hat she was floating in the air.


She was right in front of where he was, but she couldn’t see him.

Was that her limit?

‘My limit.’

Sarah, whose eyes were about to close, forced her eyes to open.

“This isn’t my limit.”

Even if she couldn’t meet her brother, she shouldn’t be stopped at a place like this.

What did she do to get here?

Sarah strengthened her grip on the shield.

Then she put her feet, which were floating in the air, back on the ground.



Aura shone from her body.

“Am Sarah Welton!!”

At the same time, many things began to appear in front of her eyes.
It was the image of herself and the man.

In the midst of a fierce fight, Sarah was stabbed and killed by the spear again and again.

Then a change occurred in the strange phenomenon that seemed to show the future.
It was the sight of Sarah starting to win.

[Ability: Future Walker]

There were a number of cases.

And she had to choose the best among them.

What Sarah took….

The shield was bent at an angle.

It wasn’t easy, but for some reason, she felt that her body was becoming stronger than before.

“You came all the way here to let go of the attack?!”

A panicked voice came from behind the shield.

Sarah’s eyes were cold.

She knew what she had to do.

The spear that went for the shield was now stuck to the ground.
Like a spear master, the man immediately pulled the spear out and prepared himself, but that small gap was very large in the battle between warriors.


The sword was pointed at the man’s neck.

The man laughed mischievously.

Did you become a Master at such a time?”

It was his first time witnessing such a thing.
However, Sarah had no intention of speaking.

“Guide me.”

“This is nuts.”

The man stuck his tongue out and drew a dagger from his waist.
And without delay, he put it around his neck.

No, he was trying to kill himself.


Before he could do that, Sarah kicked his hand with her foot, and the dagger flew out of his grasp.

It was something she had expected because she knew he would commit suicide after seeing it from Future Walker.

“Guide me.”

When she stopped him, the man fiercely glared at Sarah and sighed.

“It is pointless.
You are an intruder in this place.
And I am a sinner who has lost to you.
There are many strong people living in the Black Tower, and they won’t let you live.
You and me, too.
I made it clear.
That is the first rule.”

“Guide me.”

“You are such a frustrating person.
Just kill me.
I had no intention of living like this in the first place.”

He was actually preferring to commit suicide, as if he didn’t want to live anymore.

And Sarah knew he was being sincere.

“Guide me.”

“If you don’t want to kill me, I will!”

The man grabbed the spear again and tried to attack.


Sarah turned her head at the voice.
It was a man with thorny gray hair and bright red skin.

Large wings were sprouting from his back, which showed he wasn’t human.

“Mister Beiros.”

The man looked at the red-skinned man and said,

Beiros only looked around and clicked his tongue.

“What is this? Such a bastard called an aide.”

“I-I have no face to show.”

The man bashed his forehead against the ground like he felt guilty.

At first glance, the man seemed to be Beiros’s subordinate.


‘He is strong to the point that they cannot be compared.’

Sarah had reached the level of Master, but she couldn’t see the number of cases where she could win against Beiros.

That was how great their difference was.

Just like the proverb says, there is one hurdle after another.
A much stronger enemy was blocking her way, even though she had reached the Master level.

What was this absurdity?


Sarah glanced at him with a stiff expression, and Beiros rubbed his chin.

“… Younger sister?”

“… How do you know?”

“We are in a state in which all our five senses are connected except touch.
That guy and me.
But, of course, it is a one-sided view.”

So Beiros was able to experience firsthand what the man saw.

And that meant he knew what techniques Sarah used to subdue the man.

And that thought made her tense up.

“Ah— I have no intention to fight, so don’t strain your body.”

When Sarah took a battle stance, Beiros shook his hand.

“You smell similar, so it must be true.”

He said that casually.

“Follow me.
I will guide you to your brother.”

Sarah’s eyes widened.

“F-For real?”

“Before that.”


A tremendous roar rang out.
It was from the direction where Galakios and Isis were fighting.

“We have to stop those monsters first.
I will sort things out.”

Beiros left those words and flew in the direction where the sound of the collision grew louder.

Meanwhile, Sarah and the man stayed there in awkward silence.

“It looks like Sarah is here.”

Diablo’s gaze moved to the right.

A man in gold, Ricky, was standing there with a worried face.

“It is said that she is here alone.”

“I know.”

“Is that the face of a guy who knows? She is your younger sister!”

Diablo continued to speak with an indifferent look at Ricky’s words,

“It looks like she wanted to come.
Should I even care about that?”

Are you being serious?”

“Seriously, lies.
I like those things, siblings, blood relatives, and family.
All of them are the same.”

Diablo rubbed his chin.

“Everything is insignificant.
All that matters is whether she lives or dies.
The strong survive, and the weak die.
If Sarah Welton is strong, she can stand next to me, and if not, I don’t even have to say it.
Don’t expect anything from me, Ricky.”

There was no emotion in his voice.

And Ricky clenched his fists at his tone, as if all his emotions had been erased.


Your brother has turned into a monster.

TL/N: It's some technique.
It wasn’t explained, so I'm guessing the circle tells when one attacks or gets closer. 

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