricky stopped Isis from intervening.

“If you intervene now, we will be breaking our statements.”


“A little more.
Watch a little bit longer.”



Isis gritted her teeth and glared at Diablo as he went closer to Sarah, who was staggering.
She tried to maintain her consciousness, but Sarah had taken a strong shock to her body.

“Sarah! Get yourself together!”

She knew it would be difficult.
It was impossible to surpass Diablo at her current level.

Even so, she thought that if she showed her resolve by not giving up, his heart would shake a little.

‘Did he really turn into a monster?’

Ricky slowly put his hand on his sword.
If a friend went astray, the role of a friend was to correct them.

“Ricky, do not stop me.

I will do this.”

“Uh? Ricky?”

Isis was taken aback when she looked at Ricky rushing ahead, and she reached out to him.
A golden afterimage shot out through the darkness, heading toward Diablo.

His speed was so fast that Isis couldn’t even hold on to his collar.
Diablo, who was standing in front of Sarah, turned his head toward the golden light coming from behind him.

“Such a pitiful thing.”

In the end, it was only going to hasten her death.
Diablo didn’t even click his tongue, and purple power rose from his hand.

He only used the sword to fight against Sarah, and the black magic of death rushed for Ricky.


At that moment, Sarah shouted with all her might.

Diablo, who was trying to kill Ricky, and Ricky, who was trying to swing his sword at Diablo, stopped.

Even Isis, who was watching them from afar, was shocked.

“What is that?”

There was a green light in the darkness.
As if they were in a warm forest, a unique, cozy energy was gently embracing everyone.
A huge life force began to flow where only death lingered.

Sarah no longer stumbled.
She raised her head high, looking well.

A complex, diamond-shaped green pattern was drawn on her forehead, and a tree-shaped green pattern was drawn on the back of her hand.

Everyone couldn’t take their eyes off Sarah, as the image reminded them of a warm spring with flowers blooming.

And Sarah opened her mouth.


“The fight isn’t over yet.”

The Apostle of Mother Goddess had awakened.

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