ded everywhere, and Sarah looked at the man wielding a sword.

A monster with gray skin and horns on its head.

His black eyes shone with each movement, and he opened his mouth with his fangs protruding.

“What are you?”

He frowned.

“What is suddenly wrong with you?”

“Uh, what….”

“Well, forget it.
Just die.”

It was strange for Galakios to watch her act suddenly differently, but as he decided to kill her, it was better for him that way, so he swung his sword.

Sarah raised mana all over her body, but Galakios was a being who had gone past the human level.

He swung the huge sword with one hand and grabbed Sarah’s small body with his large hand, and as if there was nothing more to say, he began to clench his hand.


A woman’s clear voice was heard, and she landed on his forearm.
Her light blue hair caught Sarah’s eyes.

The familiar voice.

Sarah looked at the woman, and she said,

“What are you doing to my cute disciple, monster?”

It was Isis.

Galakios and Isis looked at each other, and he said,

“Your disciple?”

So remove your hand before I cut it off.”

Is this woman crazy? Are you planning on fighting me just because you gained some strength?”

“If you don’t let her go in peace, I will separate your head and body.”

“That is funny.
First of all, I will kill that disciple of yours!”

He laughed, clenching Sarah’s body.


Sarah screamed at the pain her body was being forced to endure.
Isis frowned and said,

“A beast who cannot understand words.”


With the sound of the wind being cut, Galakios’s arm was cut.

Sarah was released, and she tumbled across the floor.

“Cough cough!”

It felt like all her organs would explode, so she continued to cough.

She was suddenly attacked, and it had been a long time since she had been in a one-sided fight.

Even though she apparently became stronger in the World Tree, she couldn’t dodge this one.

“What is this?”

With red eyes, she looked in the direction of the monster and her teacher.
The two were fiercely fighting.

“Huh! The arm!”

Galakios regenerated a new arm and struck Isis with his fist.
Isis, who blocked it easily with her sword, pushed her power into her hand and shot it like a lightning beam.


As Galakios hastily blocked the beam with his sword, his huge body was pushed back.
The terrible memory from earlier came back, and his already ferocious face became more ferocious.

He put strength into his legs.

Galakios’s body, which had been pushed back, slowly stopped and began to move forward instead.

Isis stuck her tongue out at his immense strength.

“I guess you aren’t just a muscled fool.”

In terms of sheer power, no one could surpass this monster, even if that was all he had.
With the power and strength he had, he might even tear this land apart.

Isis returned to her stance and turned the sword with her wrist.

You run away for a while because I don’t think I can protect you.”


Sarah knew too well that she would only become a burden to her master, so upon hearing that, she began to run in the opposite direction.

“I don’t let go of intruders.”

“I told you, you idiot, she is my disciple.”

“Then you are my enemy too.”

“Did your brain get replaced with muscles? I am starting to get annoyed.”

“Coming here is the most fun! Use more power!”

That is why you aren’t popular.”

“Shut up!”


Sarah’s shoulder flinched at the crushing sound, and her skin tingled from it.
The battle of divine beings was too much for her to handle.


Sarah, who had been running, stopped in place and tilted her head.

“Why is Teacher here?”

She hadn’t thought about it earlier because of the situation, and she just noticed it now.
From what she knew, Isis left for the Black Tower.

Did she accidentally find her and decide to help her out?

Sarah wasn’t really sure.

Was it really a coincidence or…

“Is the Black Tower around here?”

She knew the answer.

Isis was somehow acquainted with the monster who tried to kill her.

What was the percentage of her knowing a monster that was killing her disciple?

It would be in decimals.

So Sarah was able to relax and check out her surroundings.


Then she found it.

The huge building in front of her.

She hadn’t seen it properly until now, so she thought it was simply a huge cliff, but not anymore.

There were countless windows with intricate patterns carved into them.

Above all, layers were formed, and lastly, the color of the walls was quite dark.

It felt much darker than when she saw it from a distance.

“Black Tower.”

It soared up beyond the sky, which was covered with dark clouds.

Even compared to the World Tree, it didn’t fall far behind in size.

It surely had to be the Black Tower.

“Brother is in there.”

At that thought, her heart began to pound.
Sarah gulped, holding her chest.

She never thought the meeting would be this sudden.

She didn’t know why she was here, but by the time she regained consciousness, she was here, as if Gaia had shortened the time.

She looked back, and they were still fighting.

Sarah turned her head again and ran for the Black Tower.

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